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  1. MAn if you were to ride it, I think that launch would pull like over 9000 gs.
  2. Funny thing about this thread. I am building a park in rollercoastertycoon 3 that is based on the year 1978. I chose 1978 just because of better ride technology, but I really wanted to capture the feel of the parks of the time. And then it will go through 30 years of abuse and turn into a modern park. Lets see if the original topic creator's theory hold's true. I placed my link in the sig because I don't know if I am actually allowed to post links.
  3. Am I the only person who likes American Eagle? I guess it would be more popular if the trains did not suck.
  4. I've only been on 4 Stand-up coasters. But I will rank them. 1. Mantis 2. Iron Wolf 3. Chang 4. King Kobra It's obvious why King Kobra is number 4. Why would somebody make a head rest that is metal? Anyway, I love how forceful stand-up coasters can be. The inversions are allright, but what really makes a stand-up work in my opinion is the turns and twists. This is the reason why I really like Mantis and Iron Wolf. I think it is really cool. Though I think the only coaster I have ever blacked out on was Iron Wolf. Maybe Shock Wave at SFGAm but I don't remember.
  5. The Hulk at Islands of Adventure. Great Ride, but I've ridden much better B&Ms and even better Arrows and Vekomas.
  6. And I remember the park seeming to be pretty crappy in maintenance back in 2003.
  7. XD at the Intverted Aquatrax. I heard the rumor that Seattle will actually get a decent theme park.... Ha! Like that will ever happen.
  8. It doesn't matter as Enchanted Village was never a good park to begin with.
  9. Well you could then use a flash drive to transfer over the files......
  10. You just installed it wrong/downloaded it bad. Just try redownloading it.
  11. It is actually possible to build an exact replica of the station in RCT3. Vodhin made a glass roof set that has pieces that would be perfect for the whole design. Too bad you don't do RCT3.
  12. Why isn't The Bat in the poll? I sure there is at least one TPRer who has been on that ride.
  13. I don't think it would be another magic kingdom if this was built. Because this essentially sounds like Disney is finally going to build America.
  14. It's sad to see BMG get more and more corporate with each new venue. They really need to go back to the design of the Chicago venue as the theming there was perfect. There was no blue or pristine hallways. Instead it is crampt, full of tubes, and other weird stuff and it brings forth a feeling that something is going to happen.
  15. Well it ruins the architecture of the geodesic sphere. Imagine if neon lights were placed all over the parthenon.
  16. They really need to give Epcot a stricter rehab schedual. Or at least actually rehab the attractions when they are supposed to be rehabbed. But it sounds like they are adding elements of Horizons to Spaceship Earth which is pretty cool.
  17. Now I really should have saved money to visit my family in Illinois for a week..... Especially since my last day of school this year is in 2 weeks.
  18. It's better to work on problems instead of what is working.
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