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  1. @ GAdv Im sooooooooooooo suprised that their operations were so bad! This year has been amasing with the park ops! Not as you describe tho! Hopefully they will shape up for Saturday!
  2. Lets just say your rear end doesn't touch the seat till the bottom of the first drop and the air hills are insane!
  3. Awesome Trip Report! Glad you had a blast! One thing tho, I loved Maverick in the front but IMO the back is where its at!
  4. My Boss and his wife my other boss, Are very giving and they mainly know that I don't wanna put massive amounts of miles on my car orking with them. Mainly cause of parts runs. So hes buying me the Z3 so My MINI can have a break! Also so he can do some stuff to her! Plus I've ALWAYS wanted a Z3 and one of our customers is selling it cheap. So he said hed buy it for me! Not to mention the fact that I keep his show cars in pristine visual condition for his car shows! So hes doing it as a Thank You too!
  5. Yea I know lol! I wouldnt want a car that fast, mainly cause I would get my self in massive amounts of trouble, Jersey insurance rates are insane too! Both my brothers have Nissans, they beat them to death and the hold up very well! I'm impressed with them. But I have a soft spot! My boss is in the process of buying me a Z3 my favorite BMW of all time!
  6. If I were to ever buy one. Which I wouldn't I'm a BMW fan. But I would strip off the gorgeious badge and find a Skyline Badge! I think they are georgious cars and I couldn't wait for the to come here to show the other manufacturers what a Supercar really is! Esp. since they are under 100k and spank the 08 Z06 Vette and the Porshe 911 Turbo! I saw one at the NYIAS and I was in awe! I cant wait to see one driving around!
  7. That would have sucked if it hit you... Altho I probably would have laughed at your mis fortune!
  8. Cedar Point- Not Running Coasters in the rain! SFGAAdv- Wheres the flats?
  9. PS: Car dealers are not permitted to be open on Sunday in Illinois either - it really blows, and no-one has ever been able to tell me why. Seems quite moronic. I personally love it! dealers here are open till 930 pm M-F and till 10 during the summer on Saturdays! Sundays are great days to go and look so you don't have to deal with a salesman breathing down your back. So for me its more relaxing!
  10. Sunday? Your dealerships are open then? I guess its another Jersey thing. Wes love the new wheels, i'm very impressed with Honda's "new" lineup. Alot of very cool and interesting new cars! Of course i didn't know the Civic came in a Hybrid! Everyone here buys the SI! the whole fuel efficiency thing hasn't hit yet! I've seen a whole but of new Mustang GTs, and lots of Evos and Stis... Very spiffy car Wes. I wish you the best of luck! ~Jay
  11. GASP! Actually...no I do have Chiller pieces though I know! just bustin ya!
  12. ^ I knew it! Thats why Ka had its big breakdown. The bolt didn't shear off, Dainan STOLE it!
  13. Was he the first M salesman at that dealership? If the dealership has an M certified salesperson, the course is i think 2 weeks... But for a dealership that doesent have any M certs it takes a very long time! Im just doing some pulley reductions inloo of buying a new supercharger!
  14. German cars are great. They are just VERY expensive to maintain! As long as you can afford the maintainance you will have a lovely time with a German car.
  15. Not in ANY way! They are amasing. Im looking into doing BMW sales around my area. But the dealership doesent have M certified Sales and Service people, so for right now they dont sell them. I talked to the showroom Manager there, and they wanna start selling them, but non of their sales people will leave for the 2 year course! So i opted when the economy picks back up to go to doing BMW M only sales. 10% commission and you deal with people that have an @$$ load of money to spend! BTW. DINAN Kit for my car $5287.60 without installation of course! for 25HP. Im almost out of warranty anyay so i wouldnt spend the money! There are a million other MINI tuning companies to buy stuff from! I do have my heart set on the Getrag AWD system tho!
  16. I'm not to sold on the looks of the new one series either. Also the price. Why buy a one series when I can get a 3 series for like 5k more! Joe. Remember thats handling remark is coming from a guys who only drives a MINI and for year at that point. so I'm basing my opinion on that! and the 10k will never get me 350hp I'm looking about 250-275 for the 10k. the 350 is astronomical. Thats when I trade of Tempest to my boss and get another MINI, and let him have his fun with it! More HP more after market HP more chances of something failing. As anyone knows that had a BMW they aren't cheap to repair!
  17. Im gonna be autocrossing it in the future!!! Planning ahead... My boss is then gonna buy me a new Mini S Convertible and take Tempest off my hands So even if the S--t hits the fan... I got a new one to fall back on!!! Im a MINI nut always have been always will be... Ive driven the M3 and M5 coupes they are 10 fold faster then my car... but their handling is horrible... and very expensive to sure up!!! Something about the MINI just keeps me to it... In my mind on an 06 spending 10k in upgrades is worth it... it will be faster then the 1 and 3 series... and with all the upgrades ive still spent less!!! I paid a mere 19,500 for tempest add 10k worth of mods thats only 29,500 a one series starts in the mid to hig 30s
  18. IMO STIs and EVOs are run of the mill... i dont want something that i bought off the floor and to do more to it will cost a fortune!!! Mine for 205 hp will cost a mere $1000 Installed!!! Free software which is the most expensive part... that alone boosts HP to 200 and torque to 201 ft lbs. Besides my MINI turns heads with look not with a loud obnoxious coffee can exhaust... Besides if you love your car (as much as I do) you dont mind dropping the money!!!
  19. I work for a German Import shop, so not only do I get the parts cheaper then anywhere else will I also pay NOTHING to have it installed! When my boss is done with my car he will have done a stage 1 250hp upgrade, then a stage 2 310hp upgrade, and finally stage 3 375hp upgrade. Stage one is the cheapest, obviously. First thing I want to get rid of the automatic transmission!!! But I'm doing power mods before I do the AWD system. For the record NJ has some SWEET back-roads. I hang out A LOT with my MINI Group out in PA, so the AWD will come into play during the winter rally's! Thanks for the concern, but Ive got all bases covered! She'll be running low 13's to high 12 1/4 miles times! ADMIN EDIT: I went through and edited this for you. You've been here long enough to understand that every sentence does not need a ton of "!!!" at the end of it. It just makes posts easier to read, you know? Thanks - Colin
  20. I'm currently looking at a new active AWD system by Getrag! I have to look at cost first!
  21. My MINI would SMOKE that srt4 Mine runs 7.45 in the 1/8 mile... Anyways new pics of TEMPEST!!! She got new Hyper Blue S's Blacked Out Side Indicators and Angel Eyes!!! She is also gonna be getting new Bonnet and Boot Stripes in a few days!!! Stripes will be custom made and i will let everyone know what they look like when they are done!!! MINI!!! MY LOVE I Angel Eyes!!! SOOOO much better! YAY no more RED!
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