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  1. It's Tubthumping "Super special just for X" remix by Chumbawumba. Featuring all new lyrics: "I get broke down and I get fixed again. Shapiro can't keep me down. I get broke down, ahh screw it I'll be open again in 9 months." Ron "No one knows what it is, Wes will be locking this in 3,2,1" Patton
  2. Why would they do it on S:UF at SF Great America? If it was me I would demand Deja Vu! Ron "Then maybe I could get my second lap in 20 trips to the park!" Patton
  3. DVD orders? You mean people want their DVD's right away? Make them wait another month or two. Trip planning? Oh come on, how hard can it be to plan a trip for a group of people at multiple parks 1/2 way around the world? Snorkymm, I'm glad you had a good day at our little jewel of a park in Iowa. Ron "Don't make me start a 'Hey Robb Pictures!' thread" Patton
  4. I decided to take the kids to Adventureland on Memorial Day. For some reason they felt like I owed them a day there because I went without them when the Alvey's were here a couple weeks ago. We arrived at the park at 1 p.m. and spent the next 6 hours riding everything they wanted. The only lines in the park were for the Raging River and River Rapids Log Ride, and they were only about 10 - 15 minutes. Erich (age 9) rode The Tornado and Spaceshot for the first time. He is finally at that age where he will ride just about anything. Adventureland is a family owned park in Altoona, Iowa. It features "Over 100 rides, shows, and attractions!" There is something for all ages in the park. One of the greatest things about Adventureland is the employees. A few years ago they focused more on hiring seniors citizens instead of teenagers. The operations are second to none, dispatches are speedy, and the ride ops do more than just push a button and get back to text messaging. If the Golden Ticket Awards were not such a fanboy voting party Adventureland would be at or near the top for best employees every year. Because this is such a great park that not many of you have been to, here is a Photo TR of Adventureland from A to Z. If you would like to see more of the coasters look for Robbs trip report with on ride video coming soon! Underground - Indoor "coaster" Trash cans - Almost like Cedar Fair! Until you go back and look at all the trees in the pictures. (Wild West World may look this good in 40 years) Tornado - So much better after retracking! Tea Cups Splash Over Space Shot Sky Ride Silly Silo Sidewinder Sawmill Splash Round Up River Rapids Log Ride Red Baron Raging River Puff the Dragon Pig - Best concession stand ever! Outlaw Main Street Lighthouse Lady luck Lady Bugs Kiddy Cars Juggler - I taught myself to juggle when I worked there in the late 80's. It's good to see the tradition continues. Jack the Giraffe - Jack Krantz was the founder of Adventureland. This is a nice little tribute to him. Inverter Infant Ocean Himalaya Himalaya Giant Skywheel Galleon - Complete with Pirates of the Carribean sound effects! Yo ho, yo ho, a pirates life for me. G Force (Hi Lou!) G Force Frog Hopper Falling Star Dragon - O.D. Hopkins masterpiece! Robb, which brace position number is this? Donuts - Best food in the park. Dodge Em Dippin Dots - He had no idea what Cedar Points "Project2009" was. I'm supposed to check back next week. Der Flinger Convoy Chuck Wagon Carousel Bingo! No trip to Adventureland is complete without a game of Bingo. Balloon Race A - Train
  5. The Tornado at Adventureland in Altoona, Iowa. 5/28/2007 Ron "And no Robb, I did not ride The Dragon today!" Patton
  6. Great Pics. I especially love the maintenance man checking the wheels on The Dragon. Like I said in my trip report, there's bound to be a few wheels under there by the end of the season. It was nice to meet the two of you. Let me know if you are going to be coming back this way over the summer. Ron "I'm gonna have to ask if I can have a broken wheel!" Patton
  7. ^^Great photo Robb. Thanks for taking it, posting it, etc, Ahhh the memories of a great day at Adventureland. Ron "I expect a full PTR of Yetiball meets (mates) Pigball" Patton
  8. A free tshirt to the first 2500 riders per day! At Geauga Lake didn't it have a capacity between 500 - 600 per day total? Ron "Kings Island operations must be incredible compared to SFWOA/GL" Patton
  9. No, the Chik-fil-a guy told me Cedar Point is planning a 500 ft inverted aquatrax INTO Lake Erie for 2009. Ron "Chik-fil-a people know more than Dippin Dot people!" Patton
  10. What a great 1st ride! Although I still think the infant ocean would have been better. Have a great time. Ron "Can I have Kristens frequent flier miles?" Patton
  11. How about - Illuminations: Firebug Now with 10 fire barges! Ron "I love the fire barge" Patton
  12. Thanks Elissa and everyone. This weekend was a reminder to me as well at how great Adventureland is. The Krantz family has done an unbelievable job of making a beautiful, well run park, with some of the best employees in any park in the world. I plan on taking the kids within the next 2 weekends and doing a more thorough report on the amazing collection of flat rides in the park. Ron "You will have to come back when Kristen can ride the Infant Ocean" Patton
  13. It's this attitude that is the reason Six Flags is having financial troubles. I personally blame you for the $15 parking. Ron "Let's all buy a new bottle this year so parking will only go up to $17 next year!" Patton
  14. Adventureland is a great park. Robb said it actually kinda reminded him of Knotts Berry Farm before Cedar Fair took over. They have an amazing collection of flats and The Tornado and The Outlaw are good coasters. I plan on doing a more thorough PTR later in the season so you can see more of the park. Ron "As for the orgy, wow thats going to be a lot of flying fur " Patton
