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  1. This spinning dop tower as you call it is indeed Vertigo! And thanks for all the great reactions! I'm glad you guys like it !
  2. Howdy folks (OMG I sound like a Big Thunder spiel)! It has been a while since I last posted here. But lately I get the feeling that I'm missing lots of cool theme park discussions. So here I'm again! Ready for themepark info and random crazyness! And to start my comeback I would like to share my Coaster Odyssey 2007 with you. Each year I make a video of all the parks and coasters I visited. It doesn't feature super American scream machines, but still I hope you guys will enjoy this video featuring some cool (underdog) European coasters! CHECK IT OUT --> RIGHT HERE!!
  3. I recieved mine yesterday! And I live in Belgium (way closer to the US than Bremen and Hamburg ). So you see Sören, it has nothing to do with distance! It shouldn't take to long now though... Great DVD by the way! I love it ! Thanks Robb and Elissa!
  4. Alright! 3rd place in the viewer choice pics ! That makes me feel good ! Oh, by the way, it's Thibault and not Thubault ! Thanks to everyone who thought my video was cool and thank you TPR for organizing this great contest!
  5. Cool report! If I didn't have stupid exams right now I would've come to! Great to see that you enjoyed Walibi ! Can't wait to read your next report! Have fun at Bobbejaanland tomorrow!
  6. I loved the Sea World video ! But how about that waterride completely made by the park... I mean, here in Europe (in Movie Park Germany) we have the exact same waterride (even the same indoor theming as I saw on the video)! Click By the way, how is song called that is used in the Sea World vid?
  7. Check out this "Wave Swinger" ! It works like a normal one when it comes to saftey bars! I think this ride must be very cool, but I also believe that it gives you an unsafe feeling
  8. It looks better indeed! When I was there last year I talked to park manager Gary Hays and I told him the site could really use some improvements! Right now it looks better, but there is indeed a lack of photo's...
  9. Whoohoo! Those are all really cool video's! I'm already looking forward to the next week(s) !
  10. The one called "FUN" featuring Six Flags Belgium, Europa Park and Bobbejaanland !
  11. Hey Robb and Elissa, Did you already recieve my video? I sendet it about two weeks ago, and normally it should be there...
  12. My video is on its way to California ! It should be there in about a week (I sended it with "prior")!
  13. In Belgium we've got a Delrium too (only it's called Sledgehammer (Bobbejaanland))! It is a very fun ride, but indeed not very thrilling... I expect the same for El Volador, but hey... I sure want to give it a try !
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