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  1. Don't large subdivisions by theme parks always equal BIG TROUBLE? I don't know the details of this, but look at Alton Towers. The place has been around for a hundred years and yet there is that family that fights against anything the park does. 1500 homes means 1500 families complaining about bad traffic and the parks being "too loud" Sure in America, they would have a lot less power in their complaints compared to Britain, but still, the whole thing would be a pain to everybody.
  2. Playstation: The Ride Pepsi Max: The Big One Bling
  3. I really need to check out Disneyland. I wish E3 still existed in its old form. Because that would have given me a perfect excuse to go to Disneyland and DCA instead.
  4. It's like a twilight zone version of Six Flags Great America. So many things are the same, yet so many things are different.
  5. Wouldn't it be cheaper to enclose rajin cajin? The building already has a facade. Just change the car types and theme the inside to batman. Plus, since it would be across from Batman: The Ride, the whole thing would make more sense. (The line entrance could be moved to the other side.) But no. Instead. Six Flag's Management wants the whole double dealy.
  6. I like Test Track's and Rocket Rodd's train designs actually out of anything else. I mean sure there are no hydralics. But the designs are really neat. The Mark VII monorail trains look cool too. But I haven't seen anything of the actual trains and I think they are supposed to be delivered to Disneyland in like November.
  7. Everything is flat and looks like it is right next to each other.... I love filming things in lenses less than 28mm.
  8. This park was really awesome back in 1998... I haven't been there since though.... I just hope that Big Dipper gets a good new home. And I hope that another park builds a Bobs clone in the future.
  9. Pics aren't working like the two previous posters said. But a person at the WDWMagic forums has been taking flash photos of inside the ride and the new stuff looks freakin amazing with flash on.
  10. Best: Spending 3 weeks at Disneyworld. It was so relaxing.... so awesome... and well... I really wish I could do it again. Worst: My cousin getting sick while we were at Cedar Point. At the end of the first day, he felt sick, so he stood home the second day. It was 1998, the year Power Tower opened and we were about to go on the ride. And we got a call that we was in the hospital. I was very sad... (luckly, I managed to ride every coaster except junior gemini already.)
  11. Well it kind of qualifies as a coaster. Though I guess Splash Mountain does too in a way.
  12. Nope. Never a tunnel. Never a break hard. The only changes are the ones mentioned in the wikipedia article and last time I saw my Dad, he confirmed it. According to him, they would actually have 2 trains going up the lift hill at the same time. Now the Demon of course is the only Great America rollercoaster to really suffer (or not.) from physical change. That ride had the 2 hills before they were replaced with the two loops and tunnel. (the only tunnel in the park until Raging Bull was built.) The only other coaster I can think of is Rolling Thunder which did have really hard breaks a
  13. The ride used to run like 5 trains at once. I'll quote the wikipedia article. Apparently Marriots didn't seem to care about trains crashing into each other. "From the start, both Willard’s Whizzer roller coasters suffered from problems with the braking system that would sometimes allow trains to collide in the station. Unfortunately, no immediate solution was put forth to remedy this problem. From 1976 to 1979 there were at least eleven instances of the Santa Clara Whizzer colliding in the station resulting in an unknown number of injuries. There were also two instances of the Gurnee W
  14. They should just redesign the LaL stones and do that. Especially since it looks so awesome now at night.
  15. 3 hours for Mean Streak. I guess I could say 4 hours for Mission: Space. It was back during testing and I wanted to be the first guest on that day so I headed to the entrance at around noon and waited until 4 for the ride to open. Quite the line built up behind me.
  16. At one fair I was lucky enough to find a two story version of those fun houses. Sadly though, it was still crappy and exactly the same as the 1 story versions. The only good part is the rotating wheel of doom but the rid ops don't allow hand-stands.
  17. You know, sorry to say this. But I have seen better recreations for most of these rides in both RCT2 and RCT3. Especially for Batman the Ride. Let me say that, well, just restart.
  18. It's being sold off to Togo for research so Togo can build their own version. And speaking of that. Sea World Texas I heard is getting rid of Great White.
  19. I don't remember what I posted before. But I still hate the Steel Phantom. Would have been good if they took out the loops. dot dot dot. I need to return to Kennywood sometime in the future.
  20. That happens all the time on the Orbit. Everytime I have ridden it for the past 5 years it has been like that. I say Six Flags should just order a new enterprise to solve this problem.
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