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  1. Any word on SOB? I will see if I can find anything out on Saturday.
  2. Well you could get a Maxx Air Pass from Cedar Point or Kings Island, but if your home park is Carowinds I would get it from them. It does not take long all you have to do is give them the papers and they take a picture.
  3. I will also be at Disneyland in the first week of June. I am also going to the Price Is Right.
  4. It looks like the lady and guy are walking back from break or just getting to work. If you look in her arm you will see Gatorade that she might be drink the rest of the day.
  5. Wow I did not know they made shorts that small. You learn something new everyday.
  6. Does anyone know when Universal will make the official announcement?
  7. GO REDS Already off to a good start and I will have a trip report from Fridays game.
  8. Also its a good idea if you smell a lot of Chlorine not to go in the pool. Something could be wrong with the water.
  9. I do see a lot of Paramount themed signs still up outside of the park. I wonder how much work is going on with SOB right now?
  10. I really like your coaster and park. Keep up the good work. I hope the park I am working on will look as good as yours.
  11. Bump, Okay so far everyone that upgraded to Vista or got a new computer with Vista on it is having the same problem. Its something with the code Atari needs to make a patch.
  12. I saw the same thing happen on my last ride on The Racers at Kings Island last year. When we got back to the station a High up staff person took that camera away and took them away.
  13. Looking good. Now if Ryan could get his DeLorean up to 88 mph he could go back in time to ride all of the great coasters that are long gone.
  14. Okay I tried to make a new folder called my pictures, but when I do it a message comes up and tells me that all files in my pictures will be moved to the Pictures File under Vista. RCT3 ran fine before I upgraded to Vista.
  15. Get rid of the trim brakes on The Beast. Also take out the lap bars and seat belts. Replace them with the old buzz bars. Do the same thing for The Racers. On SOB put millenium flyers on it.
  16. I'm having problems using the custom image. I think the folder that RCT3 looks for doesn't exist on Vista. This is what I keep getting. RCT3 custom image
  17. It was okay not the best Pespi. I wish Pespi still made Wild Berry Pespi.
  18. Go Reds right now they are doing very well in spring training. I will have a trip report when I go to my frist game of the season.
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