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  1. Thanks for sharing your amazing collection! The best part of the Raptor video has to be at the beginning when Cedar Point cuts down a tree! I can only hope that they didn't make a habit out of that. CP would not look as cool if they cut down a lot of trees and replaced them with more coasters. Ron "But it would be ok if they replaced them with trashcans" Patton
  2. I'm in, and prepared to take the lead in the 2nd round and drop towards the bottom in the 4th. Just like last year! Good luck everyone.
  3. I may burn, but this actually made me laugh:
  4. Here is how we started our whirlwind Vegas wedding: 6PM - Arrive at hotel and change clothes. 6:45 - Go to wedding chapel, take their limo to courthouse, married by 7:45. 8:00 - Go to bungee tower next to Circus Circus and tell the Mrs. "I married you how dangerous can this be!" 8 - 8:20 - Get smacked by the Mrs. until it was time to jump. 8:30 - BUNGEEEE Ron "What do you think my highlight of the night was?" Patton
  5. I'm calling BS on this one. There are trees all over, and there are no trash cans anywhere! Ron "Franklin Mint would have done better" Patton
  6. If you want info on Adventureland check this thread: www.themeparkreview.com/forum/viewtopic.php?t=35949&highlight=adventureland Ron "One of these days Robb will post the videos from Adventureland "Patton
  7. You are very welcome. Keep it up, you're doing great. Ron "You've almost inspired me to give up Mountain Dew, and then cigarettes!" Patton
  8. Great job so far Robb! I need to do this as well. Then I need to quit smoking and not put the weight back on. I am about to quit drinking pop to get myself started. Which flavors of the Crystal Light packets do you like? Ron "I'm gonna miss my Mountain Dew" Patton
  9. BarryH posted in too many Kidtums threads. Now he lies here dead. Ron "Love this thread, Good one Barry!" Patton
  10. I went to Disneyland back in 1982 for a family trip. Wow, 25 years ago, damn I'm getting old. However, since I am the one that now gets to pick, it's WDW every time. Maybe in a couple years I'll venture west again. Ron "Maybe when DCA improvements are done!" Patton
  11. Now I suppose they wont be getting the rumored drop coaster. They'll have to spend all that money fixing everything that OSHA found wrong. As far as it being one of the better run SF parks, most of these violations were backstage where the public was not in any danger. Ron "Tear down Deja Vu and build an OSHA office right in the middle of the park" Patton
  12. I think floorless are great in the front. But they lose the effect in any other row. Ron "Front row or don't go!" Patton
  13. Congrats Pete. I am very excited for you and your wife. You will be in my prayers. Ron "Enjoy the silence now, they only get louder as they grow up!" Patton
  14. That needs to go in the TPR Dictionary/Encyclopedia to define fanboy. I wonder what the odds are that CP's new hole in the ground will win next year? Ron "Loves to go to CP, but it's not even close to the best park" Patton
  15. Great job Flipdude! That is an amazing tribute. Ron Patton
  16. Wow, what a shock!. My thoughts and prayers to his family and friends. I always enjoyed his post He was one of the people that you noticed because his post were well thought out, knowledgeable, and/or funny. Enjoy the in . RIP Wes, can you put a link on the front page when you get Paypal set up?
  17. I think he is right about Cedar Point. I bet they will make the big announcement when the TPR crew arrives next week. I have a vision of Dick Kinzel, Tony, and Tyler doing a special Broadway like musical announcement ending with Elissa on top of a scale model of the 500 foot aquatrax! Ron "Can't wait to see what Wes has to say when he closes this thread!" Patton
  18. I voted yes, I think golf is what it's called when you drink a beer and chase a little white ball all over a place with a lot a grass to mow. I think that your golf score should be more relative to the number of beers you consume per round instead of number of hits. My grandparents actually built a course 43 years ago. It is still run by my family today. http://www.golfthills.com/ I've always said the golf gene skips generations. My dad was a good golfer, I suck, so my kids should go pro. Ron "Usually between 39-44 per 9 holes" Patton
  19. Just the other day I saw Aquatrax track heading along I-80 towards Cedar Point! Ron "Project 2008 is definitely an Aquatrax" Patton
  20. In related news, Cedar Fair has now closed all of their parking lots until the official investigation has been completed. Ron "It was the parks fault!" Patton
  21. Great updates so far! Let Lou know that her boob's beat out the Hoffman girls butt in the "Would you rather _____ or _____?" thread. Ron "It was only one vote, I think we should start a poll!" Patton
  22. Does anyone know if Johnny moved from California to New York after the Kidtums incident? Ron "Thoughts and Prayers to her family" Patton
  23. I think there should be a new forum for all of the locked threads to be moved to. Then there could be contest for all of the mods for the best thread closure. Ron "Never mind, Wes would win them all" Patton
  24. How many miles do you think Kidtums stroller has on in already? Ron "You need to put an odometer on that thing" Patton
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