California Great America (CGA) Discussion Thread

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Re: California Great America (CGA) Discussion Thread

Postby singemfrc » Tue Nov 20, 2012 7:00 am

jray21 wrote:I'm still so amazed and glad that they are getting a new ride! For a long while I thought they were done for. I'm glad the stadium fiasco is done. I can't wait for when I'll be able to ride some coasters, then see one of my students play quarterback for my favorite team all in the same day, at virtually the same place!

I know..the thought definitely occurred to me that I would be able to stop by CGA in the morning and then catch a Niners game before heading home, and I plan on doing that frequently :)

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Re: California Great America (CGA) Discussion Thread

Postby Blue Fire Guy » Tue Nov 20, 2012 6:01 pm

Definitely coming along Saturday evening! Finally getting GoldPorn after Haunt will be exciting. Folks, bring an extra change of clothes! We'll take over Dizzy Dragons and the flyers as well, one can only know how those two rides will end up with TPR members on them. :devil:

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Re: California Great America (CGA) Discussion Thread

Postby Swornenemy » Thu Nov 22, 2012 8:50 pm

Goldstriker is really coming along. I can't wait for spring to get here. On another note the stadium next door has really shot up too, I drove by today and am amazed at how much progress has been made since they laid the foundation back in July.

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Re: California Great America (CGA) Discussion Thread

Postby Angry_Gumball » Thu Nov 22, 2012 11:21 pm

So, my off-season ended a bit...early :) I'm heading to GWW this Saturday, and have a 'season pass' for it. For the cost of the admission, they had a promo for a season pass for the cost of a single day. They are also running a promo for half off on a rides wrist band (I really wish rides were included) but it will still be fun...really excited to try Dizzy Dragons, but at the same time I'm nervous. Also since I'm a sucker for light displays, I'm sure I'll thoroughly enjoy this!

Anyone else interested in doing GWW? Order your $18 season pass here, tomorows your last chance to get it:
Code: GWWSP12

And their "Black Friday" promo good for Fri, Sat and Sun this weekend:
Code: HalfOffWB

Sorry if I'm coming off as an advertisement but this is definitely a pretty good deal if you're itching to hit up a 'diet' CGA.

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Re: California Great America (CGA) Discussion Thread

Postby Angry_Gumball » Sun Nov 25, 2012 2:49 am

Good morning guys!
I'm back with some new CGA hotness, that is Global Winter Wonderland! It was definitely an interesting night out with the group and there were plenty of insane moments to be had, and some great "WTF" moments that could rival my normal CGA season highlights! The night started off a bit rough as we had the e-tickets for the wrist bands we were supposed to exchange for a voucher so we can exchange it for a wristband...confusing? I say so. Since it's the first weekend, I'll cut them some slack and since this was the first time rides were involved, it's a fresh experience for all of us.

After getting the tickets squared away, we headed off and got our first ride on the Flyers, where we got some good rides off of it...until we were told that we were 'jerking the eagles, and we can hurt someone.' After that, we headed into the Picnic Pavilion area where most of the carnival rides live! In the carnival area we were treated to a surprise ride that wasn't listed on their site: the classic Tilt-a-Whirl! This ride provided some wtf moments later in the evening, more on that later. In the mean time I took my own pod and got some nice twirls out of it. I think I timed a 3-minute ride cycle on this! Next was the face-ripping sinus-popping Starship/Gravitron! I had not ridden one of these since I was little and I forgot how forceful these things really are! Then what was originally to be our holy grail of carnival rides, the Dizzy Dragons! However, we found out that we can't really spin these too much as it will trigger the ride to e-stop, which we found out the hard way. Honestly, it felt like the whole thing was going to rip apart, so I'm glad it did e-stop!

