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  1. Matt where are you? I'm pretty sure you need to post your insane pictures. You deserve some recognition for your work!
  2. Nice photo TR. Glad to hear that you had a good time. Also nice to see that it was dry in the Chicagoland area. It was MISERABLE on the east coast for PPP. Be happy you stayed home and got a nice visit to a SF park. Those people at SFGAdv just wouldn't let us in! -Zach
  3. It isn't really old... but early to mid nineties: remember Maniac Mansion? That game was one of my favorite old games!
  4. Oliver, Finally had time to read it all! Great TR. I am so glad that the French are nice people. My french teacher always said that was a huge misconception of their rudeness. If you ever need a translator, Je parle un peu! I'll come to you with my German problems. Truly some stunning pictures and I'm glad you included "non park" stuff to help show some of us uncultured folk what Europe is all about. Glad to hear you had a good time and it's really interesting to read about non-US parks. Good luck in Germany! Zach "My picture is your avatar" Harig
  5. MCR - Honey this Mirror isn't big enough for the two of us I LOOOOVE My Chemical Romance!
  6. Speaking of pics of themselves... who is that hott guy in your avatar F1shy?
  7. I drive a '95 Dodge Spirit. My friend and I like to refer to it as C:TR.
  8. Someone posted something about how great and fun your coaster videos were. I ordered all the DVDs and absolutely loved them so as the forum finally came around I joined because I wanted to be in on some of the fun. So, it was something about the best. videos. ever.
  9. Check it out. www.myspace.com/coasterzak Enjoy.
  10. Absopure = heaven After hearing my Civil Engineering Prof. speak about how bottled water isn't as good for you as tap water because it is regulated by the FDA as opposed to the EPA, my well water is sounding really appealing. -Zach "no one else has heard of Absopure but I love it anyways" Harig
  11. Once while working at SFWoA, I checked the height of a stuffed Shamu and determined it was indeed 48 inches, so it got about 10 rides on the Mind Eraser... anyone who went to the park in October knows that rides would go hours without anyone riding. -Zach, who has a really funny picture somewhere of an orca in an OTSR
  12. I fall into the category of one of the ones that in a relationship with someone else on TPR, but did not meet them through this specific coaster site. Leave that to sfgamworld.com. -Zach, who is happy to be making a long distance relationship work
  13. MiA would probably be the closest CF park to CP. It's still so far away that I live very close to the Point and I've never ventured up there. Otherwise, you're talking about Minnesota or Kansas.
  14. Admission to GL... $24.95 GL add-on ... $26 If you want to go for multiple days to GL, you might as well get the add-on. OR you can buy a combo pass at CP to get Soak City and GL is included in the cost of that! That way you can go to CP, SC and GL!
  15. You can only not get into GL if you have a CP pass, and you can't get into CP if you have GL pass. Any other CF pass gets you into all the gates, and the add on is $26. I think that 2 days would be plenty to tackle everything at CP, especially with the early entry. If you go straight to MF in the morning, you will get one of the worst lines out of the way. Also, get to Maggie early for ridiculous walk ons. That coaster takes a while to get a line going. As for the rest of the park - if you plan on getting on all the coasters, I recommend a TTD and Mantis Freeway stamp. There is no question that you could do the whole park in a day if you keep at a steady pace. Just expect long lines in the middle of the day. As for GL - definitely stop if you have the chance. It's a nice park for only $24.95. It's amazing that it is a ghost town YET again this year. Also, they have a newly added onto (and moved) waterpark. I have been to GL already a handful of times and am yet to wait in ANY line. Every ride I have boarded was a walk-on. If you have any questions about the Ohio parks and would like some help, go ahead and PM me as I am at both quite a bit and may be of some help. Enjoy your stay in Ohio!
  16. I am a huge nerd, graduated Valedictorian, and gave a speech about roller coasters. PM me if you'd ever like to read it. However, on my ride through high school I managed to pull a bunch of pranks AND enjoy plenty of coasters!
  17. I liked your video. You got some very good shots. Looks like Coastermania was very enjoyable this year. I am wondering though, how do you conceal your camera so you don't get caught with it on the ride - before and after?
  18. I can't pick any order, but these are top 10 material... Phantom's Revenge S:RoS SFNE Millennium Force Raptor Phoenix Beast Lightning Racer Raging Bull Vu Magnum XL 200
  19. This reminds me of the day at SFDL two years ago when they busted a man for trying to come in with an assault rifle into the off the mic tour. No joke, not even 10 minutes later, 50 Cent pulls up in a stretch hummer. Go figure...
  20. I like . . . www.coasterbuzz.com for information www.sfgamworld.com because it was the first online coaster community I started chatting in www.zerognetwork.com because it's Geauga Lake's unofficial site with a nice community www.livejournal.com because I post about my life www.myspace.com I think it's sweet but I haven't figured everything out yet www.ebay.com because I like to buy a lot of coaster stuff and obviously... www.themeparkreview.com because everyone here is friendly, it's fun, there are awesome videos and you all know how to have a good time!
  21. Was the wheel assembly different on that coaster than the Morgan Hypers in the US? I think if it was Morgan's fault they would have done something about it by now, most likely suing them or what not. It does look like it would have been a fun ride - a lot of people dislike the Morgans but I find them to be fun! Zach "I'm proud to wear my Steel Force shirt" Harig
  22. Elissa, when you get time can you please make mine "Reride Enthusiast". Thank you!
  23. The only seats I'm really picky about are . . . Front seat on S:RoS for sure, you HAVE to do that one once in your life. Front seat on TTD just for the insane amount of wind to your face (and some times metal chards too!) Back right seat on Raptor so you get ripped off the hill and kick the sky! Front seat on Villain because you get some decent air and don't get beat up. 1:3 on Maggie for an insanely fun ride with painful airtime. 1:2 on Phantom's Revenge for visuals and air. Back seat on Raging Bull for the same reason as Raptor, getting ripped off the hill and great air!
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