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  1. 2 questions for future reference: 1.if i go on an abroad trip when im like 20, will it be a separate from the price for the trip? 2. will TPR be running in 7 years time?
  2. (This is IceDragon posting... My brothers account was open and we're having network problems) It's such a shame to see people die at such a tender age. I wish his family and friends all the best over the next few months. RIP Masked_Maverick
  3. on the website, it indicates that the 'coaches' are prototype, should that mean if the trains don't operate properly they'll have to get standard seating?
  4. I think Thorpe Park should build a ride like Behemoth for their 2009 coaster as Britain's first B&M Mega coaster, and its got freaked out Deja Vu-like seats
  5. finally, someone i can agree with, all rap sucks however the only real reason that Linkin Park used to suck was because tey got Jay-z to cover their songs
  6. it wasn't too bad for us really, but i had my hands up so my ride was probably rougher for me than IceDragon's
  7. erm... its called a joke, he does know that Nemesis is white and Air is blue and is near the parking lot
  8. Wow, it was an awesome day out, whilst on Air, in the station we (Alex[me], James and Mark) were stuck in 'doggy' position for 5 secs and we'd thought the ride broke down, but as we were cheering it lowered , but Alton is a must if you go to Derbyshire or Saffordshire at anytime in your life. wish i could to rita again
  9. ^trip organising is his job anyway these trips look awesome, mabye when im 18 and robb is still doing these trips ill come along, hope you have a hell of a good time
  10. theme park review photo trip report - kings island, holiday world, indiana beach, cedar point i think also nice tr lots of empty lines (i can'y believe i'm sad enough to do the title page)
  11. i don't know, i used to have it but it got deleted and i cant remember where i found it
  12. can you still pay for a ticket for ert in the morning or is it only for annual pass holders and hotel members?
  13. i think it may be because you are using the latest 8 cars, get version 1.302
  14. at around 2:00 pm GMT when was the last time you had a shower?
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