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  1. Does anyone know the status of the show they are producing for the Food Channel? ron "Just wondering and hungry" patton
  2. And how is this different than any Vekoma? Slamming your head into the cement on this thing couldn't be any worse than the backwards trip on a Boomerang. Ron "I hate the offseason. I'd even ride a headsmasher right now if I could." Patton
  3. Happy Birthday. Thanks for everything you do.
  4. How about the next retheming they do could be "Motown Space Mountian"? It would be so easy for them. All they would have to do is replace The Chili Peppers version of Higher Ground with Stevie Wonders, and get Wolfman Jack to do the DJ part. Ron "They could do a different type of music every 4 months" Patton
  5. IMO cigarette butts are a huge problem in the parks. It bugs me like nothing else to see someone just flip their cigarette wherever they are. I am a smoker and if I cannot find an ashtray then I don't smoke until I do. It's not that hard to do. But you get people that don't care about the parks condition. They think, "I paid my $$$, I'll do as I please." Ron "Our new Governor wants to add a $1 per pack tax increase and I hope he does. It may be the last incentive I need to quit!" Patton
  6. Don't give them any ideas like that. Somebody at Disney did ok this project. What could be next after that, The Freaky Goth Mansion? Don't forget they are changing Tom Sawyers Island as well. Ron "As long as they keep it all in California" Patton
  7. I think the title of the thread says it all: Rockin Space Mountain...Um Yeah. Ron "Can't wait until they come out with Redneck Country Space Mountain" Patton
  8. Absolutely YES. Are you now a Boise State fan? Ron "I still can't believe that whole game happened" Patton
  9. You are bored out of your mind because there have only been 3 post in the last hour or so. ron "Please spring, get here fast" patton
  10. I'd even chip in a few of my b-days and Xmas' if it would help. ron "Yes, my first shot at Barry" Patton
  11. Orient Express was a great coaster in its hayday. It definately did not suck. But the last few years it did deteriorate to an completely miserable painful ride. I am one of the ones that was sad to see it go because of the great memories of a great coaster, and the fact that it left Boomerang as the only looper in the park. I agree that SD and Patriot were great additions to the park. WOF really seemed to have a problem with maintaining Orient Express and Timberwolf. Hopefully this is something Cedar Fair can correct. How about if they do the same thing to Timberwolf that they did with Orient Express. Tear it down and build a better one. Hmmmm, Intamin Prefab? ron "I know, no Intamin. But a guy can dream can't he?" Patton
  12. ^It wouldn't work for the larger parks, but at my home park Adventureland they started hiring more retirees than teenagers a few years back. It has made a huge difference in the atmosphere in the park. The retirees actually care about their job, and therefore the guests experience, and make a day in the park so much more fun than it used to be. ron "Make the minumum age 60" patton
  13. Added to the list for Six Flags parks is: -be able to run ride while texting on your cell phone.
  14. Or they could melt down SFNO's B:TR and turn in into B&M cans for all of their parks. I can see the press release now: In an effort to please coaster enthusiast everywhere, Mark Shapiro has decided that all Six Flags Properties will recieve at least 3 new B&M's each. All of this with no additional increases in ticket prices! Join us in 2007 as we celebrate the year of B&M. rbpia "Ya know, not such a bad idea. Would probably clean the parks up quite a bit"
  15. As someone that NEVER goes to movies the trailer really peaked my interest. As of now I have to say Hell Yeah. But then I saw Elissa post about Die Hard 4 being released the same day. Dang, thats a tough decision. Ron "The wife always wants me to go to a movie with her and I say no. How much ya wanna bet she wont ask about either of these" Patton
  16. Dear DegoRed, Just cut the damn thing down and replace it with a trashcan. Best Wishes, Dick Kinzel Looks great, now I have to go search for the video from last year. rbpia
  17. After they pay Shapiro's bonus. That leaves about $2.37 for maintenance. rbpia
  18. Congrats, hope everything went your way. ron "Divorced once, twice if number 2 pisses me off again "
  19. After seeing what the Army did for Bill Murray in Stripes, Ryan thinks that maybe the National Gaurd could be the positive direction he is looking for in his life. Ya right, who am I kidding. rbpia
  20. Did anyone else notice this picture: "...to cause birth?" Robb are you sure you're the father of Kidtums, or could it be the immaculate Magic Mountain baby?
  21. Here is another clip from Tom Wilson, "The Daughter Song" Robb, this ones for you, in about 16 years. Me in about 2 years. rbpia "God don't let her bring home anyone like I was at that age"
  22. ^I don't think I would trust my kids with Mark Shapiro himself let alone an hourly Six Flags employee. If they brought in Supernanny I might consider it. But it's Six Flags, that would cost $125 an hour. rbpia
  23. Time to lighten up this thread. Was that Ryan on the TV show Las Vegas tonight? There was a 17 year old on a high school trip to Vegas who started pimping out women in his hotel room at the Montecito. He kept "pounding" Mike the security guy. I couldn't stop laughing. rbpia "It'll be on in 2 hours for all you westcoasters, you've got to watch!"
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