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  1. I think Chang is nothing compared to Mantis. That figure eight at the end of Mantis is really what makes it superior.
  2. Luckly, I had the Good (Gurnee) Great America up until 9 months ago. Now Knott's Great America is one of the closest parks to me (even if it is a couple hundred miles.) (I live in the Seattle area.) But this photo trip report is pretty neat as it looks like and doesn't look like Six Flag's Great America at the same time. Like for example that Swinging Ship. V^2 should be there. And Vortex, Batman the Ride should be there. And Grizzly, a waterride should be there with American Eagle behind that. And Demon, well, we have the good demon that actually plays the music in the line and st
  3. No. Shyguy's sets are wild. You installed it wrong. It happens all the time. If this were the atari forums, I would be very angry and tell you to use the search button. But anyway, remember the installation directory. And make sure to read any read-mes in the zip folder. Another thing is to make sure you extract the folder containing the scenery, not the folder containing the readme with the folder containing the scenery inside it.
  4. I think the exteriors could have used better work, and some of the interiors. But the actual ride is pretty good. Well besides the basement the elevator lands in. There is no projection screen and the car does not back off and turn at the very end. Heck, I spotted so many errors. But hey, I've been on the ride so many times that I should just keep my mouth shut.
  5. All I remember from Iron Wolf is realyl intense G-forces in the loop. Half the times I have ridden the ride, I have blacked out. And it's the only coaster so far that has done that to me.
  6. Good start. Much better than most first parks. Though you probably will want to download all of Shyguy's Custom Scenery sets.
  7. Change the camera mode. Freeklook is exceptional for building things. Especially since you can place the camera anywhere.
  8. There isn't much to say today. Just mostly pcitures of the park's current construction progress. Though many areas not revealed yet can be seen in this update. The entrance to the park. Due to recent events such as the oil embargo, what we hope to do with the entrance is embrace nature. So the entrance is very much more focused on nature than anything else. Further in, the park's place is large and comfortable. Not many attractions are around here, and if they were, the chances of a bottleneck forming when the park closes is very likely. The main station for the trolley ride.
  9. Well Paramount's Great America will never deserve the "Great America" name as it rightfully belongs to the awesomeness that is Six Flag's Great America.
  10. I miss Disneyworld. I used to live in Illinois and my parents would take me there quite often. But now I am in college, living on the west coast near Seattle. It means that I have to start going to Disneyland now. (By the way, the state of Washington is a horrible state to live in if you love Rollercoasters. As Enchanted village should be renamed crapchanted village.)
  11. Well I got another update. Rehearsals Begin for the Wild West Show: -As the ever looming opening date for Project Boardwalk Park approaches, many new actors are finding their jobs at this new park. The one big show opening year that is to please everybody is the Wild West Show. From 12pm to 6 pm the show will be running every hour, entertaining guests with laughs, stunts, and gunfights. Lob Boblo is one of the many highly trained actors that will be entertaining guests. "Well the big draw for this show is that it is more catered towards everybody. Besides the nice action bits, the
  12. Great news. Rod Marx, the park's CEO, has decided to reveal new images of the recently finished Ripsaw Run log flume. While our other planned flume is going to be an Arrow Hyrdroflume, Project: Boardwalk Park is designing and building a custom designed flume ride. "While Arrow flumes are gravity based, our ride features tiny water jets in the trench to propel the water along its track," says Rod Marx. "In the end, we hope to every few years, as new technology emerges, to add additional elements to the ride. That way the flume will always remain an entertaining experience." Ripsaw Run b
  13. You will need the Wild! expansion to make sure everything is compatable, but check the official atari forums. There is a custom scenery forum there in which almost every custom scenery maker post updates and links to downloads there. The circus theming is Shyguy's Circus theming set. He himself has about 10 sets that are all massively useful.
  14. I still don't know what a cornhole is.... I can only think of bums....
  15. I remember going on that ride back in 1998. I found it OK back then. My only problem was actually the trains as your head was on metal (I was a little kid in 1998) and the loading took forever. The ride would have been excellent if they could have convinced B&M to make the ride new trains or something. But I do believe that is the only Togo death machine I have ever ridden in my life.
  16. The WDW version of Tower of Terror. Disney-MGM Studios Walt Disney World But so much of that attraction is just incredible. From the fact that the experience starts right when you enter Sunset BLVD and continues all the way. But of course it would have not been my favorite back when I first rode it in 1995. Heck, I was heavily dissapointed back then. But now, the ride is just truely incredible and I really hope that Disney will plus it for its 13th anniversary.
  17. I really think that the WDW version could use an update/redesign. I would like the overall track design to be to the style of the current version but the ride could be so much better just from the way steel coasters are designed and built today. As for Tokyo Disney, I guess they have to somehow try to make their version of all their rides better than the rest, even if they fail sometimes.
  18. Six Flags Great America has changed a lot. But for the most part, the park has maintained its theme over the years. Though some rides are out of place such as Superman and V^2. Though V^2 could be fit to theme really easily because Tidal Wave was across from where V2 was. Disney MGM Studios has changed quite a bit. But that is more for the better. And almost every new ride and attraction the park has had was extention while the backstage shrunk.
  19. AnyplaceNearWater, XX, 1978 MStankow enterprises has after months of waiting revealed the very first in park photos of their new park, currently code-named Boardwalk Park. Besides the obvious boardwalk in the park, there will be several other themed areas set to the look of amusement parks of bye-gone eras. But unlike those parks of the past, Boardwalk Park will feature some of the newest technology featured today in any theme park. The park's current CEO, Rod Marx, has pointed out some of the neat new attractions of this park. "For one thing, we will be getting a Schwarzkopf shutt
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