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  1. When did they move Kinda Ka across country? Edit- This just made me think of something. With Six Flags out of the BIG coaster business for the time being, would it make good business sense CP to reclaim the records in 2008? -rbpia sorry for getting all the fanboys excited
  2. I think Maverick does look like a great all around coaster. I can't wait to see how the "theming" turns out. If Magnum is Maggie, and Millenium Force is Millie, what is Maverick? How about Mavis? -rbpia I hope OnPoint has a contest for trash can placement!
  3. When is the official Maverick announcement? Its not on the "new" calendar and I cant find it anywhere on TPR. rbpia I hope I don't miss it.
  4. Wouldn't it be impossible to add LSM's in between all the trim brakes? rbpia T-Minus about 12 hours until this thread finally ends! Although I'm kinda sad, because it has been hilarious.
  5. Huh? What are you talking about? Religion? This is a discussion of CP07, not faith. Where did religion get put into this?! Let's get back on TRAX here people! Amazing Trax, How sweet the the mod, that killed a thread like this. I once was on topic, but now I'm lost. I once could see, but I went blind, somewhere around page 243. RBPIA "We can all sing along in 1 day" -I wonder if they will use Holy aqua for the trax?
  6. Can we have awards for Wes' 10 favorite post from the (hmmm 2 more days till it dies) 472 pages of post? 1st place = Lifetime Ban 2nd - 10th = Ban until CP OPENS their next coaster after Maverick RBPIA "can we make it 1 day and x hours until it dies"
  7. Dont give the junior high fanboys any ideas. They are all going to get home from school today and start up the pointless posts again. Only now they will have a countown until they top the Tatsu thread. RBPIA Close the thread now!
  8. You forgot the trashcans, 100's of trashcans. Ron "Hey where can I get rid of my trash" P.
  9. I usually go to Six Flags Great America about 8 times a year, Cedar Point at least once if not twice, and Worlds of Fun at least once. Every 2nd year I usually go to Orlando. Oh ya, my home park Adventureland 2 or 3 times. This year has sucked!!! I have yet to ride a coaster. My dad was diagnosed with Lou Gehrigs Disease last October and we have been taking care of him. So I haven't been able to leave the state. There is a silver lining to all of this I guess. My coaster count stands at 99 and 100 would have been the Patriot. Now I have a convention to go to in Orlando in October so number 100 will be Expedition Everest. Which is extra special because my brother works there. Ron Thanks boss for 8 days in Orlando with only 8 hours of convention time!!!
  10. My favorite is Mama Melroses at Disney MGM. You also can't beat the Wine and Food Festival at EPCOT. So many different things to eat and drink. I just found out the boss is sending me to a convention in Orlando in October. Wine and Food festival 2 years in a row for me!!! Ron "Thanks boss for 8 days in Orlando with only 2 days of convention time"
  11. I can already see it on next years midwest trip. "Whoever can eat the most sliders, gets this great Theme Park Review T-shirt. Let the games begin!"
  12. Even better, there is a White Castle across the interstate!
  13. I'm 36. The first coaster I rode was the Super Screamer at Adventureland in Altoona, Iowa. They took it down in 1999, and I still miss this coaster. Someday I'll make it to Redlands, California so that I can ride it again!
  14. Great TR! Did you ride the Splash Over??? Haven't heard how this ride is yet. I'm going to try and go to A-land on Friday and the either Worlds of Fun or Great America on Saturday/Sunday. I'll do my 1st PTR when I get back.
  15. Waffles??? With the deep south updates hopefully tommorrow will be GRITS!!!
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