And then we found our hidden gem...situated right to the left of the bumper cars, this simple, non-mechanical contraption kept us busy and we provided plenty of entertainment for attendants and GP waiting for their kids...this was the yellow wavy Super Slide of Death (or what we call the "Meat Slapper" or what I call the "Tail Bone Smasher" or the "Fart Knocker" which I will not go into detail). Let's just say I rode this thing probably close to 10 times, possibly poor coccyx hurts now, but was totally worth it! The final hump gave me a foot of air. Blue Fire Guy was flying down so fast that he smashed into the gate so he had to figure out a way to stop himself at the end. So yea, insane moments to be had racing each other and hearing nothing but *thump...thump...thump....ow!* In the end we made a name for ourselves when we went back for some final rides and the ride op asks "You're back to smash your tailbones again?" Gotta love carnie ride ops...really, they have a lot of character!

The light displays were pretty amazing to see in person! Also it felt weird being in CGA while Xmas music is playing throughout the park...and the park felt like as though a 'ghetto fair' had moved in as most of the food places were what you'd find at the fair! Unfortunately we missed the shows as we were too busy riding death machines, catching up on Gold Striker stuff, and riding 'real' CGA rides.

Other insane highlights:
-4 person 'clench 'n squish' on Tilt-a-whirl...don't ask how we did it but we did...and got strange looks! Totally worth it!
-Several awkward moments in the "Raiders of the Lost Ark" funhouse (like the pink 'bung hole' slide and the almost toy factory butt cheek squeezing action in the punching bag area)
-Ferris Wheel that felt and sounded like it was going to fall apart
-Foamy snowball fights (from their artificial snow machines)

I'd definitely check it out, I thought it was definitely worth a visit!