  15. You can probably imagine my surprise when I received an email from Robb about a TPR meet up at Adventureland in Altoona, Iowa. There was no way the Alveys were actually going to be coming to my home park. But sure enough a little after 11a.m. Robb, Elissa, and the most adorable Kidtums arrived at the entrance to The Outlaw. After the introductions I found out that Robb and Elissa had already filmed the Underground and the Tornado. It was now time to film the Outlaw, and Robb needed a "Production Assistant!" I'll let the pictures tell the rest of the story. Ron "It was a fun day, and it was great to meet you all" Patton EDIT - Fixed the order of the pictures. Sorry Lou, the Alveys come to Iowa and Yetiball gets a new friend. Thats all from me, I hope you have enjoyed. Watch for the Alvey's video and pics from this amazing little park in the middle of Iowa. Allow me to introduce you to TPR's newest mascot, PIGBALL! Elissa is a softball in the basket pro. Hey Robb, how many tries did it take her to make it? I'll never tell! I finally decided to get over my dislike of spinning rides and ride The Sidewinder. Ya know, those frisbees are a lot of fun! OOOOOH Scarrry bigheaded Robb! I think the mirrors in the exit are the best part of The Dragon. For those of you who wondered if Elissa ever lets Robb take care of Kidtums, here is your proof. Oh thankyou thankyou thankyou. I still can't believe we rode it 5 times in a row. After we were done Elissa went to ride. We warned her that there were 5 brace positions but she must have forgot about a couple of them by the look on her face. Notice the nut just laying on the floor. I wonder where that came from? By the end of the year there is bound to be a broken wheel or two down here. Here is the area underneath The Dragon. Notice the coffee cans full of nuts and bolts placed for quick repairs and minimal downtime. Six Flag's could learn something about efficiency from Adventureland. Brace positions 3, 4, and 5 in the Helixes of Death! Here we have the double loop. Notice how from the right angle they look like the McDonalds arches! The top of the lifthill, brace position number 2. Next we filmed The Dragon. Unfortunately we had to ride it too. The bunny hills on the way to the lifthill (through the trees). While turning from the bunny hills to the lifthill dont forget brace position number 1! Signature Robb after a water ride shot! I still can't believe Sawmill Splash actually soaked us. I have alway seen it as a Dan approved water ride. Here we have Robb filming The Outlaw from off the ride. I have a whole new appreciation for the work that goes into making the DVD's, and I haven't seen how much work goes into editing everything together. Am I the first to take a picture of Elissa and Kidtums from a brakerun? For all of you "Sticks and stones may break my bones, but lifthill chains excite me" people. Adventureland has a thing for bunny hills on the way to the lifthills. Notice Sawmill Splash in the background. More on that later! The Outlaw is my favorite of the 4 coasters at Adventureland. Who need a Maverick when you have an Outlaw. You would not believe the amount of duct tape that is needed to mount the camera. It was great fun to help out. You pass Robb tape, get in, make sure he doesn't sit on the battery pack;), and go crazy while enjoying the ride. The first thing I had to learn was the most important use of duct tape ever. Mounting cameras to coasters.
  16. I'm going to guess that they will replace it with the loop from Son of Beast. Ron "Lets take the Cedar Fair coaster shuffle to a whole new level" Patton edit- Just a thought: If anyone has a right to be upset by this, it has to be Maverick's first biggest fan! How long do will it take for him to modify his model?
  17. Wow, Robb and Elissa you are amazing! My shirt arrived today. The wife walked in and the first thing she said was, "Can I wear your new TPR shirt?" Thanks again for the super fast delivery! The check is in the mail tomorrow. Ron "Everyone should email Dan when they get their shirt" Patton
  18. Thats what I would do if I were you. I know many people who have done the College Program, and they all had a great time. Even if you don't do the CP you can always work at Disney after you graduate. Ron "Disney will always be there, a full ride scholarship won't" Patton
  19. Just show your mom the TPR Swimsuit Calendar! Shes sure to let you go after she sees all the beautiful people of TPR. Ron "Maybe not Guy T. Koepp's month" Patton
  20. Yay! Twice as many basketballs being thrown around the midway! A popular placed closed when the park is open? What is this Six Flags? I love Chick-fil-A, I am amazed by companies that are willing to stay closed on Sundays. Even as a smoker I say thank you CP. Ron "8 days until the first coaster of the year!" Patton
  21. You forgot Aquatrax! Ron "Every new coaster should be an Aquatrax!" Patton
  22. Looks great Robb. You have made TPR even better. Ron "I think you forgot the Email Dan button at the top" Patton
  23. This thread has reminded me of some of the greatest movies ever: The Jerk Hooper That Thing You Do! Vegas Vacation Stripes Meatballs But my favorite that noone else likes have got to be the Prince movies: Purple Rain Under The Cherry Moon Sign o' The Times Ron "Yes I even included Under The Cherry Moon" Patton
  24. I can't find the article online, but I remember a few years ago executives from Wild West World toured Adventureland to get ideas while they were in the planning phase. Good to see they copied the bridge from the parking lot. Ron "Please get the off season over with!" Patton
  25. Hey, thats my spot! I'll thumb wrestle ya for it. Ron "First to Worst" Patton
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