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  1. No, I have a problem similar to Ben Stiller on Along Came Polly and can't eat that crazy "cat food". Do you like Yellowcard?
  2. ^Lives in Ireland v Wants to live in Florida with me.
  3. YES! Always... I'm very OCD and perfection is always my goal. Do you have a giant CP mural on your wall?
  4. I did really well on certain parts, and other parts, not so good. 32 Math 31 English 26 Science 23 Reading :/ Composite of 28! YAY
  5. No, I just rode on my first plane a week ago and that would have to be a hell of a drive. Are you still on Winter Break?
  6. Here I am last week in Orlando, Florida.
  7. University of Akron Fall '05 Semester Honors Calculus - A Civil Engineering Tools - A Chemistry - A Cultural Anthropology - A Chemistry Lab - A Zach "I have had a 4.0 since 5th grade" Harig And that was good enough to get me into Rosen College of Hospitality Management in Florida. I'm transferring for next fall to start my Sophomore year there.
  8. No, love is too powerful of a word for an SLC. Do you want to live in Florida?
  9. Coastercrazy, I'll be arriving in Florida on the 25th and staying until the New Year. Post some pictures or a TR so I can know what kind of holiday craziness I'm in for down in Florida. Zach, who has only done the Disney parks, but will now attempt Universal,IOA, BGT and Sea World
  10. I have a LARGE map that was going to be put up on a midway from SFWoA. It was supposed to go up in '04, but for some reason, never made it out of its protective tube. I wonder why that was... oh wait...
  11. Yes. Do you like Pepsi with Grenadine flavoring added?
  12. National Lampoons Christmas Vacation. I quote this one in July, I like it that much. "Are you still dating Clark?" "Clark, Audrey's frozen from the waist down." "Been singin for the Yak lady." "Can't see the line, can ya Russ?" Such a good movie.
  13. No, but I have mixed all the soft drinks at Holiday World. Do you play any musical instruments?
  14. Don't knock Batman Knight Flight! That avatar is sweet and has lived for a long time! (It was made in '00) I will not let that coaster be forgotten. The name Dominator SUCKS!
  15. YES At GL, Holiday World and somewhere else. Do you play Super Nintendo at all?
  16. That was actually pretty funny... I don't think Robb would approve though. I'll take it down so as not to offend anyone. I got some laughs though.
  17. Zaneymon, I live very close to Lake Erie. Lake Michigan, Lake Ontario, Lake Huron and Lake Superior aren't all that far either. (All FIVE Great Lakes - checking to see if I get extra credit).
  18. No, used to be a cross country and track runner. Do you own all the TPR DVDs? EDIT: I just got in a second after you, I'll answer your question NO! AOL BLOWS! Do you own all the TPR DVDs?
  19. Speaking of good deals, how about the AirTran deal with medium sized cups and free flights? Now that is something to look into! Zach "I'm flying AirTran to Florida for $100" Harig
  20. While doing a project in school, a friend sent that to me telling me that I would find some information on a local movie theater and its dimensions. To my shock, it was that website. I didn't make it, I had no affiliation, and no I don't watch it in my sparetime. It's just a gag website that gets some laughs. Sorry if that offended anyone. I saw it for the first time this morning.
  21. Yeah after my previously posted rant about SFGAdv (2 pages back), it kind of left a bad taste in my mouth and I'm not in any hurry to get back to the park. Obviously, people that favor SFGAdv over parks like CP are not at the park for customer service and have not been royally screwed. I haven't been on KK, so I can't say I know how good of a ride it is, but after riding Storm Runner, I STRONGLY disliked the OTSR's. They took away from a very "free and open" feeling that Dragster has.
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