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  1. No. Has it been above average temperatures for January where you live?
  2. The time has come for me to say it... HAPPY BIRTHDAY ROBB!
  3. Yes. Did Reggie Bush deserve the Heisman?
  4. No, this is only really my second time. Are you listening to music right now? (combining one thread with another )
  5. No. Did you know there is a chat going on and it would be a lot easier to communicate in there?
  6. YES because I was a bagger at one and had a horrible experience! Have you been on a coaster yet in '06?
  7. YES I love comedy. I recently saw a good Comedy Club show down in Florida. Do you like Kelly Clarkson?
  8. I chose that it will eventually fold. Geauga Lake is my homepark. I have visited since Turtle Beach and Butch Hightide. I go way back with that park. Over the last 6 years or so, the park has drastically nose dived. I have worked there, I have visited upwards of 20 times a season. There are a few reasons why this park is always doomed. Until they build housing, they are going to pull from the same employee pool. I don't live anywhere near the park, so I'm not speaking about myself (not to sound hypocritical) but most of the workers that the park hires are lazy, undermotivated, and really have no desire to be there. That, in combination with new policies that blow (no rerides, and some others) and along with the low attendance, makes this place feel like a boring ghost town. I remember the days when it was a booming park and there was enthusiasm and... well... other people on the midways. This has all faded and things that people counted on are gone (old classic rides and animals, mostly). The waterpark is one of the only things the park has going for it. Now that the expansion has been downsized, it just makes me wonder what other things are going to be cut from this park because of budget reasons. Will we ever get a coaster? We've heard that we would for a while. Until something drastic happens for this park, Dominator and the waterpark can't keep it alive forever. Okay, Big Dipper is great too. Zach "I'm not ripping on my park, just stating the truth" Harig
  9. I guess I'll jump on the band wagon too... HAPPY BIRTHDAY!
  10. Energy drink because I'm 18 and think beer tastes like piss. Would you rather go to California or Florida?
  11. Yes, seeing as I was accepted for the Fall term and I visited there last week. Hmm... you must talk to Matt, too. Were you sad that OSU lost today?
  12. Blue high school hoody, Adidas track pants, and my hemp necklace.
  13. Yes, especially my blacklight foosball table. Do you play any sports?
  14. Dueling Dragons, everything from the castle, the dragons out front, the details on the train, even to the costumes the ops wear. I think that is one incredible queue. Mummy is pretty impressive as well.
  15. Wow Coastercrazy, I just missed you then! We had to drive all the way back to Akron, OH. It was a terrible drive and it didn't help that we were screwing around in front of a closed park. The last pic I have is of the footers where the helix will be. I can't wait for this coaster!! Anyone else going to the event in April?
  16. I was just there a week ago. It killed me to look at it and not have it open. Oh well, now I have a reason to go back to Animal Kingdom in the Spring!
  17. Yes. Do you watch College Basketball?
  18. Sorry about those mondo pictures. I got them under control now.
  19. Coastercrazy, what time were you there on Tuesday? I was there the SAME exact day and took a bunch of pictures as well. I was travelling by car back from Orlando to Ohio. I think we were there at about 1PM. Did you see any crazy enthusiasts running around with cameras? It's incredible how this ride dominates the skyline. I like what I'm seeing so far. I can't wait for the coaster event in April.
  20. I hate when I'm at parks and parents let their children run rampant and they start hitting me and walking on the backs of my shoes and swinging on the rails!! I had a really REALLY bad experience in line for Shrek 4-D.
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