And I have some videos of the insanity that happened, but will have them up later. Anyway, enjoy the many photos!
IMG_8814 (1024x683).jpg
Kicking off the evening, we've got some Gold Striker hotness! The lift is getting higher, looks to be about halfway up to its apex now!
IMG_8816 (1024x683).jpg
Getting our ride on the Flyers to kick off the night.
IMG_8817 (1024x683).jpg
As the sun sets, the park comes to life! You'll see some more of this one later.
IMG_8820 (1024x683).jpg
Some space-themed lanterns, heading back towards Flight Deck.
IMG_8822 (1024x683).jpg
And a UFO lantern to go along with it. Yes there's a kiddy train ride surrounding it...Flight Deck Jr?
IMG_8826 (1024x683).jpg
And now we will take the tunnel into the carnival section of CGA!
IMG_8825 (1024x683).jpg
Dinos Alive!
IMG_8837 (1024x683).jpg
Oh yay! This thing! (Never turn your head on this, you will be completely out of whack!)
IMG_8838 (1024x683).jpg
OMG YES! A tilt-a-whirl! I love these 'variable experience/rider-controlled' rides!
IMG_8847 (1024x683).jpg
Can't get enough of the Gravitron ride :)
IMG_8849 (1024x683).jpg
Yay, the Century Wheel (that felt like it was going to fall apart :) )
IMG_8856 (1024x683).jpg
Looking down at the midway.
IMG_8855 (1024x683).jpg
Dinosaurs Alive! And Dinosaur maze...
IMG_8859 (1024x683).jpg
IMG_8860 (1024x683).jpg
IMG_8882 (1024x683).jpg
And now for some random lanterns now that it's nice and dark!
IMG_8886 (1024x683).jpg
IMG_8889 (1024x683).jpg
Random laser 'bugs' on the cat would have a blast with this!
IMG_8893 (1024x683).jpg
Wait...popped gooey? eeeww...
IMG_8896 (1024x683).jpg
Yay more lanterns!
IMG_8904 (1024x683).jpg
IMG_8908 (1024x683).jpg
IMG_8910 (1024x683).jpg
IMG_8911 (1024x683).jpg
IMG_8914 (1024x683).jpg
IMG_8917 (1024x683).jpg
IMG_8927 (1024x683).jpg
IMG_8929 (1024x683).jpg
IMG_8931 (1024x683).jpg
IMG_8933 (1024x683).jpg
IMG_8937 (1024x683).jpg
Underworld more...
IMG_8947 (1024x683).jpg
Now for some very fattening (and very expensive) food! Here is the so-called Rocky Mountain "Outlaw Run" burger (was really called the "Outlaw Burger").
IMG_8942 (1024x683).jpg
Castle! It's possibly bigger than Disneyland's castle!
IMG_8958 (1024x683).jpg
And it's snowing!
IMG_8965 (1024x683).jpg
More random lights.
IMG_8967 (1024x683).jpg
IMG_8972 (1024x683).jpg
And as much as you may not really notice, this is the backstage service road we're walking down!
IMG_8981 (1024x683).jpg
Just in case you forgot where we were at.
IMG_8982 (1024x683).jpg
Not sure what was happening here.
IMG_8983 (1024x683).jpg
No Blue Fire Guy! Don't eat the lantern!
IMG_8986 (1024x683).jpg
More lanterns!
IMG_8987 (1024x683).jpg
IMG_8988 (1024x683).jpg
IMG_8989 (1024x683).jpg
IMG_8991 (1024x683).jpg
IMG_8994 (1024x683).jpg
IMG_8999 (1024x683).jpg
Remember that peacock earlier? well here it is in all of its glory!
IMG_9019 (1024x683).jpg
And now a break from the lanterns and's the yellow slide of death :)
IMG_9026 (1024x683).jpg
Time to smash our tailbones into oblivion!
IMG_9038 (1024x683).jpg
Um...yea, this doesn't look right.
IMG_9039 (1024x683).jpg
Down the pink bung-hole!
IMG_9041 (1024x683).jpg
...Gold Striker...
IMG_9042 (1024x683).jpg
IMG_9046 (1024x683).jpg
And to end the funhouse with the claustrophobic slide of death!
IMG_9080 (1024x683).jpg
Alright, now to wrap this up with some Gold Striker!
IMG_9090 (1024x683).jpg
The lift to...nowhere!
IMG_9091 (1024x683).jpg
What it currently looks like around the tower, no foundation yet but it's getting close!
IMG_9109 (1024x683).jpg
What was the entrance to Star Tower...
IMG_9112 (1024x683).jpg
And for you Pictorium fans out there (you know who you are) the doors were wide open tonight! You can see some Club Blood walls laying there.
IMG_9100 (1024x683).jpg
And now back to some lanterns...forgot I had these :)
IMG_9102 (1024x683).jpg
IMG_9111 (1024x683).jpg
IMG_9114 (1024x683).jpg
Oh yea...more Gold Striker with xmas lights!
IMG_9119 (1024x683).jpg
And the snow/soapy antics begin!
IMG_9122 (1024x683).jpg
Just a little more weight and this big glob will fall down on someone :)
IMG_9127 (1024x683).jpg
IMG_9129 (1024x683).jpg
Mr Gingerbread Man with the awkwardly-shaped mouth!
IMG_9134 (1024x683).jpg
Wait...what? Haunt and Xmas FTW!
IMG_9155 (1024x683).jpg
My 1-minute exposure of Gold Striker! While the trees and such are blown out, the coaster looks great!
IMG_9171 (1024x683).jpg
Taking a spin on the Carousel (with xmas tunes)
IMG_9173 (1024x683).jpg
IMG_9169 (1024x683).jpg
IMG_9202 (1024x683).jpg
And now to finally finish off the evening with some reptilian hotness!
IMG_9206 (1024x683).jpg
IMG_9214 (1024x683).jpg
IMG_9218 (1024x683).jpg
LOL...dizzy dragons...sans the dizziness aspect as it will shut off if spun too hard!
IMG_9219 (1024x683).jpg
For you control panel enthusiasts out there...
IMG_9222 (1024x683).jpg
Final look at the carnival before we head out.
IMG_9226 (1024x683).jpg
Take the tunnel! (Yes, we really ran through this and shouted it loudly!)
IMG_9230 (1024x683).jpg
Ending it with some lantern stuff.
IMG_9236 (1024x683).jpg
IMG_9240 (1024x683).jpg
IMG_9247 (1024x683).jpg
And...lights out! Actually, for a second due to how dark it was, it kind of looked like the rest of GS's lift and maybe the drop...with a little imagination :p

Thanks for reading!

