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  1. Hydra no-doubt the best pre-lift in the world.
  2. That is not official yet. No one knows for sure. After all the press said that. They also said it would have 3 loops!
  3. Probably Morey's Piers as my family has been going there since I was born because we have a condo in Wildwood. I would say about 50 plus times. Behind that would have to be Great Adventure at 30 plus times.
  4. Wow, what you said right there just made my day. This coaster should be amazing.
  5. Oh dear Title Fairy. Please surprise me with a custom one! I don't like my current one on account of I haven't even been on the Voyage! Thanks! -Gaven.
  6. No, standard B&M hyper trains have nine rows. Plus, the pictures confirm Behemoth-style seating. Correction: Apollo's Chariot has 9 rows..... ...That's what he said.
  7. First off Hershey already has a water coaster. They wouldn't need another. Also, I'm pretty sure this is Herhsey's first wave pool. I don't think they've ever had one before. Correct me if I'm wrong. Also, I personally think this Wave Pool is a good addition to the Boardwalk. If anyone has ever been in the Boardwalk in late July - August, that place IS PACKED. There is barely room to walk. So hopefully this is a place where the huge Boardwalk crowds can filter into. -Gaven.
  8. This is a genius idea! Type of logo : Avatar Type of font : any Colors : any Theme : Kings Island (could you make the Beast, SoB, and A teaser sign for thier new hyper included?) Extras : none Anything else : Vice and one more please! type of logo : Signature type of font : any colors : all different colors, with a black background. theme : I want different coaster logos : El Toro, Magnum XL 200, and Fahrenheit. Extras : none Anything else : Vice thank you! EDIT : I see that your shop is closed! Sorry!
  9. Wow, this thing goes far into the woods! It's huge! I cannot wait for the official announcement from KI! Also, I wonder how those Behemoth style trains are. Can anyone give me some info? -Gaven.
  10. Looking at the layout, 4200 is defiantly wrong, but I wouldn't mind it being that short if it was Goliath at SFOG like!
  11. El Toro Sunday. The park was DEAD. Every coaster had walk-ons except for Dark Knight, and S:UF, where the waits where 15 minutes or under.
  12. But seriously, the press better be seeing 3 helices, not loops. Well, only time will tell. -Gaven
  13. I said this in JZ's thread but I will say it again. Steel Phantom 2.0?!?!?!?
  14. Um, what? Maybe what the press sees is turns or a helix(s), and they're calling them loops. But if they are indeed loops, why?!? -Gaven
  15. Too many dive loops and immelmans!! This coaster looks really neat. It's actually spread out unlike all of the other Gerstlaurer Eurofighters. Also, that cutback at the end of the ride reminds me of a certain Arrow coaster. You all know what I'm talking about. -Gaven
  16. 1. Mack basically owns Europa Park, so most likely their new coaster will be a Mack. 2. Arrow went bankrupt years ago. -Gaven
  17. 1. Magnum XL 200 2. El Toro 3. Maverick 4. Fahrenheit 5. Nitro 6. Incredible Hulk Coaster 7. Millennium Force 8. Storm Runner 9. Top Thrill Dragster 10. Fire Dragon
  18. Looks like a fun little ride. I hope its not as bad as people think it is!
  19. Ok, this new coaster is really getting me excited. I hope my plans for going to King's Island next summer do not fall through!!
  20. Wow, this hasn't been a good month for the Amusement Park business. But seriously, neck injuries and "dangling and being smashed"? Give me a break.
  21. Name : Irreville Album : Nothing Behind the Geometry Album Cover :
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