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  1. Anyone that has been to GL within the last few years knows that the picture cannot be legit... unless those cars were all photoshopped into the parking lot!
  2. I am a big fan of the spinning wild mice as well. I LOVE the Exterminator at Kennywood. Also, compact Schwarzkopfs are a lot of fun, such as the Wildcat at Cedar Point.
  3. There are just too many stickies! Throw them off into their own sticky land. One day we're going to have to scroll so far in each section to get past the stickies, that they will have lost their value. We can't lose the value of our stickies!
  4. SNAKES! "Why'd it have to be snakes?" If Indiana Jones doesn't like them, then they are no friend of mine!
  5. Yes, there are too many of them. Are you going to ride any coasters this winter/offseason?
  6. Everybody go get the new Madonna CD. It is incredible.
  7. Harry Potter and the Goblet of Fire was AMAZING. I went on opening night and there were some freaks all dressed up like Harry, Voldemort, etc. Some chick pulled me off to the side as I went by and they all basically jumped me. They told me they needed a Cedric for the movie. When I asked what I had to do, they gave away what happens in the movie! I hadn't read the 4th book, so I was pretty pissed about that one. Needless to say, it was still a really good movie. Then, they put on a skit in front of the full theater and got booed back their seats! The chick playing Harry turned around and put a hex on the whole audience. It was quite interesting.
  8. This whole exam thing pisses me off. We have 4 days for exams, but of course I have 3 of them extremely early on a Monday. What a waste of a week. As if it's possible to study for 3 college exams... grrr...
  9. No, I'm in class at Akron. Have you had a snowball fight yet this year?
  10. If there were extenuating circumstances that made me leave, yes I could do it. Would I do it just for kicks and giggles, of course not!
  11. What I heard about SD2K is this: The coaster being closed has nothing to do with money, bad luck, or lawsuits, but rather that the park would wait until its contract with Morgan has expired. The Japanese are very careful and precise people, and after the accident they do not trust Morgan, more or less. They are going to wait until the contract is up and then they are going to have another company come in and fix and modify whatever is necessary. Nothing that I have heard would make me believe that Nagashima Spaland would tear down that coaster. It is simply just a time issue.
  12. Beast at PKI on closing day. 4 rides in a row without exiting my seat!
  13. I don't mind my Thunderhawk at Geauga Lake. It's actually very re-ridable (especially because there are never lines). The location over the water is very neat and it's a great ride. However, some of the SLC's with shorter trains such as T2 or ones over land (SFNE) just aren't as fun. It's all about the location and the TLC on the SLC.
  14. I hate reading, but for some reason I am reading the 5th Harry Potter book right now. I suppose it's the cool thing to do.
  15. No, because I graduated this year and 2005 has been that year I was going towards since I was in 1st grade. Is there more than 2 inches of snow laying in your front yard?
  16. I was playing Secret of Mana for SNES. LOOOVE that game (and system too!) Zach "I don't need an X-Box 360 - I'm oldschool" Harig
  17. Dane Cook for sure! "Someone shit on the coats!"
  18. Student Assistant in a Dean's Office at the University of Akron. ...and I WAS a Raptor Ride Op.
  19. I used to spell my name Zak and I have always liked coasters... so I was extremely original and put zak on the end of coaster and VOILA! A match made in heaven!
  20. Marching Bands of Manhattan - Death Cab For Cutie... because they are AMAZING
  21. 1st cousins are 2 of the members of DEVO... You know, the original potheads? Zach "Whip-It" Harig
  22. No Have you ever seen a club by the name of the T-Bar?
  23. 135 lbs. I'm a skinny runner. Yeah, I'm sure everyone here could beat me up.
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