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  1. More Tornado photos please!!! Me loves sexy Intamins!!!
  2. I predict a huge influx of large coasters over the next few years in CF parks... Mainly I think they now realize that CP can't be the only main receiver in the company... Also that the only way to make money is boost attendence!
  3. YAY! updates! currently cant wait for the Deep South... Thanks Robb for posting these!
  4. Ok I'm kinda at a loss on my coaster with a few things... The turnaround off the mid course, and the supports.... anyone wanna help me? Purple Haze.nltrack
  5. Yea that fan is a big ass fan... the companies name really is bigassfans.com I want to make it out and give the new midwest rides a go... looks like you had a blast!
  6. Guys that was awesome! I loved it! The true essence of what TPR is! So whens the next movie?
  7. Awesome pics! looks like you had a great time! I heard the Kawasemi was awesome too!
  8. Hanno those are awesome as usual... i cant wait till i get out there!
  9. Nice... I moved to georgia in January so GAdv is no longer my home park! Did nitro really valley?
  10. Nice pics Josh... I wish I could have been there! Hows Toro this year?
  11. Well MINI is the Premium Small car... The new models are INSANELY Expensive... The John Cooper Works Convertible will be starting at $35K But I remember one thing... Im driving a "BMW"...
  12. I disagree and Agree on your Smart comment... I disagree: Cause I love the look its nifty! They arent supposed to be sporty! Its uber funky! I Agree: Cause I HAVE driven one, and the Trans is Terrible... and its to top heavy! I love the new small cars... However I really Dislike the 07 and on MINI Hardtops and the Clubman However the new MINI Vert is DEAD sexy! They 02 to 06 Hardtop and 04 to 08 Verts are the best MINI body style! Here is the New MINI Cooper Convertible S http://vimeo.com/2818909?pg=embed&sec=2818909
  13. ^^ That was funny... Im glad to hear Mr. Six is coming back, I loved the commercials. The more flags more fun guy isn't that great! To me say fun don't show fun. Where Mr. Six an 80 year old dude busts a move to Vengaboys, thats fun!
  14. Hey Title Fairy, Can I have my title changed to: Resident MINI Enthusiast Thanks!
  15. Sweet car Ryan I hope all goes well with it! The DeLorean Is an Icon... there for it will always be around, Tho im still shocked to see that there is still a DMC and they are working on the cars, thats freakin sweet! like the Camaro in Transformers, the MINIs in the Italian Job, and the DeLorean in Back to the Future. Movies create a buzz around some cars and its great to see you own and are restoring such an awesome one!
  16. They are doing what they should have done a long time ago and CLOSE it?!?! Just a suggestion...
  17. Or why not merge the 2 of them and call it COASTER TV?
  18. Im 170 lbs and 34" waist and i find the ptcs to fit like a glove! altho you feel the train flexing! My favorite woodie trains are Intamins for the prefab jobs (El Toro, Balder), after those i would say the MF trains are the best for a standard woodie!
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