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  1. Nick is on its way out at Kings Island also. All of the things in the store are 75% off that have Nick on it.
  2. Thank you for the pictures of the food can't wait for the rest of the report.
  3. Here is a picture I took a week ago. Picture was taken last year.
  4. They could implode the coaster having the lift hill fall on the rest of the ride and the big rose bowl fall on the other part.
  5. I am surprised that their is no picture showing the first Ripley's Believe It or Not! Museum burning down.
  6. 1. Afterburn - Carowinds 2. Dueling Dragons Fire - IOA 3. Raptor - Cedar Point 4. Dueling Dragons Ice - IOA 5. Great Bear - Hersheypark
  7. Sorry Big Mike looks like could not get off work on Saturday to meet you at Kings Island.
  8. Robb I just upload the New files for my ipod touch and it works great. Thank you so much.
  9. Looks like it is going to rain the next two days. I might go Sunday if I am not busy on Mothers day.
  10. Guess I am just getting older The Racers did have a lot of air time back in the day. The Beast is a different ride now days. My friends would run on it when raining so it would feel like no breaks. Very nice pictures I have to meet you at the park one day.
  11. I remember seeing CGA's Tidal Wave's loop laying in SFKK's boneyard in 2005 or 6. You did the loop was replaced during that time. The track was from CGA's Tidal Wave.
  12. I got a Diamondback Statix in the new gift show on opening day. Here is a picture of the model. When I get time I do a Photo Trip Report.
  13. The line goes under the lift to the other side. I got two rides in today. This morning was crazy I got at the park at 7:45 and did not get on off the ride till 10:50.
  14. If Cedar Point has two trains running during the night the line will not be that long. I wonder if the Haunt path will be better this year.
  15. I just looked and Maverick sign does not have Cedar Point under it.
  16. Cedar Point at one time did have a swings ride in the Ocean. I think Cedar Point sells a history video that I saw.
  17. I don't think their is a app at this time. I just put m.cedarpoint.com and got the same screen as on the first post.
  18. Here are some picture from Canada's Wonderland that you need.
  19. Wow some good news about the Texas Giant. SOB was refurbishment 3 years ago and Mean Streak is getting it done this year.
  20. I thought the little train was still around or was it taken out?
  21. Not sure if you can tell but all 3 trains are running right now.
  22. I ordered iPod Roller Coasters in the Raw Volume 1 - STEEL! and I have already sent the money on Paypal. But I keep getting Access to file denied (order is not paid). Can someone help me what did I do wrong.
  23. Thank you for posting about Carowinds Shane. I went two years ago and loved the place. Do you have pictures of Smurf Island? Thank you Andy
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