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  1. 1) Raptor 2) Batman The Rides 3) Edir Eht Namtab (SFStL) 4) Talon 5) Great Bear <---it's so unique!
  2. ... you can never seem to get rid of bad pussy, so the cat went to...
  3. There's a website I know that will tell you if you're gay... it's actually pretty fun. *Removed because it is innapropriate* PM me if you want the link.
  4. No. Did you watch the Akron Zips win the MAC Championship last night on ESPN?
  5. I waited an hour on closing day to get this credit before it was packed up. I'm pretty sure I was one of the last "big kids" to ride this bad boy. Oh my did it suck ... the trims were HORRIBLE.
  6. Why I don't care about Kingda Ka... because I drove all the way out to SFGAdv to ride it. Okay, I just wanted into the park. I paid to park, I got my pass out and was ready to be swiped into the park during a light rain at 5 after open. Suddenly, a SFGAdv worker jumped on a stool, slammed the gate in our face and screamed at us to go to Guest Relations. They escorted all the other guests out of the park, continued to test rides, and said that "because only season pass holders would be in the park, we don't feel it is worth it to keep the park open". So, they closed the park all day and we had to go on to PPP that night. It's no wonder that park has a queue for its Guest Relations window. I don't care about KK NOW! GRRRR!
  7. incredicoasters! OMG my shuffle is busted and because I won it I don't have a warranty. Pisses me off SOOO much.
  8. My Anthropology teacher talking about Pagan Concepts.
  9. Yes, I'm very happy. It's almos the weekend and I'm going tobogganning. Do you watch College Basketball?
  10. Scaparri, who knocked off Maryland and UCONN and what team was ranked first in the nation? We're not given much credit, so it's nice to see we're making a name for ourselves. Did you attend Indiana? I'm pissed I missed that game. I've seen some good ones here in Akron.
  11. AK-ROWDIES - GO AKRON ZIPS! Our football team and soccer teams are AMAZING this year and in the playoffs! Gooooooooooo Zips! Don't eff with a marsupial. Fear the Roo!
  12. No, I wear exactly 2 shirts. Do you listen to the group Panic! At the Disco?
  13. Yes NES, SNES, N64, Gamecube, Playstation, PS2 Have you ever been a ride operator?
  14. I must note, though, that penguins are my favorite animal! Love the name and avatar.
  15. Anthropology class is really pissing me off. I keep reading on these boards to keep me sane, though. We're learning about Open and Closed Class Systems. Grr...
  16. I had some high class Rhine from a local Giant Eagle, selected because it is the name of the river that runs through BGW.
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