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  1. ...while the bulk of the pics are awesome, they are lacking material... Hi JJ, I see you lurking...
  2. For the record....not ALL New Englanders are as culinarily uncultured as Rich. Go'bless them fuzz.
  3. I just want to add that I was SHOCKED at how many people I saw lingering in the midways during ERT. I know a few friends heard my tirades. I made it a point to marathon most ERTs, and I don't recall seeing the aforementioned "complainers" pulling any last-minute ERT musical-chairs. So, poo on complainers.
  4. Joe, we're over. First Terminator, now this...and you've been ignoring SFNE all along. Kidding aside...this coaster has more sweet twistieness than a funnel cake...without twistieness. And that's technical.
  5. ^^^^DO TELL!!! I thought I saw a few new screennames on our board! We want to welcome and torment our new bus-buddy!
  6. Personally, I'm concerned with the lack of Jeff Johnson pics in this thread. We all need "material", if you get my drift.
  7. ^^^Yesss...I am personally psyched for Josh Brolin as the NEW Terminator. (Although I never saw 3 because I heard it was HORRIBLE.)
  8. ^^Complain, complain... Come up to SFNE where we have NO lights, songs, DJs, or fog effects of any kind in the queues (EVEN during frightfest). Then you'll gain an appreciation for themeing, LOL. Oh, wait, we have S:RoS.
  9. ^how does 3 hours on Troy compare with 10 YEARS in a sarcophagus?
  10. Hanno never disappoints. Except: I need some hot Aram pics.
  11. Wow, great topic and incredible input! Kudos to darklingscribe, I wish I had happened upon this thread earlier. To Goliath: loving those additional pics! That last pic is precious...nothing more bittersweet than a park in the throes of disrepair. Concurrently...I've always wanted to start a thread concerning the demise of La Ronde's old waterpark...but I'm 'fraid it might get locked. I can't find anything through the TPR search-engine...
  12. (I won't go for the obvious SOB.) Sooo...I had the chance to ride Wildcat at Compounce over the weekend. I sat towards the back of the train, and got the throttling of MY LIFE. I couldn't find any position to sit in, or any way to brace myself to avoid having my tailbone hammered on. ...AND I usually ENJOY being jostled violently.
  13. I've got a softspot for the defunct "Voyage to the Moon" at StoryLand (Glen, NH). Nobody else seems to remember it though.... Regarding dark-rides in general, I tend to appreciate the old-school rides more. I'm already tired of the new-gen. dark-rides (shooters included). It seems as though all the campy animatronics have been foregone in favor of blacklit cardboard cutouts. Garfield, Scooby, and that annoying turkey ride...they all look the same to me. Just my two cents.
  14. ^Fortunately I've always known that the Superman TWINS are a let-down (so I won't be surprised/disappointed on the EC tour). On that note, I bow down to the gods of Six Slags for placing Superman:RoS in Mass. Without HIM we would be nothing. Nothing but "another Batman" and an SLC, LOL.
  15. ^thanx for refreshing that point. It's not simply about horrendous rides (SOB is a mainstay OF COURSE)...but "death machines" that have our love. And, I LOVE Cyclone, and the remnants of Black Widow that are rotting in a field somewhere...I believe. And Joe Draves is wicked hawt.
  16. ^^Oh hell, if you're in the U.S., just come to the East coast and get a SF season pass. Think...El Toro, S:ROS, Nitro, Kingda,..and then La Ronde for a bonus...(:::laughs: West Coast has SH*T for coasters. Tatsu...pfft.
  17. Cyclone of SFNE...BEFORE the drop was neutered. I still have a softspot for it tho'...backseat nightrides in the fall and the acrid stink of the station. mmmmmmm
  18. Just want to thank Rich for inviting me to be part of his crazayzay weekend. I had an incredible time, and I can't wait to do it again!! It's always fun to swap TPR stories and watch chicken dissections! Christiana "them Massholes ain't so bad after all" Steffensen I AM the Police.
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