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Re: California Great America (CGA) Discussion Thread

Postby RAWKIN_coaster38 » Sun Nov 25, 2012 1:54 pm

Wow... all of those lights and lanterns and lighted displays and all are really beautiful. Truly stunning. Great photo TR!
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Re: California Great America (CGA) Discussion Thread

Postby robman » Sun Nov 25, 2012 3:38 pm

So last night was the scariest and most insane visit I have ever had at CGA. The park is like a County Fair came in and set up shop. From typical food vendors to ride and even some scary carnies! One of the insane carnies asked me if I wanted to win one of the gold fish and eat it for camp food, WTF! Other than that the lanterns that were set up were really awesome!

A few highlights:

Gold Striker :lover:
Making the Dizzy Dragons E-stop from to much spinning.
Classic CGA rides.
IMG_1352 (1024x683).jpg
Walking into the park, something is a little strange here.
IMG_1353 (1024x683).jpg
A ghetto Ferris Wheel and a B&M, how much more could you ask for haha.
IMG_1354 (1024x683).jpg
Oh yea this is why we are here.
IMG_1363 (1024x683).jpg
A look at the prices. I highly recommend eating before you come in as food is highly expensive.
IMG_1365 (1024x683).jpg
The lift is rising!
IMG_1367 (1024x683).jpg
Wider shot of the lift from outside the main gate.
IMG_1370 (1024x683).jpg
The slab for the first drop is getting ready.
IMG_1371 (1024x683).jpg
Hey, where did the carousel go?
IMG_1372 (1024x683).jpg
No more water, just fake grass.
IMG_1374 (1024x683).jpg
Hello there mr. snowman.
IMG_1378 (1024x683).jpg
The guys working on the lift were posing for us, im sure they are fans of TPR.
IMG_1379 (1024x683).jpg
Midway turn looking amazing.
IMG_1380 (1024x683).jpg
Random lantern shot
IMG_1403 (1024x683).jpg
Carnival area, with the ferris wheel.
IMG_1407 (1024x683).jpg
The ride I refuse to go on as it is way to intense for me.
IMG_1415 (1024x683).jpg
Nerd shot!
IMG_1420 (1024x683).jpg
A look at the 49er stadium.
IMG_1426 (1024x683).jpg
Bumper cars are open!
IMG_1445 (1024x683).jpg
Berserker is open.
IMG_1446 (1024x683).jpg
Such a classic ride.
IMG_1451 (1024x683).jpg
This is cool!
IMG_1452 (1024x683).jpg
Awesome! It's made out of ceramic dishes.
IMG_1455 (1024x683).jpg
What happened to Underworld Alley?!
IMG_1456 (1024x683).jpg
Wait am I at Disneyland?!
IMG_1468 (1024x683).jpg
IMG_1460 (1024x683).jpg
Nope our castle is bigger. ;)
IMG_1459 (1024x683).jpg
Random carnival food.
IMG_1461 (1024x683).jpg
They had a ton of international food as well.
IMG_1467 (1024x683).jpg
Laser light show on the castle.
IMG_1471 (1024x683).jpg
Shed used in Beverly Hills Cop 3.
IMG_1472 (1024x683).jpg
A quick path through a backstage path.
IMG_1477 (1024x683).jpg
Tidal Wave footers.
IMG_1480 (1024x683).jpg
IMG_1481 (1024x683).jpg
This one is made out of tiny medicine bottles filled with colored water.
IMG_1483 (1024x683).jpg
Statue of Liberty
IMG_1489 (1024x683).jpg
Giant Octopus!
IMG_1496 (1024x683).jpg
IMG_1502 (1024x683).jpg
The Super Slide is where all the fun was last night.
IMG_1503 (1024x683).jpg
More Gold Striker porn!
IMG_1504 (1024x683).jpg
IMG_1505 (1024x683).jpg
IMG_1511 (1024x683).jpg
Another look at the first drop area.
IMG_1513 (1024x683).jpg
Some bents on a truck.
IMG_1523 (1024x683).jpg
I see you hiding Club Blood!
IMG_1525 (1024x683).jpg
Another look at the lift.
IMG_1537 (1024x683).jpg
Midway turn!
IMG_1538 (1024x683).jpg
IMG_1559 (1024x683).jpg
While riding on the Columbia, noticed the floor needs some work done. Hopefully it can get resorted so its in tip top shape!
IMG_1569 (1024x683).jpg
To end the update, Flight Deck's loop.

