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  1. mmmmm voyage night rides!!! AMAZING!!! and BTW were not doing GL were doing Kennywood instead!!!
  2. you had to buy the El Toro Shirt didnt you!!! I bought one too!!!
  3. Yes She is true!!! Jersey People are rude and obnoxious!!! Except me!!! ^Nope nothing beats being here for 19 years and living it!!! I wouldnt have it any other way!!! Cause Jersey people know how to drive!!! lol
  4. That sucks that KK is closed... i hope it reopens soon i got 2 visitors coming up on monday!!!
  5. You got a problem with MINI's I have one!!! Just Kidding... Nice PTR looks liek you had fun *sarcasm*
  6. Remember when we watched that stupid Flash Pass video? "Amazing rides such as .... Kingda Ka (Showing Kingda Ka POV), and El Toro (Showing a video clip of Rolling Thunder)" Yes that was too funny!!! LOL Stupid SF!!!
  7. Send an El Toro Pic to SF because they dont have any!!! Figures Cypress uses ET and SF uses Twisted sisters i belive!!!
  8. yea so i was going to totally say screw work and go ith you... But i didn't!!! and I missed out on some awesome trimmage!!!
  9. Rolling Thunder needs to be re tracked by Intamin then we can be selfish and have the first set of racing prefab woodies!!! But highly unlikely!!!
  10. Haha El Toro is even better when its Hot and Wet!!! (Didnt mean to make that sound sexual but it was hot out and raining!!!)
  11. Tomi, I'm not gonna lie I thought of that comic after seeing those pics!!!
  12. God I had soooooooo much fun that weekend!!! and we get to meet again in a month... and 2 weeks later on the midwest!!! I guess you loved my crappy state!!! Hey wheres the seaside pics of you credit whoring???
  13. Peronally I'd do ET first... Kingda Ka has been running ROCK SOLID the last couple of weeks... ET still has its tempermental moments!!! So ride it FIRST!!!
  14. Haven't posted in a while!!! Redbull MINI to bad it's not an S!!! I have one... You don't!!! Screamin' Demon... AKA My MINI!!
  15. Wow i can't belive how nice it looks keep up the good work!!!
  16. ^ Shes jealous cause im gonna ride it tomorrow!!! LOL just kidding E!!!
  17. fell free to add me!!! www.myspace.com/2001cruiser
  18. The day started out at 10am when I left my house. I hopped on Rt. 571 and headed to GAdv. I stopped at a wawa to get breakfast (For you westerners wawa is a quickie mart place with cheaper gas!) I got in line to park at 10:30am. I got out of the car and headed into the park at 10:55 (yes I spent 25 minutes in line to get a freaking parking spot!) I got into the park and I was meeting up with a friend and his family, they weren't there yet so I waited for them and rode the ferris wheel. I got some really nice pictures which I will post later! Well I got off the ferris wheel, and I waited by the main street fountian. I guess today was religious group day at the park, I saw a ton of youth groups, and a NUN!!! Yes I saw a NUN at SF!!!(No I didn't take a picture cause she was looking at me the whole time she walked past, the camera was out tho!!!) So my friend makes it to the park at 11:45, So we head off to El Toro which was running when we got there... However that didn't last long after a half hour waiting in line El Toro broke down... They took about 10 minutes till they launched the empty train, it came back and they CLOSED the ride FOR THE REST OF THE DAY!!! Major Boo!!! I mean they made no attempt to fix it!!! Typical Intamin I love , and hate them at the same time!!! So we headed of to ride Medusa guess what???... Broken! So we figured we'd ride Runaway Train... Broken too! Well at this point we were really upset so we walked around to ride the neutered chiller and that was broken too! we we saw Nitro open with people on it so we hopped on the front row! It was awesome a nice warm breeze and butts out of the seats! The ride was nothing short of amazing... Well it was about 1:30 when we got off Nitro, so we went on Skull Mountian before lunch... For an Intamin Skull Mountian sucks! They should retheme it to maybe 70's Disco Mountian, that might make it fun! The line was only 5 minutes so I couldn"t complain. We wanted to go to Jonny Rockets for lunch but the line was out of hand. So we went to Ted's Cheese steaks, they were good but at 7 bucks a pop it was meh at best. After lunch we decided to ride Kingda Ka. We saw it running all day with no problems. However I did notice the green train sitting on the storage track was missing seats... I wonder what happened??? Well the ride was fun I took my friends cousin on her first ride! We got left Kingda Ka and went to Chiller, however its lacking load time some being 5 minutes, we didn't ride. My friends rode the Musik Express and we headed home. Bad day at the park possibly the worst I've had but whatever I live 20 to 30 minutes away! Positive things i noticed today... 1. Black Beards Lost Treasure Train Take 2 circuits! 2. Staff insanely friendly. 3. Rolling Thunder Racing All 4 Trains! 4. Eruption is back in action! 5. Nitro's 3rd. Train is running! Yea thats about it thanks for reading!
  19. Kristen at her youn age already knows that Intamins are GOD!!! She must have gotten that trait from mommy... Great video shes so damn cute have fun hope to see more!!!
  20. well KK wont open just cause of the wind... Nitro and ET may close depending on how hard it rains, you know what i mean??? if its a half inch all day prolly not... But if its a half inch an hour i wouldnt bother going... but nitro is usually open... same with et hit the ones you wanna get done FIRST.. otherwise ull wait forever!!!
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