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  1. Is it just me, or do drop rides do very little for other people? It's great to see another one of these going up, but it just seems like a quick little ride. I've been on handfulls of first gen's and seconds, but am yet to find one that really thrills me. Perhaps I just haven't been on SFOG's Acrophobia or PKI's Drop Zone.
  2. I used to be a Mantis hater, but this last year I got some excellent rides on it. I found that riding in the back row eliminated a lot of problems. Sure it is more intense, but when the train makes the "stand-up moves" (I think you know what I'm talking about, when it rocks back and forth really fast around the midcourse) your head is not thrown as violently. In the front, you take those really fast and don't have the reaction time that the back provides. I think its location is great and it's an intense coaster. If you want to have a special experience, wait until 10 minutes before close and the ride will have NO LINE at all. You can ride it a few times then go get on MF.
  3. Shrimp... it's so gross. After seeing it be deveined when we were staying down in South Carolina with family and seeing it all grey and limp was just too much for me. Oh, and Spam too. Gross.
  4. Yes, I love it. Do you love Yellowcard?
  5. Here are two recent pictures of me. Some people think it's hilarious that I have that 14 year old myspace girl personality... well, here it is. I LOVE YELLOWCARD! A surprise party gone wrong... gotta hate when the surprisers get locked out ahead of time!
  6. New Jersey for sure. Would you rather have my oldschool B:KF avatar or my flashy Raptor picture avatar that MattJackson is using?
  7. Yes, especially mirrored coasters at SFStL like Edir Eht Namtab. Do you workout?
  8. Here are a couple from my room at home and working at CP. Proof that I worked on Raptor. Me in my coaster room! My CP mural from the old CP website.
  9. Nemmy, I did read that. I was just commenting in general about the spacers for anyone in general that would be getting braces. I wanted to get my 2 braces pet peeves out there. However,I didn't mind braces. I have to agree I kind of liked them as well and I do wear my retainer proudly as well!
  10. No. Is the temperature where you live half of what it was yesterday?
  11. I did braces back in middle school. Now I just have a removable top retainer and a bottom retainer that is cemented in for life (unless I eat Twizzlers ). Two things you need to be looking out for so you don't freak out... 1) Spacers that go in the back of your teeth. They say they don't hurt that bad, but once they start moving molars to make way for the bands around the back teeth, you are in some pain. Motrin will do the trick though. Take the medicine BEFORE you go to the orthodontist if you don't have a high pain tolerance. 2) SLENDERIZING - it is EVIL. My teeth were all very crowded so they had to stick "a sandpaper stick" in between my teeth to sand them away a little bit. This is not fun and left my shirt even a bit bloody. It hurt a lot and I looked like I had just been punched in the mouth. I heard that I was a rare scenario, but I would make sure you know how bad that some of that ortho stuff can get. Good luck though, and remember, being a metal mouth pays off!
  12. I just rode Kraken for the first time a couple weeks ago and I would say that because of that perfectly engineered zero-g roll, that it is now one of my favorite floorless coasters. Medusa East and Dominator are still up there, but Kraken is very different.
  13. I said to avoid it, but then again, I'm biased because I HATE popcorn.
  14. Yep, 2 blue Nikes. Do you like techno music?
  15. I think IOA needs another big attraction. It's been a long time since they got a major coaster or attraction.
  16. I wouldn't mind seeing a Kong ride. The movie just came out and has been pretty popular. Maybe if they made a Kong coaster. I love the Mummy. Give me any coaster in a box and I'm happy!
  17. ...and our lowest A started as an A- at 94. I guess I've been getting the shaft all these years!
  18. You can always transfer! I never got into my number 1 choice(s). It ended up working better for me and I've found something else better. Those who say everything happens for a reason, are right.
  19. Akron, OH 46º, Sunny, no wind It's actually a beautiful day for January 10. It was so nice out, I had to drive home with my window down! Zach "Usually it's 5º this time of year" Harig
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