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  1. I am actually doing something similar in RCT3. I should have pics at the end of the week but I have midterms right now.
  2. You should make a wavepook piece that will allow pools to be wavepool shaped.
  3. Currently, your park is very similar to the one I am working on right now. Boardwalk theme, and we have both the same kinds of coasters. Cool.
  4. Epcot Both pre and post Leave a Legacy. I just love walking towards Spaceship Earth.
  5. I think nothing beats the godliness of Rock N Rollercoaster. It isn't exactly what they say..... it has more to do with the LED Billboard and the Guitar.
  6. For a non-coaster. I would say either Tower of Terror WDW or Dinosaur. For a coaster, I would probably choose Space Mountain WDW. You would think that Dueling Dragons would top it but the thing is, that on Dueling Dragons, everything but the Station area seems to be heavily themed. All Dueling dragons has is the tower and a tarp and wooden beams... But WDW SpaceMountain, though dated, is all kinds of awesome as being that you can see the coaster above, and then you got those purple tunnel dealies, and you got the mission control building, and the TVs, and other things and it is quite a
  7. It is probably impossible to ever get the draft reinstated. Even if World War III happens. People young and old hate the idea. Honestly, I believe the only person in the USA who really wants a draft is Charles B Rangel. But I believe most of his bills are killed in commitee and never even make it to a vote. And if they do, they are shot down like crazy.
  8. Best promo pic ever I say. But that track design would make for a great enclosed coaster...
  9. Why don't you just use the generic stall if your going to have all the stalls bunched together? I think with the latest patch you can use that stall no matter what version of the game you have.
  10. Probably actually couldn't be a direct port or with 1 or 2's graphics. I would imagine the game being more like Thrillville. The game probably too would be built on a new engine. DS development is really cheap, even for 3D so the game could be 3D or 2D. But with Theme Park coming to the DS, we will get to see how the park building genre plays out.
  11. Well I got a new video, but I am very inbetween actual updates. All I am working on right now is not in quality to take screens of.
  12. Update time! With comments! Space Mountain clone indeed. I call this the Gadget. It might change. Plaza More plaza. More.... Final Pic.
  13. That is a very hard question for me to answer. First there is, does any of the scenery packs include large objects? If so turn off shadows. Items such as Space Mountain domes tend to crash many computers. (It works for me so it will probably mean you can never load this park.) Another thing is general mistakes. Did you make sure to upload to the style/themed folder? 99% of the time, everything goes there. There is one pack I know of that is a little different. But it is hard to figure out. I would suggest searching for the answer on the atari forums, but don't make a new topic bec
  14. Well here is a small update. I am really pleased with the way this building turned out. It is actually the entrance to the spaceport. Several towers. Inside is a spaceshot. It is used as a method of transporting from Earth to the Space Station so guests can board Hyper Transit.
  15. American Eagle at Six Flags Great Ameria. Best woodie ever I say.
  16. Believe it or not, I am not going for realism, or more specifically naturalism. I guess the part will always appear realistic but there are many details I would never add just for that it would be too stupid. So I better just remain quiet.
  17. They are from Shyguy's Circus Center 1 theme. I use them for everything as they: 1. can easily can fit the theme with a change of color 2. feature the item as both as fence items and wall items I don't know. It is hard for me to see how long something takes as I am always too busy. I rarely have the time to actually work on these assignments.
  18. I usually post only on the Atari forums, but I thought this might be of interest here. You might want to check out my other videos as well. Invasion: Earth - Hyper Transit - There is an entire park that goes with this ride. I'll just post some pics. Silly comment making fun of space #1. More space. StarTrek and StarWars had a baby. It is the Star Shuttlecraft NC-3000 Restaurant at the end of the dome. Station. Happy times. Here you wait for your doom. Robot... I just liked the composition. Happy Guests suffocating in outer space.
  19. Great composition in all of your photos... I usually just crop mine until the composition works.
  20. The only park I went to that is too small is Enchanted Village. The smallness factor was made even worse by the really horrible rollercoasters.
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