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  1. Though not a fan of baseball, I've always been obsessed with defunct parks..and have only been able to find a limited amount of info on SAID park. Shane, thanks so much for sharing this. :::Eagerly awaits anything relating to old NorthEast/Canada::: p.s. So....where is Hoffa buried????
  2. I was honestly let down when we didn't get to hit it on the midwest tour. I LOVE how to this day, the GP equates this ride with EVERY OTHER superman-themed ride. "Dude...some chick lost her legs, and her first-born on that superman coaster...."
  3. Millenium Force and Magnum = incredibly overrated. I honestly don't understand the demand for CP now. By default, TopThrill (somewhat of a gimmick) was the high point. Pardon the horrific pun.
  4. It's debatable which tour was "cooler"..... But one thing is certain, the back of OUR BUS never reeked like the "Bog of Eternal Stench".
  5. :::bites the bullet::: Jay, Casey, Michael, Cora, everyone...its all fair game now. What, this one?
  6. Ohboy, I can sense the photos veering toward Cedar Point. I LOVE how we've completely hijacked Casey's thread.
  7. ^^You're also likely to wrestle with goats, shove inanimate objects in your mouth, "go into or come out of A CLOSET", and suffer from marked depression when it all comes to an end. And ride coasters, and stuff.
  8. My sentiments exactly. Who, UNDER FORTY, even knows who Evel Knievel IS?!??!! I made it a point to email Joe Draves (of GCI fame) and ask why they didn't push for the "SuperDave Osborne Theme".
  9. To satisfy everyone while we wait for Casey, I present: "Mike comes out of the closet"
  10. Hi, I'm a straight girl who loves gay culture. (I know, GOOD LUCK to me.) :::hugs everyone, and pinches David's butt on the way out:::
  11. Dude, you're more than welcome to take it. :::snores::: Can we have that Huss Rainbow?? (my personal fave for a "flat")
  12. Dude, you're more than welcome to take it. :::snores::: Can we have that Huss Rainbow?? (my personal fave for a "flat")
  13. ^Are you and Rich still heading down? I'm still praying for a last-minute miracle. I don't want to be riding Cyclone all day out of default.
  14. Thanks, I'd really appreciate it. Can ya' give us an up-to-the-minute on Catapult as well??
  15. Has anyone been down this weekend? Any official news? I'll even settle for rumors...
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