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  1. Erik Johnson may have a potential lawsuit related to this coaster's clone. *Emotional disturbance, due to rider denial @ Face-Off. STILL, LMAO.
  2. OH MY GOD!!! Really, from all accounts that I've heard, S:RoS has been running since the 16th. It was definitely in a state of SBNO for awhile (OMG fanbois!)...but the "willie wonka award" has miraculously resurrected it. (Midwesters have pwned the East Coast.)
  3. When the gates open, run, don't walk, to Superman. I waited in line for 2 hours, only to have it break down for an HOUR, THEN I got to ride. Total wait, 3+ hours.
  4. Huss Rainbow is my original love. I'll settle for 1000 Nights tho'...
  5. Nobody should be complaining about feeling cramped....unless you're Casey. The morning of Kennywood, that is.
  6. Yeah, I believe it was the front row for Evan and I. Other than that, I hit other parts of the train with numerous people. Cora and I hit it quite a few times in the back, during the rain.
  7. Greeneyes, you rawk. Awesome TR, and the captions are priceless. Thanks for scaring the life outta' me on Cornball, I thought I was about to lose you after even the slightest bunny hop. (BTW, you weren't the only one who was amused by the heroine-chic/emo/pigtailed/MarilynManson1996-meetsAvril2006 thing.) Here is that photo from the orchestra carousel. Me = brash. You = understated.
  8. Dude...you totally confused Jay with Aram?!?!? How could you!!
  9. ^I"ll admit, my mood was slightly dampened by what we had heard about the park's history from Robb. (I envisioned lines of SFNE's over-capacity.) Thankfully, I think we hit a good day. Riding Beast was a definite high point in my trip. Yay!
  10. And...Maverick was more than the "inverted mine-train" than I expected. Don't listen to the crappy reviews, for a smaller coaster, it SMOKED. (Now I need to *consider* my lowered expectations for Mystery Mine.)
  11. Regarding CP: the journey there was irrelevant, I was rain-soaked and comatose. The arrival was, well, untimely, and incredibly entertaining. Cora can attest to the ambience that our hallway had. (Nothing compared to the first night.) I was one of the smart ones, I went to sleep at 3 am, and got up at 1 pm. Apparently I missed an 8-hour line for Maverick. Oh well...I got all of the credits within the 2 days... PLUS the waitress at TGIFridays!!! p.s. Who has the pic of me launching over the bar and grabbing her throat???
  12. ^^^ Gary, thanks for asking. It finally went down a few days after I got home. Thanx again for the medical assessment, I definitely didn't break anything.
  13. Rich, considering how close we live to each other, and how SMALL our states are...we're probably cousins.
  14. ^Phil, nice avatar,...LOVED Phantom's revenge. Definitely one of the underrated coasters of the midwest trip. So...3 hours for Superman : Ride of Steel (SF Agawam, MA). And I'd do it again.
  15. we can't all be fanboys and fangirls of each other...or the next trip will likely erupt into an incestuous frenzy. mmmm...erupt.
  16. Umm, regarding that shot of Joe and I in the front seat of Greezed.... Are you asserting that I'M a fanBOY?!??
  17. Dude, no in-joke reference necessary. Casey said "Can I come up too?" Cora tattooed "Can I come up two?" Difference in slight punnery was intentional. Absolutely no in-joke if you scroll back. Again, congrats. Can't wait to see you in Europe.
  18. Dude....TWO was blatantly retarded....congrats on missing the boat.
  19. Whoops...sorry 'bout the upside down...but that "tattoo" was inspired by this pic...(if you steal it, you're dead to me)
  20. Holy crap...how did I bypass this thread??!??!? Cora, you f*cking rock. Best roommate EVahhhhhhhhh. DIBS. Here is the pic of the "tattoo" Cora did of Casey on my kidney area. You all can't have her...she's mine. It says so in the trust fund.
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