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  1. in our information under our avatar you should put a spot where we cn put our home park up!
  2. I still CANNOT Belive that i ran into you guys at GAdv that was awesome... it was great to see you again!!! Hope you had a blaast sunday... and im glad the lines were short as i had promised you!
  3. Im sorry for not finishing this PTR by my midweek deadline... My old boss passed away on Tuesday! Ive been very upset and not in the mood to do anything! Ill be baack to my normal self by next week and ill put the rest up... pleae bear with me!!!
  4. me Me and the MINI! I concentrate when taking coaster porn!!!
  5. ^ Fellow MINI owner i assume?!?! Thanks for all the great comments... I've started posting up some of the pics!!!
  6. What is "wrong" with the ride... how are people getting hurt???
  7. Do they have Zaino in Europe O? Thats the best polish and wax kit IMO! ***600TH POST!***
  8. God pulled on over on me... "your gonna love coasters... your goonna have motion sickness!"
  9. Being the weather is uber nice this weekend here in jersey... Tempest- My MINI is getting her spring over haul!!! A dawn bath, a Clay Barring, and 5 coats of Wax! Needless to say its gonna take me about 14 hrs to finish so the pics are gonna have to wait till monday! Sorry Guys!!!
  10. Nice pics Mike... too bad Christiana and I didnt see you!!! Good luck on your travels! ~Jay
  11. Part 3 Sunday April 6, 2008 Weather: Crappy Well today started off with Chris and I waking up at the hotel… DUH where did you think we were gonna sleep?!?!?! Anyways we looked out the window to discover a freaking DOWNPOUR!!! So needless to say Chris was pissed! I on the other hand knew that GADV runs almost all the rides in the rain… EXCEPT for Kingda Ka, one of the last credits she needed!!! So we shower and get ready for the day ahead!!! We left the hotel at about 930… Stopped at WAWA for a “Jersey Breakfast” Coffee and Porkroll, Egg, & Cheese Sandwiches MMMMMMMM!!! This was Chris’s first PEC Sandwich… SHE LOVED IT!!! So we head out West to Six Flags!!! This morning we start with the Wild Safari!!! Chris and I are big animal fans… So it was a must!!! She was speechless on the AMOUNT of animals that were there and how much space they have to roam free in!!! BTW she thinks the ostriches are ugly, and the Elk are cool!!! I will put pics up of the Safari!!! One highlight and my FAVORITE part of the Safari are the Lions!!! Mainly because they love my MINI!!! Why you ask??? Well the MINI Cooper S has a Supercharger, when revved it has a small scream to it… The exhaust sounds like a large cat purring!!! So they run over to the fence and chase my car up and back and up and back!!! (Yes I do back up in the Safari on at the Lion cage and I’m careful!!!) I don’t have video proof but MIKE AKA KRAKENKING has it… so pm him till he posts it… its hilarious!!! I’ve even had the safari workers come up and ask me to do it again because they’ve never seen them do that with anyone’s car before!!! So anyways we get into the park at about noon… We spent about 2 hrs in the Safari!!! We head in to the park, and I still feel sick to my stomach… I bitched out on a lot of rides and empty stations that day!!! WHICH SUCKED!!! So Chris and I headed for Toro… She got 2 rides on it in a row… and ALMOST lost her camera that was in a pocket on the inside of her coat at the bottom!!! She caught it at chest height!!! Then we headed over to Medusa for her 2 consecutive rides, then Runaway Train for 1 I actually rode this one! Then we hit Black Beard’s Lost Treasure Train, We then went off to Nitro, I rode one she rode 3 times! Then she ran over and got Batman, and then we walked around a little rode El Toro once more and left! Cause we were going to one of my family’s friend’s daughter’s birthday party! So we arrived at the party at about 6pm at Outback Steakhouse! We both had steak could Med. Rare MMMMM!!! And of course had a Bloomin Onion!!! After dinner we went back to my Dads friend Barry’s House! For a Coldstone Cake!!! MMMMMMMMMMM!!! And coffee. My brother and Chris got into a fight with those blow up party thingys, it was soo immature and sooo hilarious!!! After that we went back to my house so I could grab a change of clothes and Chris could see my pussies… I MEAN cats!!! On the way there she wants to know what it is like to be a whore in NJ… so I dropped her off on a street corner and left!!! Then came around the corner and took pictures of course! Then we went back to the hotel… Where we watched Porn… mainly Shemgma eating ::VOMIT:: the started beating each other up, and being stupid and loud… and I got pics of it all!!! So onto a sad moment… Then a Dark Knight Construction Update! Sad Moment- We wish you were here!!! So mainly our Best Friend Cora wanted to come sooooooo bad, but she lives in Oregon and the flights were to expensive to get out here… Mainly during our 3 way phone covos every Sunday… yes we do keep up on each other… Cora wanted to be a part of our weekend, and she was very upset she couldn’t make it! So I told her to