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  1. Boulderdash... Built by CCI made better by GCI! Great trip report, Compounce was one of my favorite parks of the East Coast Tour and Boulder Dash is my new #1 Woodie!
  2. Nice PTR Ben, cant wait to see the rest... That kinda makes me wish i did the Addon!
  3. Awesome PTR guys! I sooo hppy someone got the water coaster evac! Our raft was nearly deflated ha;f way thru!
  4. SOOOO close now! I CANT WAIT! have fun dudes and dudettes and see yall in 3 days!
  5. Yes it was an awesome day an it was great hanging out with you! See ya on the Pregame and the ECT!
  6. I was talking to an Ex ride op of IB, who I met on the Midwest Tour last year. She had no idea they were building it lol, she also told me shes gonna ride it for me in the comming future and tall me how it is! If i wasn't doing the East Coast Tour this year, Id be right back at IB riding this badboy!
  7. Coaster Joe's Opinion is not gonna be biased at all... remember he works for GCI not S&S... anyways... SH looks awesome. Im so sad I didn't get to ride it during the midwest tour! But another excuse to go back to the amasing park that is IB!
  8. That is Horrible. Those poor kids don't even have a real bed! I can't belive a park as large as King's Island doesn't have housing on site! I hope things get better for them!
  9. WOW! That is the most insane knex creation i think i've ever seen! Great work! can't wait to see more
  10. Awesome PTR! I cant wait to go overseas to visit these parks!
  11. Its not really in the stomach... Most get turned away cause the have massive thighs! So if you dont have massive thighs, and you dont have a very large stomach your in good shape! This year they havent really stapled me. my one ride op friend did it on purpose once! then he made up for it!
  12. No way dude! She loves you guys! I cant wait to see you guys again! and Tonya needs to get on here!
  13. I called a few days before about coaster celebration, and they called me today, and offered me 4 comp tickets for my inconvenience! Sure you can have yours!
  14. HAHA Derry... I had a blast with you guys! Tonya and Rich you guys are awesome. Derry of course i always have a blast with you! I'll be heading up to SFNE again soon! oh and just so you know i got 4 comp. tickets for GADV because of you guys! Anyways hope to see you guys again soon! PS Rich what is with the "So Totally" are you from the valley or something? LOL
  15. Just like watching the DVD, So MANY memories cam rushing back to me! I really cannot wait for the East Coast Tour! R&E your trips are what life is all about! Waking up EVERY morning to coasters, and crazy antics with the 100 other people! Its memories like these that will keep me coming back on your tours forever! I couldn't think of doing anything else with my money!
  16. At least you had the flashpass on the bad day! Im glad they shaped up yesterday!
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