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  1. it looks like pleather (fake leather)... Dainan just remember GADV opens in a few weeks... the you get TORO!!!
  2. mine is the Obnoxious Purple NEXT!!! 2008_track_tennis_598_254_138_136_902_228_198.nltrack
  3. mine is the Obnoxious Purple 2008_track_tennis_598_254_138_136_902_228_198.nltrack
  4. i love the Safari!!! It totally ROCKS!!! I can get the lions to chase my car... obviously behind a fence... ill spend like 45 minutes just there lol!!! cant wait...26 days!!!
  5. Happy Birthday Kristen... god i cant belive its been 1 year already!!!
  6. Dubai = Tons of income to the Six Flags Chain! More money will yeild more rides across the board!
  7. I think the hottest i remember of the trip was getting off the bus at beech bend!!!
  8. ooohh is this gonna inspire me to do one too??? Great job jahan cant wait to see the rest!!
  9. From the time Mark took over the company I said he knew what he was doing... and im glad to see how much he cares... The complete turnaround great adventure made is insane... Im looking forward to what he is gonna do with the rest of the company! Its great to hear that hes taking out the problematic rides and putting in new ones, and not wasting time and money on old outdated rides... The family is possibly the best market out there... its good to see them tapping into it hopefully he stays true to his word... I'd personally love to see a Six Flags park take 1st. in the Golden Tickets and knock down Cedar Point! Great interview!!!
  10. Im not retarded enough to eat a spoon full of cinnamon! not to mention id die of heartburn!!!
  11. ^ You would fail at such a simple task NICK!!! LMAO
  12. Dainan thanks for myspacing that i got to dvr it! i wanted to go real bad but i had to work!
  13. i havent done them yet lol thank you!!! this is my first all frehand coaster! thats alot of coastetr to support!!!
  14. I'll post some pics up soon!!! All track work is done... now it need extensive smoothing and supports... I however am way to impatient to do all the smoothing myself... Anyone wanna help??? I will have it up soon!!! untitled.bmp Purple Haze.nltrack
  15. ^^ I'm the new RINGMAN for that harem! lol! Dude I LOVE reading midwest TRs... keep it going Carl.... Oh and for you first day of school thing... SKIP IT! they never do anything important on the first day!!!
  16. Tomi I deff. Rained like 6 times that day! I was in line for Maverick the ENTIRE time!!! Cedar Point high five ::UFFF::
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