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  1. Think to Super Mario on SNES. Yoshi was a badass. He could fly, spit fire, run fast and do just about anything. I think he would win for sure.
  2. I already attended mass tonight and there was a great deal of prayers for him. Keep praying. He was a very good man.
  3. I used to be hardcore about soccer. I played 11 years and some of that was on the high school team. However, I quit to run cross-country. It's still an awesome sport to watch. Oh, how I miss those Cleveland Crunch indoor games with crazy 0tto 0rf.
  4. Too bad I'm not living in South Bend right now. They are a small spot on the US map that does not abide by this rule so during the winter they are on EST and during the summer they are on CST. Just a fun little fact about a college town I want to belong to.
  5. ^Has missed out on some great Intamin coasters.
  6. After jumping from $1.90 to $2.29 it is now stabilizing at about $2.14 a gallon here in Northeast Ohio. I really appreciate those prices after hearing the close to 3's.
  7. I like Fox just because of 24. However, my favorite is NBC because out here they have the best news and they also have the Apprentice and ER.
  8. Out here in Ohio a Red Robin had to shut down after a worker was cutting up vegetables for a salad and accidentally lost his thumb. He went to the hospital and someone else cleaned up the mess, accidentally serving that salad. The lady bit into the thumb. AHH!
  9. Then there is always Mr. Hyde's Nasty Fall at Geauga Lake and you take a 50/50 chance of getting stuck at the top or part of the ride falling off. That is a whole nother thrill on that ride. Thanks SFGAm for that POS.
  10. Not been on EGF but I believe S:RoS is far better than MF. MF lacks all the airtime hills that S:RoS has. And, the tunnels on S:RoS are so much better! I'm an airtime whore and MF just teases me with all the wasted track on that turnaround on the island.
  11. I have a sprint camera phone, got it for Christmas. I think I was the last kid left in my school that didn't have a cell phone.
  12. I don't have that exact camera, but I have a Sony Cybershot and I like it ALOT! It takes decent video also.
  13. It doesn't matter if it's on a sitdown, a floorless, or an invert, I like the zero-g roll the most.
  14. Are you talking about Oktoberfest at a certain park or what? I go every year to the event at Geauga Lake. There is some awesome food there, I'm not quite old enough to drink yet.
  15. Happy birthday freakout and Orient Express! Zach "who thinks March birthdays are the best" Harig
  16. Thank you! So far it's been a great "Golden" birthday (18 on the 18th!).
  17. Looking at trip reports on other sites and from personal experience, it is not busy at ALL during the week in May. All the locals are still in school and the Lake still makes it a bit colder. That is the time of year to go if you want really short lines. I've seen reports of Dragster rides upwards of 7 or 8.
  18. Saves the Day - In Reverie To admit my loser innerself, I have made a few soundtracks from the Robb Alvey Coaster DVDs because the music is just THAT good.
  19. The Pope on the rope is hilarious. What people do for money. . .
  20. Big Dipper at Geauga Lake. That is an airtime machine in the front car. Also, Viper at SFGAm. No one ever says a whole lot about it and it's never at the top of any lists. I love that SF gem.
  21. The Giga, and megacoasters are amazing. I'm yet to ride a B&M that compares to S:RoS. Nitro just didn't do it for me.
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