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  1. OMG yes! All the time I've been on this board and I've never, and I mean NEVER, seen WDW pics. Ron "Waiting, holding my breath in anticipation of the first ever WDW pics! Hold on, what is WDW?"
  2. http://www.cedarpoint.com/public/admission/season_passes/prices.cfm
  3. From OnPoint: If you are a Maxx Pass holder from another park other than C.P. can you buy an All-Ohio Parking Pass from C.P.? From Tony & Tyler: Brian, yes.
  4. Robb I can't believe you bought that for Kidtums!! Jesus is watching you spank your monkey
  5. Adventureland Animal Kingdom Cedar Point Disneyland Disney/MGM Studios Epcot Islands of Adventure Kentucky Kingdom Kings Island Magic Kingdom Riverview Six Flags Astroworld Six Flags Great America Six Flags Over Georgia Six Flags St. Louis Six Flags World of Adventure Stratosphere Universal Studios Florida Universal Studios Hollywood Worlds of Fun I must be forgetting some, it sure seems like it should be more. rbpia
  6. I found the perfect gift for Kidtums arrival! Jesus is watching you spank your monkey!
  7. You forgot none of the above. rbpia "Didn't like her in the 80's, don't like her now"
  8. I was tempted to vote for IOA/USF because the have one of the best ride collections in Florida, but there is something wrong with being able to do all of the main rides in both parks two or three times and be able to have lunch at Hard Rock Cafe/Margaritaville afterwards. So, I voted for EPCOT because I could spend an entire week there and never get bored. Rides all day and drunk around the world at night. It doesn't get any better that that. rbpia
  9. Looks like fun. Have a great week. What is the deal with the "almost" Spaceship Earth golfball looking thing by the basketball court. rbpia "Wow now I have to go on a cruise so I can get the 1st picture of Spaceship Earth without the annoying magic wand"
  10. Congrats R & E! If my 8 year old would have been a girl we were going to name her Emily Nicole. I just love that name. rbpia
  11. 4.313, not bad considering the only typing I do anymore is on TPR. 16.016 on the backwards one. rbpia
  12. You can bet I will, no trip to World Showcase can start without a margarita. rbpia
  13. Leave it to the Des Moines Register to do the really in depth investigative reporting. I feel much better knowing the the deer didn't crap anywhere in the store. rbpia "If it was K Mart the deer would have been mounted and had a button installed to make it tell hunting jokes" Buck the talking deer
  14. 2 years ago we were driving back from a weekend at Worlds of Fun in Kansas City. We were driving through an are where the radio was basically static or half static country music. We came across an accident that had happened about 5 - 10 minutes earlier that killed 2 people. One of whom was hanging halfway out of the minivan. Needless to say we were all quite freaked out and very quiet. About 5 minutes later the radio clears up and what do we hear - Another one bites the dust. I still can't stand to hear that song. My favorite Queen song would have to be One Vision. rbpia
  15. Space Mountain at WDW. rbpia "Orlando at the end of October, gotta love the 10 minute standby."
  16. What would hurt more, the sudden stop on that prototype or the normal headbanging on a real Arrow coaster? rbpia "Owwww my head
  17. I would change the "This ride will not open today sign" on - okay pick your Six Flags coaster. rbpia "3 years of season passes before I finally got 1 lap on Deja Vu' at SFGam"
  18. I had to vote for the inverts. Nobody else can make an invert like B&M. rbpia
  19. We all got the ears. Congrats DoubleOKevin, those Dream Fastpasses would be sweet. rbpia
  20. I'm thinkin Arby's. rbpia "200 bacon cheeseburgers = ACERS dream"
  21. rbpia


    Don't forget, if you want to be the next President of ACE you have to successfully take out hits on Kirsty Alley, Nicole Richie, and Carnie Wilson. Those 3 weight losing B**ches make the ACER's feel bad about their larger than normal backsides. rbpia "Wait, you mean if we stop at the East of Chicago buffet before we go into Cedar Point we have a better chance at a rollback on Dragster?"
  22. While in the library at "Good" Tower of Terror a couple of weeks ago we were picked for a prize in the Year of a Million Dreams. I thought it would be cool to see how many TPR members get chosen. If you get a dream post a picture of it here. rbpia "Getting the ears almost made up for missing Soren" Everyone in the library received "Dream Ears" How magical"
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