take some random pics with the old Giant GAdv map I sent her, and send them to me and I would do a TR! So she did… Those will be intertwined!!! Amazingly hilarious!!! Dark Knight Construction Update!!! We now go live to Olly Williams for the Dark Knight update “We gotta Box!” Thanks Olly!!! LMFAO!!! On a more serious note, the building looks to be somewhat complete… enough so you couldn’t see inside! LAME! But I did get some pics of TRACK ::oh ah fabulous!!!:: So that’s my update for day 3 more to come!!! Remember 1 thing PM KrakenKing and ask him where the hell the footage of the Lions chasing the MINI is!!! Pictures will be up soon there is 129 of them... just give me a lil time!!! ~Jay Ello... and you are??? These are a few of my favorite things!!! MINI and Intamin!!! Fun with MINI... Look its KINGDA KA!!! Yes??? What the hell are you looking at??? OHOHOH Food!!! Goat, or Ram, what ever the hell it is! More stripes more tattoos!!! WOOOOO Drying off!! Funky Duck thingy! Im alive... Which means... I WIN!!! Dont hit me, dont hit me, dont hit me!!! Aww Dont i look Cute?!?! Climbing! I'm watching you! Just walkin on by! AHHH a Lion ohh sooo scary!!! OOOOOOO me too!!! Im gonna chase you larger silver kitty!!! Zebra Stripes... Makes me want a tattoo!!! Oh noes RUNAWAY!!! Hey whatca doin?!?! Rhino Rally??? Oh Wait wait wait... WRONG PARK!!! Mud is FUNN!!! Dumm duh dumm duh dumm!!! Ello... and you are???
  12. Thanks for all the awesome comments!!! It really makes me wanna do more!!! Oh and Elissa... I wanna ride Toro with you on the trip... I've been waiting 2 years for it being last time you were here i was in FL!!! I should have part 3 up in the next 2 days!!! ^^ You should have introduced yourself lol... that is if you knew we were from TPR!!! LOL I also replaced all the pics with bigger ones!
  13. Day 2 Saturday April 5, 2008, OPENING DAY!!! We woke up at 8am, Showered and cleaned up for an awesome opening day!!! We left the hotel at 9:30am for a 10:15 arrival at GAdv!!! We headed up to the season pass processing building to get Chris’s pass validated, and so I could get my 2008 coupon book. All was fine with Chris’s pass… Then they got to mine, DECLINED showed on screen… For some reason it didn’t work!!! So I had to go to Guest Services… BUM BUM BUM… ::sings:: 30 minute wait UGH!!! Well I get u to the window to find out that a bunch if peoples passes that were purchased in 2007 we screwed up!!! UGH!!! So she was soo fast and soo helpful in getting it fixed!!! Then we head into the park, for the first ride of the season… EL TORO last row!!! OMG it was AMASING!!! So smooth and airtime filled, and effectively cost Christiana $80 bucks to ride… why you ask??? Well if you were patient for a second I was gonna get to that… GOD!!! So on Chris’s first ride of Toro she lost… • Glasses • Lip Liner • Eyeliner • Pack of Gum • And a Receipt But she didn’t care, she still says it was worth it!!! So we went off to ride Nitro, Last row amazing like always!!! Then we attempted to get Chris’s Road Runner Railway credit… But we were denied!!! Is there a new policy I haven’t been informed of???So bummed we went off to Skull Mountain I noticed the sound in the queue worked!!! ::impressed:: Then we hit up Batman, it felt better than last year!!! Then we hopped on the Ferris Wheel to get some pictures, mainly for Dark Knight!!! I forget where we went next… I think it was Superman Ultimate Flight, still blah IMO! We went over to Scream Machine, Ran trimless after the first loop, and then stopped on the MCBR LAME!!! Then we did the new fly me to the moon… [[begin rant]] Why the hell would you remove an awesome 3D Sim ride for a lame one??? The voices timing was off, And the ending was soooooooo LAME!!! I hope to dear god they fix that before the masses come in over the summer… Can I have the 10 minutes I wasted of my life back??? [[End rant]] Then off to lunch… by this time I was sick to my stomach and uber tired! So I drove Chris over to WAWA to get some crap to eat, and I passed out in the parking lot for a few minutes. Then came back, I sent Chris into the park by herself for an hour so I could catch a quick nap… so an hour later I met up with Chris by Toro and we rode front row… even more air then the back! But it effectively finished my riding for the day I was sooo sick!!! So I said go ride Kingda Ka without me and well ride it together in the morning… Well she said no and we left… This turns around to bite her in the rear in the morning… So we headed off to the hotel, and passed out for the night at 8:30 I think… yes we were that tired!!! Day 3 will be posted too Thanks for reading… ON TO THE PICTURES!!! Me Sleeping in the MINI!!! Thats all for today... check back soon!!! Bored in Fly me to the Moon Queue! KA!!! OLE OLE!!! Nitro and Batman! Stupid new Golf game... Waste of MONEY!!! Another Ka pic!!! I dunno what it is about Intamin Track?!?!?! El Toro Robbed Me!!! I PRAISE you El Toro!!! Me and my INTAMINS!!! Kingda Ka!!! I think shes impressed by the Skyline!!! Were Here!!! Almost There!!! Brush you teeth to start a clean healthy day!!!
