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  1. Wild Waves is a horrible horrible park that should be sacrificed and burnt to the ground so the Seattle area could get a real amusement/theme park.
  2. I've only lived in the area for a year. But Pink Godzilla is a game store. An awesome game store. They sell tons of old videogame systems and imported games/systems. Like they have a new unopened copy of Mother for $150. They also have a N64 DD for $750. Yummy House bakery is just a small bakery located near-bye. I just really like them. I mean why see fish being thrown when you can do so much better stuff?
  3. I went to SFGAm last week. I can say this now. Viper has aged very well unlike most woodies. Back when I first rode it the year Southwest Territory opened, I thought it was alright. I really thought that most of the park's other coasters were better. But each year, the ride has seemed to have gotten better. When I rode it last week, it was pretty much OMG AWESOME! American Eagle really needs new trains.
  4. You should have gone to the international district and stopped at Pink Godzilla and Yummy House bakery instead of doing everything else.
  5. Should have gone on a weekday. At least the last few years I've gone on weekdays, most lines were almost walk-on. Though I am going today and I could imagine since it is the middle of summer for there to be long lines.
  6. Just the other day I was taking my four-year-old cousin to a waterpark. We had all kinds of fun. I even took him into the wave pool (he had no life jacket) and we had a blast there. Though he did lie and said he could swim but really couldn't. But I was by his side at all times and never let him leave my field of vision. But he knew to be careful as well. But an action plan is too much. Even when I am taking responsibility for somebody else's child.
  7. Take that back about American Eagle. (Well it does really need new trains. Like if it had those Intamin trains.... the ride would be so much more awesome.)
  8. I heard that Enchanted Village is getting an Inverted Bobsled coaster next year.
  9. I did a search and I couldn't find anything about it. But when I lived in Illinois, on the way to Chicago and the suburbs I would always drive by this abandoned amusement park called Shireland. It still stands there to this day. Apparently, it was a very different kind of amusement park. The park was only open in 2 years. 1988 and 1991. Does anybody know more? Edit: I found this site with pictures and information. http://shireland.tripod.com/aerial_view.htm
  10. You are all wrong. It's a giant tooth. Angry because you gave him to the tooth fairy.
  11. They just want some cash because their son got a boo boo....
  12. Twisted Sisters at SFKK Mission Space at Epcot Alien Encounter Those two crappy imagination rides. I can't think of any more right now.
  13. I like Rotors more than Gravitrons. Anyway, Rotors >>> That one that goes sideways > Gravitron
  14. I would love to see more mountain gliders. They are like Arrow Suspended Coasters 2.0 I just hope the next model ever built has all the problems solved.
  15. God himself told me a Dive machine will be built at every park that doesn't have one next year. Six Flags Great America's will be 300 feet tall.
  16. The park worries me in strange ways. Like 10 years ago, it would be a 30 min+ wait on rides even like Demon and Whizzer. Now it seems the only ride with a wait, even on a nice day is Raging Bull which is usually less than 40. But I guess that since there are so many coasters now, and the fact that they usually run a couple trains on each coaster, there should be no reason for much of any kind of wait.
  17. I remember Mean Streak being awesome. But that was 9 years ago. I can see it sucking now. Especially since companies like GCI, Gravity Group, and Intamin supposedly make awesome coasters. Though I don't think I've been on any made by them.
  18. Ever heard of G-forces? That's just an onride movie. When your sitting behind your desk watching an onride aint as fun as riding the rollercoaster for real. So maybe it's dull, but if I hear those people screaming, I don't think it is dull at all. But still you have to ride it to have a good opinion about the ride of course. That is the GP screaming and not really about riding to base an opinion on it. Since most of us here know how coasters are and how they feel, yes we can base an opinion on it just from the video. I would have to agree with onewheeled999. This layout does
  19. The park looks really nice now. 4 years ago it looked like crap.
  20. First of all, thank God Universal got it and not Disney. I really want to see Disney working on original ideas instead of the existing franchises mostly seen in the past decade. And I think most Disney fans will actually be happy because they certainly didn't want Harry Potter in the 5 years of rumors that have existed. Now Harry Potter is an interesting franchise. Forget about the movies, they are just generic movies based on books. But here is why Potter is here to stay. *spoilers for everything after this post. But you shouldn't care.* The first three books were more of an e
  21. I love the one at Six Flags Great America, but like all the park's water rides, it is really showing its age and I would love to see a new version of the ride built. I don't care for the one at Islands of Adventure though. The contact with the water is too rough and you end up banging your head on the seat in front of you. And the splash, despite being ginormous, doesn't get you wet as the boat just completly zooms by it.
  22. Isn't Indy more like a Looping Star on steroids?
  23. I remember waiting to ride Mean Streak for over 2 hours back in 1998. Raptor and Mean Streak. And I remember only half the switchbacks were full in that coutyard.
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