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  1. Not wanting to have to sign up for this new program? Not a problem! Use a discount of one of your friends from Elitch Gardens! Discount works at Darien Lake, Frontier City, Magic Springs, Wild Waves and many of the like. ADMIN EDIT: While we appreciate your intentions to share, I have removed the link to prevent any violations of the PARC Rewards Terms of Service. If you want to take advantage of the discounts PARC management is offering, go ahead and sign up for PARC Rewards on your own.
  2. Are you visiting a PARC Management park this summer? Use my awesome discounts to get Season Passes, Tickets, etc. I know a lot of you will visit Frontier City, Darien Lake, Magic Springs, Wild Waves, Elitch Gardens and many more of the PARC parks, so why pay full price? Use my link below! http://www.parcrewards.com/Catalog.aspx?ref=zach.harig@knights.ucf.edu
  3. Best - I have to say Dueling Dragons, it's my ride! Worst - Scream! I can't believe how pathetic of a parking lot coaster this is. It almost looks like they repainted the parking spaces, that is how bad it is. I agree with the Riddler's comment. How could anyone think that is worse than Scream?
  4. I want to get my 300th coaster. Not sure how, when, or where that is going to happen, so this will be a surprise!
  5. Dueling Dragons during school... Raptor during break... IoA and CP are my two parks.
  6. I think it's also ridiculous for the Home Health Care workers and the Agriculture workers that are exempt from this also... but on the theme park side of all of this... as if Geauga Lake had a hard enough time hiring good employees, this law is going to virtually make it so that they have to dismantle coasters for them to have enough staff to open this year... oh, wait!
  7. Well Carlos, if you get voted off, you can come back to Rosen! We'll be on Dragons all day today and tomorrow. Enjoy the rest of your adventures!
  8. I'm currently attending UCF/Rosen right now and I can see Kraken from my parking lot... live less than 4 miles from Universal, and Disney is just a short drive away. I have a couple coaster friends in the area and I live with one of the coolest enthusiasts in the world! We go to parks all the time. I love it here... UCF is amazing!
  9. You better not hang that in YOUR room, it's going in our kitchen!
  10. Yay, it's F1shy, Coasterfreak11, Coasterzak, and their friends and siblings!
  11. Jack 57, you tell us. http://tarr.uspto.gov/servlet/tarr?regser=serial&entry=78798189
  12. No, but Cedar Point is my homepark and I was there on MF for ERT! I know the ride op you are talking about. We are friends. His name is Mike and I worked with him on Raptor last year.
  13. Glad you had an awesome time on the Voyage and your day wasn't ruined by rain. It's amazing the progress that HW has made on that building. It was nothing more than a slab the day I was there. Very nice write up and you have come a long way in your picture taking.
  14. asdf Not really sure why I would have copied that... perhaps there was something vulgar that I had to copy "over", to clear my history.
  15. I'll be the first to say it... GO TRIBE!!!!! Gosh it's a shame those World Champion Sox are playing terrible and the Indians are tied for first! /end sarcasm PS - Hafner is an animal EDIT: Oh and the Indians just so happen to be first in the ESPN power rankings! I'd love to see them in the World Series this year!
  16. Were you that close to Columbus, OH or is there another city by that name? I'll assume it's a place in IN and move on. Sorry to see you had to return to Indiana. It looks like you had a nice opening day though. Give it some time, you'll get shots of coasters with trains in them. Nice TR - can't wait to see the employees in the bathroom. Also, which side of Twisted Twins was running? -Zach
  17. I was in an accident with a hit and run driver that did not have insurance. He caused a lot of damage to me and my car, so I'm taking him to court, now that we've found him. I'm 19 years old and before this I've never had a lawyer or a lawsuit against anyone. I agree that way too many people sue for wrong reasons though.
  18. I took a trip to Chicago last week for my birthday. Here are a few pics. Zach My friend Sean and I on the Navy Pier in front of the skyline. AHHH! The Rainforest Cafe Gorilla! I had to stop at SFGAm and say hello! Here is me in front of the Millennium Park sign - this is becoming tradition for me.
  19. No. Are you going to Chicago this weekend for your birthday?
  20. No. Are you going to celebrate St. Patrick's Day tomorrow?
  21. Yes, a fake college one - not a real one with ecstasy and people squirreling around on the floor. Did you see that Akron beat Temple in the NIT for their first post-season Division I win EVER!?
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