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  1. Falafel!: So, I'm not the only one who likens ATL to the acrid stench of hot man-pit. Its titillating, and ultimately asphyxiating. Just sayin'...
  2. That color scheme should be reserved for the backsides of subservient housewives. I. hate. it.
  3. Dangnabbit...I want a UPS hoodie to wear at work while I'm loading aircans for FedEx and USPS!! Brown is the NEW BLUE.
  4. Oh, thank God it didn't get Stormrunner restraints! I've got love for the new lapbars...but, I'd like to take a baseball bat to those clunky boomboxes. My 3 cents.
  5. Goliath From what I've experienced, Apollo's Chariot cubed Oh, hell no. Good thing I haven't moved out of the NorthEast.
  6. Happy One Year to YOoooooooooou! Thanks for all the HAWT photos Mikey!! Let me know when you're up for some SFNE/Compounce lovin'. I'll also be down to GAdv at LEAST twice this season.
  7. ^Amen. Thanks for posting some comparison pics. I'm sad to see such a dynamic coaster repainted in gloomy tones. Hell, I'd rather see it in ORANGE...and themed to H.R. PuffNStuff.
  8. Shame. SROS looks rather bland. That purple track just doesn't "pop" against the backdrop of a blue sky. Hopefully the new "effects" aren't as lackluster.
  9. Aside from the usual suspects... I'd like to nominate Dragon at La Ronde. Think Skull Mountain... with LESS indoor themeing (just a few red lights) enclosed in a castle-shaped box. Seriously, the facade could pass for painted cardboard. I know they're both Intamin family coasters, but I'm not sure if the layouts are exactly the same.
  10. OK, who's the moron who's gonna make the ole' David and _____ reference. Wait for it...
  11. Thanks for sharing the pics Dainan! You need to get out to Cali for their Tower. While it SERIOUSLY lacks the theming of Florida's, the ride program seems a bit longer and more random. BTW, Jay left behind his beloved Toro, and is living in Georgia now. Gaddamn traitor. Are you gonna' come up for the Superman refurb?
  12. Regarding "blasphemy": The crosses, along with the word "t!t" are jumping out at me from that sign. ::insert shameless Dolly joke::
  13. ^^Am I the only one who found the "BeatTiTudes" sign to be obvious blasphemy?! Then again, maybe I'm just sensitive.
  14. Commence erection! I knew I had to get back to Cali for something...
  15. Ricky, thanks for posting such a terrrrrrrrrrific TR! The Kawasemi pics have left my expectations high. Hopefully we'll share a number 2.
  16. ^^^^screw that. Sinise's hairline was/is infinitely more captivating. Oi, and the facial bloating....
  17. This has been a highly entertaining TR. Rich, you're a real pal. Thanks for the abundance of JJ photos. p.s. ...and another thanks for finally remembering my name.
  18. Brilliant point. I saw SF littered with those ads, and wondered what their relevance was. Schwarzkopf color = eons beyond American color...well, second place to ToccoMagico. ::looks around:: Piers??!?!?!
  19. ^UK 2010...you're my bar-buddy. No exceptions. I don't want to be the only blotchy crazy-dancin' cracker....
  20. Is there any way we can get a couple of Jeff Johnson pics thrown in these reports?
  21. MIKE, I just wanted to thank you for making the trek up to New England. I had an incredibly fun day hanging out with everyone, and it was a real pleasure getting to meet you! (Ladies, he's even better looking in person.) Thanks for making me proud in the front seats of Boulderdash (Look, ma, no hands!), and thanks also for being my backseat SuperMAN. Well, maybe. We'll cross paths again, I promise. ::big big hugs:: C. "scare-actors make me run, headfirst, into walls" Steffensen
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