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  1. 5 DOLLARS for multiple mazes at SFMM? At SFNE, we pay $5 for ONE entrance to ONE "haunted house" (known year-round as Houdini's)...and this does nothing to diminish lines! Lines for SRoS and Batman are around 1.5 hours....same with our "haunted attraction". Count your blessings, left coasters.
  2. Very nice TR Ricky. You've included a nice combnation of ride pics, peep pics, and layered injokes. Hey baby, what's your vision?
  3. ^, ^^^, and ^^^^. Wow, let's all jump on the "belittling people" train. Yeez, at least Wes's disparaging comments have SOME element of humor. Rocket, continue....I'd like to hear more about Xcelerator. I've never been to So Cal, so any anecdotes of first-hand ride experiences ON THE LEFT COAST are interesting. I'm a bigbig Intamin fan...give yer coaster mah' love.
  4. Just yesterday...in response to a TPR Tshirt, the CONSTANT question: "Do you get paid for it?"
  5. Great TR. I LOVE SFGAdv...and consider Nitro the best B + M EVER. I'm so glad that you guys got to experience empty queues!!! Anyhow, I thought the "fat chick" photos were a bit unnecessary. I wonder how well the stereoptypical asian and black jokes go over within your circle. C. "chicken-legged whitegirl" Steffensen
  6. OK, so I'm not a diehard B + M fan, nor am I fixated with "loop-de-loops", so take this with a grain of salt. 1. Medusa East 2. Hydra (why is everyone complaining?!) 3. Batman SFNE (Mr. short and sweet) 4. do I really need to list Dominator (KD)? Maybe it was just the cold morning, but Dom was surprisingly jarring. Regarding my list: It's all relative. I have yet to ride Kraken.
  7. I'll be representin' New Hampshire. I can arrange to have friends pick up postcards from Vermont and Maine if nobody from TPR covers that part of New England. (Question: was Sammy the little girl we ran into on the Midwest tour who was hanging out at the kiddie credits, extorting adults? )
  8. Wow. This update is chock-full of priceless material. The pics/captions are hilarious as usual, and the video of the Aquatrax dousing did NOT disappoint (good call, Rich)! Robb, thanks for posting these!! Keep 'em coming!
  9. I've been at SFNE several times every summer since 2002, and TPR's ERT was the ONLY time I've seen the fog run...in 5 years. Maybe I just had odd timing. Regardless, S:RoS is the most out-of-control during allday torrential rain. I'll take that ANYDAY over "atmospheric" fog, fire, and GLORIFIED EARPHONES.
  10. Wow, Hanno might have some competition!! Bas, these are some awesome shots,...I HAD NO idea that you had such an "eye for detail". And the captions are farking priceless. **umm, S:RoS "wheels off track" capture?! Are you for real? Someone give me the details....**
  11. ^My sentiments exactly. S:RoS is already a top-notch coaster. The budget for "smoke and mirrors" should be concentrated on coasters that NEED superficial distractions.
  12. Hanno, you never cease to amaze me. All of your photos are BEAUTIFUL, but the shots of our crew enjoying S:RoS ERT are very near and dear to my heart. You did an incredible job of capturing the essence of Superman. Thank you...and just...WOW.
  13. Sadly, I agree. The Man was not running at peak performance when we visited. It seems to have picked up a little shuffle (especially in the bunnyhops), and felt like it was grinding through some of the turns. Please, please, let someone confirm that its NOT getting OSTRs; those would be the DEATH of Superman. I'd be ecstatic if they just got rid of those primitive shin-bruising leg braces. The addition of gimmicky fire and sound effects should be reserved for Premier projects and other inferior coasters, IMHO. One of the things I've always admired about S:RoS is its utter simplicity. There's no need to gussy up an Intamin.
  14. Ok, so this wasn't just my imagination. I was there at the beginning of the season, marathoning ROS backseats in the rain, with a CERTAIN bitchy ride-op who halted dispatch in order to instruct a new guy in proper restraint. Apparently, said restraint involves bruising hip and shinbones. I've also seen the same ops over the summer. Something to get rid of?!???! S:RoS's ankle-biting, calf-smashing, airtime-killing restraints. It wasn't the enthusiasts fault that he fell out. /;)
  15. ^But you ARE photogenic, when b!tches collide! We could almost be a couple! ...if I was Lizzie Borden....
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