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  1. Zach - never would have guessed I spelled it that way.
  2. I'm pushing for my Ohio teams, but mainly the Zips! Fear the Roo! OSU is having a great season too. How about their men and women's teams this year? WOW! I'd like to see the Zips get a bid into the tournament. We'll see this weekend!
  3. I've got a good story. So I went ALL THE WAY DOWN to Cincinnati from Akron Ohio to ride a kiddie coaster with my friend. Back in Columbus, before we went to dinner with some other coaster friends, we were sitting at a light waiting to get onto 270. Some idiot hits me at 50 MPH, completely jacks my car and my 2 passengers, I hit the car in front of me - totalling his car - and he slams into the car in front of him. I black out into my airbag and the car pushes my car up then takes off through a BP parking lot. There were witnesses that saw the license plate but there were no direct matches. I paid somewhere around $300 to get my car towed off the road, pay to have my doors closed, pay for the road to get cleaned up, and for the police report. I had glass in my neck and back and my neck was really messed up. To top the story, I didn't have collision insurance because the car wasn't worth that much money. I lived my life for 3 weeks without a car and without the funds to get another one. My dad had to drive me to and from Columbus to clear more things up with the police station. Just yesterday, they called us letting us know that the case was closed and unless anyone confessed to the crime, they couldn't do anything for us. LUCKILY - they saw the car and pulled it over that afternoon. The man lied about the accident and couldn't provide information about it. It turns out that he is a 22 year old pizza delivery guy that was scared about the accident and ran away. He was uninsured. They arrested him this morning and now my insurance agency will cover my car through my uninsured motorist insurance. SCORE! Here are some pictures of my car under a tarp, sitting in my driveway 2 hours away from the accident. Yeah, it cost about $300 to tow on a flatbed... In all honesty, I'm lucky to be alive. Zach
  4. I grew up at Geauga Lake and our SLC and Boomerang aren't all that bad. I actually enjoy them both, for nostalgic reasons. I think one of the best sensations in the world is sitting in the back seat of a boomerang and going backwards through the loop. It's orgasmic.
  5. Another snowy day in the 20's, here in Akron. I'm so jealous of the warm Midwest weather that we DIDN'T get. Stupid Ohio weather.
  6. No, not this weekend. Are you really tired right now?
  7. ...perhaps if certain adoption laws change in certain states... otherwise, no kids for me.
  8. .seY ?3 noitanitseD laniF nees uoy evaH
  9. No, my car looks like this. Are you giving anything up for Lent?
  10. Hades tunnel kicks my butt everytime, I love it. It can be like 90* outside, and then in that tunnel it's like an entire other world and so much cooler. I'd love to get a ride with the lights on though, that overbank is incredibly forceful.
  11. Okay so I have two coaster rooms...
  12. Yay team USA - 2nd is respectable. I really enjoyed watching the Olympics. I'm sad that they are over. The summer olympics will come soon enough.
  13. Yes, Giant Drop, Pitt Fall, Hellevator, Mr. Hyde's Nasty Fall, and Demon Drop - that is assuming they are all Intamins, which I am pretty sure they are. Are you going to a park on opening day?
  14. GO ZIPS! Taken before a basketball game between Akron and OU, today. It was toga day, sponsored by Greek life. I came in the top 6! Okay so I'm a friendly Greek... shown here with Aphrodite. I'm a GLADIATOR!
  15. I guess I'll throw mine out there too. I'm not on too much. John, agreed about the 10 year olds. http://www.myspace.com/coastezak
  16. My volunteer list is very lengthy... I volunteered at a blood drive one year, then ended up coordinating it the next. Vacation Bible School - year after year after year. I would go in to my school after hours and I volunteered as a student mentor. I volunteered at a State Park and helped maintain habitats and collected donations to re-landscape. I volunteered at a summer camp, as a counselor. I volunteered in an office for my school. I was just a boring old student assistant (what I'm actually getting paid for now at college!) I volunteered at a local swimming pool, helping to teach kids swimming lessons. I volunteered for my athletic department, filming all the basketball games. Also when I volunteered for my athletic department, I was the head coordinator for all the cross-country meets and track meets. I was the head timer and official. I'm sure there are more, but I can't think of them right off the top of my head. Zach "I like to volunteer" Harig *pick me!*
  17. No. Have you ever been a victim of a hit and run accident?
  18. 8:30-11:00 Work 11:00-11:30 Lunch 11:30-12:00 Homework 12:15-1:00 Government and Politics Lecture 1:00-1:55 Discussion Groups 2:00-4:00 Bio Lab 4:00-6:00 English Comp 2 Honors paper 6:00-7:00 Internet 7:00-8:00 Dinner at the Student Union 8:00-9:00 Internet 9:00-9:20 Shower 9:20-Now Internet
  19. Expedition GeForce, X, Shivering Timbers, Xcelerator, Goliath, and the list goes on...
  20. 25*... blizzard... the ground is covered and night classes are cancelled. It's a mess here in Akron, OH.
  21. Yes, most definitely. Do you like Shakira?
  22. I was there that day as well. It was a beautiful day, as your pictures show. What was your last ride of the season, and did you get on White Water Landing?
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