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  1. Regarding Breakers cleanliness...(during the Midwest tour) someone took a dump on the floor in the men's room. I have pics. SRSLY. Ask Casey.
  2. ^Um, and in support of SF over CP...i spent 7 hours in NONSTOP RAIN at SFNE 2 days ago, with my choice of everything in the park, on top of consecutive rides on Superman...until the park closed. Last summer, the bulk of the TPR Midwest group spent 8 HOURS waiting in the rain for ONE RIDE on Maverick. 'Nuff said.
  3. GADV without a doubt. Go to RCDB.com and do the comparisons. In regards to coasters, I think CP has fallen far behind (with only Maverick and Topthrill for strong points), although their "flats" are pretty decent. And if you're concerned about a lack of natural scenery...GADV has an incredible drive-thru "safari".
  4. Mean Streak is nothing more than a monorail, with "texture". I have no real complaints about it. It was too slow to even jackhammer. It was just lifeless and forgettable...another contributor to the CP hype-machine. (I'd like to know how everyone ranks SFNE's Cyclone in regards to the Streak, LOL.)
  5. ^Can I rent your functionality in the near future? Like, by the pocket...for my Jackie-O Sunglasses?
  6. OK...so HOW did that StarBurst commercial make its way to NEW HAMPSHIRE?!?!? OMG, I remember seeing that on heavy rotation! Shane, you are the messiah. Thank you endlessly for the high quality posts!!!
  7. I can't completely write this off as a gimmick, although I honestly wanted to. I had never ridden a floorless front row until Medusa (east), and I rode and rerode it for various perspectives. (Godbless ElToroExtreme for his patience.) As has already been said...its all about the front. Just an incredible feeling when you can anticipate and FLOW with the turns. C. "mistress of interpretive Nitro dance" Steffensen
  8. ^^^Michael...don't blush...apparently I was "having sex". Christiana "the cock is overrated" Steffensen
  9. ^What, Pandemonium isn't enough to satisfy? J/K, I'd LOVE to see a Eurofighter (with or without a box) go in "Knight Rider"'s place.... or a squirrel... or a Intamin ball... or A Fricking Huss Rainbow....
  10. ^and sir....why haven't you been posting on the East Coast boards? Hmm???!!
  11. Woe is me...we lost the Mack. Maybe if we're lucky they'll break ground for a fetus-shaped ball coaster. Pfft.
  12. I can, and will ride anything. Multiple times. (Pffft on ElToroExtreme). Just not a huge fan of Rotors or Gravitrons.
  13. Uh, this thing makes Silent Hill look like Sesame Street.
  14. Umm, Cora, was it Roadrunner that we were in line for (eternally)...and someone made a doodie in the queue?
  15. Doesn't sound any worse than a blackout at Cedar Point.....and cheap tacos...........
  16. ^can seriously identify with, and understand christian MARKETING.
  17. OD Hopkins, the Seguay (sp?), and Adam Sandler....are all my state has contributed in 20 years. I apologize on behalf of NH. Aside from that...is there any way we can nominate Shane for TPR contributor of the year? (I swear the man has sold his soul to the devil for all the vintage scans.) Shane, you RAWK...got anything on La Ronde?
  18. Yes, I'm eating reheated chinese right now. Do you like boys in pigtails?
  19. I KNEW I would never live this down. Casey hasn't made a SINGLE post on the East Coast board...so SAID harem may be taking applications for a new master.
  20. ^Dude, sign up for East Coast. It's going to be a huge reunion for Midwest peeps.
  21. Homer, more is MORE!!!!!!!!!! (God knows Casey is never going to finish HIS TR.)
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