  14. Cause it was freezing lol!!! it was awesome to finally meet you as well!!!
  15. Thanks for all the awesome compliments on my first PTR!!! I should have part 2 up by Thursday at the latest!!!
  16. Christiana (HerBlackWings), Cora (Roy56), and Myself visit GADV on opening weekend! Well the day starts out at 11:23am I hopped in the MINI and depart for Philly I head down Rt. 70 west... At 11:45am I get a call from Christiana, I was surprised (being her flight was due to Depart Manchester New Hampshire at 11:40am. So she informs me that her plane is delayed for an hour!!! UGH!!! So luckily I was near a WAWA and stopped to hang out for a little while... So I hit back on the road about noonish to Philly... On the way I hit 50 MPG in the MINI for a good while!!! So I arrived at the Philly Airport at about 1:00... With 40 minutes to spare till her arrival... So I parked the car by gate B then headed inside... I head over to the monitors and her flight arrives in gate F ughhh!!! So I run to gate F and wait... At about 1:55 I see her coming out of the gate, so of course I run up and give her a huge hug, then we run off to grab her luggage... So we head off to the car, to head to her hotel! Well I can have anyone visit NJ coming thru the Philly Airport without visiting Big John’s Steakhouse, in a nutshell they have some of the BEST cheese steak sandwiches I’ve ever had! So we stop in and get 2 Cheese Steaks some Cheese Fries, and free run of the PICKLE BAR!!! The food was amazing as usual for me… Christiana was BLOWN AWAY!!! So we head off to check in at her hotel! While we were there she noticed a bottle of Oceanus air freshiner in my car... for those of you who know Christiana you know where her mind went! We were there for maybe 5 whole minutes before we ran out to Path Mark (food store) for some ingredients so I could make dinner (Chipotle Pork chops) MMMMM!!! Of course Chris and I were having a blast as usual!!! About half way thru our shopping expedition she wanted me to walk around in her heals… so well… I did!!! It was hilarious!!! Well we couldn’t find Chipotle sauce in the store I was in!!! Why is it soo hard to find??? Anyways we stop at another store grab it and head back to my house… Where she gets to meet my parents, my brother, and of course my cats!!! So I start cooking dinner and she BSs with Mom… I finish making dinner and we sit down to eat… Talking about the Midwest Tour, and how she and I became friends. We finish up with dinner and Chris began to highlight and cut my hair… Which she is VERY good at may I add… She finished up and we watched some coaster TV shows I had previously DVRed… Then we said farewell and headed off to the hotel to get some sleep… GADV was a mere 9 hrs away!!! On to the pictures!!! Wheres the minivan??? Heals while shopping ohhhh GOD!!!! Only Christiana would point that out! Pickle Nose! What the?!?! Christiana loves Big John's Steak House! Philly Airport sign... SOOO CLOSE! Walt Whitman Bridge! Philly sign! 295 ALMOST there! Now 50 MPG is Impressive gas mileage! Driving down Rt. 70 11:23 Lets Roll The MINI is ready to go!!! Found him!!! Thats all for now more soon! Me looking for the kitty to show Christiana! They look soooo GOOD!!! Me getting my highlights! Cooking!
  17. WOOOOOOOOOO another MINI!!! I got an 06 S named Tempest
  18. random road trips are the best!!! good work keep it up!!!
  19. God i cant wait for opening day! One of my fellow midwesters will be joining me!!!
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