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  1. GOD i wish i could have gone! But on the positive side i just got a new digital camera!
  2. It would be impossible to get that angle without superman in the way... also there is no pavement under GASM and there are no trees on the infield at all
  3. Just one coaster means nothing... GADV has 2 Batman themed coasters! Would have had 3 if chiller wasnt gone!
  4. ^^ Possibly a COMPLETE Retheme for the 09 season... *New Color Scheme *New Trains *New Effects I feel a complete new theme coming on maybe Batman?
  5. ^ The supports are that deep blue color! The light blue is the old faded blue!
  6. I think you misread that. It means it's being repainted the same red and teal. Well they could do what SFA did & repaint ME in yellow(track),orange(structure).Purple is not the color used for primer,most primers used for coaster painting are white & not purple. In the case of SROS at NE the primer was a RUST color! I think most of them are that color... but im not 100% sure on that!
  7. I love the new color scheme! after 10 solid years its time for a full revamp and name change!
  8. Mike I really wish I could have met up with you somewhere along your travels! Its been an awesome season watching you head to all these places and giving us the daily PTRs! I just cant belive you got that much time off and did all you did! you are truly a god! Hopefully more keeps coming! ~Jay
  9. Taylor... Awesome idea in making a RCT park! Im excited to see how well this one turns out, considering all your others are awesome! ~Jay
  10. ^ Hey Mike to answer your question its a $5 upcharge for everyone!
  11. Thats awesome seeing the park move the trees! Its and expensive thing to do! but good for the environment!
  12. As much as im NOT surprised by this at all! I’m upset to hear it! Not because the park looked amazing or had a huge lineup of good rides cause they don't. But I wanted to see what could be done with this park! The whole Classic Rock theme was the wrong way to go. They should have gone with music from the 90s and now! Not to many kids know about Led Zeppelin. Obviously they never checked the demographics, or never figured out who their target market was! I hope the park can make it and pulls a nice turn around into a corner stone park! Great plan wrong execution!
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