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  1. it depends on how bad it actually rains... If it pours all rides will be closed... Regular amount of rain usually all the beemers are open and lite rains only kingda ka closes... But tht was how they did it last year!!! So i dunno if they changed anything... but dont plan on getting everything done!!!
  2. I was looking online, when I come across a wooden roller coaster for sale. When i clicked the link I saw it was Hurricane at Myrtle Beach! I thought they tore that thing down? Well for 300K you can have a CCI woodie! Heres the link:http://www.rides4u.com/index.php/rides/results/cat/1/order_by/ride_name/sort/asc/off/10 I used the search and nothing came up however if this has already come up feel free to lock it!!!
  3. What about when they were getting pulled back in the station and the ride op said how was you ride??? that was great... so was the rock paper scissor too!!!
  4. Mike nice report... WTF was with your face in the very last picture??? Glad you guys had a good time!!! Keep posting them... Jay "wish i could have gone there while i was in orlando" Hill
  5. What a fun freakin' night!!! cant wait till the next group trip!!!
  6. Thank You ROBB!!! Someone needed to say it!!! I agree 100%... My home park is GADV and i LOVE the 3 Intamins We have 2 being awesome, and one skull mountian...nuff said!!! El Toro has great reliablity now that they got alot of the bugs out and they can accutually use 2 trains and not stack!!! So dont go bashing Intamin because they make intense rides!!!
  7. And now what you've all been waiting for.... My 2006 Mini Cooper S!!! These are pictures of "MINI" After her bath... Yes her name is MINI I know im so orignal... mini butt.bmp Nice a$$!!! side view.bmp Heres the whole me... Cause the big man didn't f up the picture this time!!! rimmys.bmp I got some nice shoes what do you think... ram air.bmp FEED ME!!! FEED ME!!! Yes i would like a number 5 with a side of air please!!! interior.bmp My insides... Cool HUH??? half assed rear view.bmp Cause I'm really good at picture taking thats why the right half is missing... coopers.bmp As a matter of fact im an S... YES!!! front.bmp Hey look at me I'm a MINI...
  8. Just thought id post that i got my mini last week!!!
  9. I was right behind you in line for el toro i was talking to stew!!! small world!!! It was great that the day turned out nice!!! hope to see you again!!!
  10. very nice but arent all the support supposed to be silver???
  11. Ummmm and another 4000 feet of track to kingda ka its cool to be the tallest and fastest but the ride is to damn short!!!
  12. well its still suprising for a six flags coaster
  13. HOLY CRAP (sorry for all caps but its needed read on) Is that a six flags coaster because i see an train on the lift and one waiting at the bottom to go up the lift??? OMG i just crapped my pants!!! hopefully it stays like that!!! look cool i wish GADV has one cause we dont have much for the 8 to 10 yr old class!!!
  14. Robb come on you had to go there with the NJ cracks RIGHT??? LOL just kidding looks like you guys had a blast!!! Elissa you are a freaking tropper!!! So Yea.......
  15. ^ My thought exactly!!! Intamin Woodie trains are nice they are soooo comfortable!!!
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