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  1. Great report! I'm all excited now since I'm heading there on July 24th! I'm looking forward to get all the roller coaster credit when I'm there especially Kentucky Rumbler! I'm doing my little tour call "Screamin' in the smokies!" and will be visiting these park in order: Beech Bend, Dollywood, Carowind, Six Flags Kentucky Kingdom, and Holiday World. I will be spending 1 1/2 days in dollywood and two days in Carowind! Sound like fun? Again great report! I saw the video on YouTube! Well done!
  2. Great Update Robb! I don't mind the wand at Epcot! Disney is about Magical... at least that what I think! Kidtums is getting used to the furries so no "fingers" has been found in this TR. If Mexico put KidTums to sleep... then you should hired Mariachi Cobre to be a full time nanny if you and/or elissa have trouble sleeping Erik! Welcome to the monkey club! It fit you! Maybe I'm missing something... Did Soren already head back home? Elissa's Dad remind me of The Monopoly guy! "Pass Go and Collect $200" After you land on free parking, grab some booze with De
  3. Great Pictures! I can't wait for my trip to Carowind! I have season pass for Cedar Fair and Carowind is on my vacation plan in the end of July as part of my Screamin' in the Smokies! I'm pumped!
  4. I saw the Hearing Evaluation! Hope she could hear or gone Deaf like me! Hope all is well! Glad to hear that KidTums doing well! Way to go KidTums! You're breaking the balls of the preemis era! Soon it will be over hopefully! Robb, please do not sell Kidtums on eBay! SharkTums needs her! Anyway... enough of my soapbox here. Have a good day!
  5. Hey the gas is the same as Muncie, IN... just had to say it... I'm excited about this! I haven't touch a flying coaster before! I'm looking forward for this to be my first flying coaster!
  6. Having a looping water slide is the dumbest thing and not reasonably safe as well. If they can proof that this will be safe, I might consider becoming one of the many idiots going on the looping water slide. I played on the RCT3 and build my water slide and test it... The water slide had 85 degree drop and down to the cover tube and test it. No thank you! So overall, a looping water slide and human self-injury... Get wet but slide smart!
  7. ^ Hey Thanks... I thought there wasn't any even I look through before I posted it. I guess I didn't look hard enough. That thread look awesome! Thanks
  8. I was catching up with Yahoo! News and I happen to see this. It look pretty good for a homemade roller coaster and kind of dangerous as well. I thought I should share this. This was homebase in Oklahoma and I'm guessing it is called Oklahoma Land Run. What do you think? The video clip didn't work in this seciton so go to Official Website... http://www.jeremyreid.com/ for more information... It look's pretty clever!
  9. Great pictures JediMasters! Outstanding! I'm thrilled about this! Thanks Man!
  10. VISTA IS HOT! ROLLER COASTER IS HOTEST THING IN THE WORLD! So why not have both! Window Vista
  11. It doesn't look so small since it is purely slice in half what it appear to me as well. I'm actually looking forward to this. From the Press Release, it said 1,000 seats so that cover more than the gym floors space in the basketball arena alone. It is not bad the way I see it. Anyway... I'm pumped! JediMaster... Hope you can keep us posted with pictures and your experience at the opening night! Also.... May the force be with you... ALWAYS!
  12. I was working on the web and then I notice I got an email from Universal Studio and GUESS WHAT! BLUE MAN GROUP VENUE... Concept images and details was release! I'm pumped to go this christmas! This is official media release from Universal Orlando Resort Media... Blue Man Theater Layout Outside of Blue Man Theater
  13. You should consider Ryan King as your future baby sister and "big brother" That would be funny reality show! Ryan King vs. Kidtums! Congradulation again!
  14. As the 230th+ reply, I wish Elissa and Robb well with the new chapter in your life. I hope the best for you. And welcome Kidtum to our wackiest world. Hold on! The roller coasters is calling your name... Kidtums! Kidtums! Kidtums! Kidtums! Congradulation to the Alvey Trio! Hope to meet you guys in the near future!
  15. It look pretty nice park, hopefully they DO relocate and improve the quality from what they have. Then I would probably head out that way! Sadly I miss this park before it goes "KaBoom!" Thanks for the post! And yes... I LOVE DONKEY!
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