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  1. Part of the fun of a wooden coaster experience is the feeling of being out of control. OTSR's would totally take away from that. You can't have a woodie with shoulder restraints. Look at SoB - they made that thing with lapbars because OTSR's on a wooden coaster would be ludacris! I'm not saying there aren't a couple, but look at the openness feeling on Storm Runner vs Dragster or something along those lines. I wouldn't want to be taking overbanked turns on a wooden coaster and having my neck chopped by the evil shoulder restraints!
  2. Umm, hi, I love Zelda! How about right now I'm in the middle of the Master Quest, I just played Link the other day, I have all the videos and pics of the new game that you sent me, my friend just bought a new old NES (does that make sense?) so now we are playing OLD SCHOOL Zelda. Good times! I think my favorite is OoT or A Link to the Past. Great games, can't wait to play the new one. PS, you seem like you have a lot in common with me - will you be my roommate next year in college?
  3. Yes, especially Steak 'n Shakes. Do you hate Kent State University? (KSU - SUK)
  4. Being a Browns fan (I know, LOL @ me) it was hard to see the Steelers win. Ahh those calls were really bad and there was a time there when the Sea Hawks were going for the endzone and there was a cheap call on them. What if... what if... what if...
  5. Our high school is one of the few that has winter homecoming. I had to return from college to hand off the crown. Here I am, decrowning and derobing myself. Now I'm not a king anymore. There you have it folks, a new era of royalty at Lake High School! Me walking the entire court by myself with a goofy robe and crown.
  6. You might have thought that also because of Steel Force at Dorney Park or Mamba at WoF that look similar. Rcdb it, you'll see what I'm talking about.
  7. I just love living in Ohio. We always get the best publicity. And to think, I could smell that all the way in Akron! In all seriousness... who could possibly keep a body like that in their house? The smell, the bugs, the... rotting? That's just disgusting.
  8. No... is that PG-13? Are you going to go to Cedar Point this summer?
  9. Elementary school. I was a worryless kid and nothing really mattered and there were hardly any responsibilities. Would you rather be stranded on an island with poisonous snakes or man eating lions?
  10. Oui! Beaucoup!! Do you look forward to a new month so that you can switch all your coaster calendars to a new month and your decor of your room changes drastically?
  11. 3 weeks ago I just rode Gwazi and with the dispatches being with about 20 seconds of each other, we almost even dueled!
  12. After growing up and being a 'local' for years, whenever I go with my friends, the last ride of our season is on Magnum, surprisingly. I think that if anything, Millennium Force will be your disappointment. If you are expecting a lot of airtime hills like those or the Ride of Steel brothers, then you are going to be in for a surprise. So much of the track and speed is wasted in that huge turnaround on the island. However, Magnum is airtime hill after airtime hill. If you want a good seat on Magnum that gives some good floater airtime and isn't too painful for the average Joe, try the first seat of the back car. That seems to be my favorite because the ejector airtime in 1:3 on Magnum can be pretty painful. All in all, Magnum is out of control fun. It matters what you are looking for in the coasters. If you want airtime vs speed... nostalgia vs new engineering... etc. Have fun though! At any rate, both are EXCELLENT coasters.
  13. WalMart and Marc's because I'm a poor college kid.
  14. Oui, pourquoi vous parlez en espanol? Do you like Cherry Vanilla Dr. Pepper?
  15. ...the last night of my favorite necklace... Umm... hi FEAR THE ROO!
  16. YAY John joined the boards! I knew it would just be a matter of time. Now get yourself some REAL TPR DVDs!
  17. Here is what I'm "rocking" out. It's more fun to take a picture with a camera.
  18. ...homework down in Florida where it's warm, as opposed to doing it here in this bad Ohio weather.
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