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Re: California Great America (CGA) Discussion Thread

Postby Blue Fire Guy » Sun Nov 25, 2012 10:18 pm

My first visit to GWW exceeded my expectations for surprises and overall insanity. Crazy carnie death machines, insanely expensive food, TPR antics, and the sort. Definitely one of the more fun and interesting visits to CGA that I've done!

Angry_Gumball wrote a great summary of the evening's events on the previous page, so I'll let my photos and their captions to the talking. I can say this though:

Even now, my A$$ still hurts from that awesomely demented slide. :airtime:

List of highlights:
-GoldPorn, can't have enough of it.
-Backstage path open, meaning photos of Anton's feet.
-Clench-n-squish (4-man) ride on Tilt-A-Whirl, a lot of fun!
-Starship 2000. That ride is wrong in an awesome way.
-Super Yellow Slide o' Death! :airtime: :airtimer: :airtime: :airtimer: :airtime: :airtimer:

List of letdowns:
-Wristband process was a bit of a hassle.
-Dizzy Dragons' bad foundation basically means no intense spinning.

Now, photos and video!

INSANE Slide o' Death Offride

Snowfoam Tree TPR antics
All right, we're back!
I see you Gold Striker lift hill...
Stadium going up fast!
Death wheel and Flight Deck. Not a good match...
Something Intamin-y sticks out of the bushes.
There were workers all over GS! Gotta thank them for getting this thing up so quickly.
"Dude, where the hell are we supposed to take these?!"
Finally, got our sexy wristbands and stamps!
Yay flyers!
OK, this wheel looks innocent, but it rotated quite fast and actually pulled a little Gs at the bottom. WTF?!
"A wild Jeff appeared! Jeff used Flash! Blue Fire Guy's accuracy fell!"
I honestly thought this was a Waveswinger when I first looked at it.
Drippy lights like MMMM's, but bluish white.
The Elephant is still alive and kickin'!
Underworld Alley is no more...for now.
Commence Disneyland castle size jokes in 3...2...1...
All right, time to eat expensive fattening food!
"Rocky Mountain Alan Schilke Outlaw Run burgers."
These were actually pretty good! Nom nom nom...
Backstage path.
This is a photo-op that you'd NEVER get under ordinary CGA circumstances.
A Cedar Fair trash can reminds us of where we are...
Angry_Gumball tries to right up the leaning tower of Pisa.
Strange how this is in the Dead Man's Cove area and is still using a marine theme.
Burj Khalifa.
Epilepsy peacock!
And now...time for the most INSANE, screwed up, and totally awesome attraction of GWW!
Your A$$ actually catches on fire when you go down, so they leave burn marks there.
DO NOT BE FOOLED by this little humps! They will KICK YOUR A$$ in the best way possible!
This is not blurred because of shakiness, this is blurred because Jeff is hauling A$$ enough to break the light barrier.
Time for Raiders of the Lost Ark, the ultimate GS vantage point!
Rob attempts to slide through, this is actually more difficult than it looks.
A barricade consisting of Cedar Fair trash cans and a fence? You know what this means...
More pretty lights.
No water here...
Snowfoam machine.
Snowfoam tree!
At Columbia...wait, WTF?! YES PLEASE!
Sexy midway curve...
The lift goes straight towards a lamp post. No, it really does!
Overlord is least until fall 2013...
Time to head back to the carnival of death with ghetto Dinosaurs Alive!
Too bad we couldn't try these...
Sign of quality.
Such an intense, bizarre ride!
Yay Tilt-A-Whirl!
Nerdy Tilt-A-Whirl stats.
Max capacity 4. Clench-n-squish!
3 minute cycle. Nice and long!
f*u*l*l t*h*r*o*t*t*l*e
"Journey of Jeff Johnson"
Here, Jeff Johnson isn't even out of his egg yet he is already 5 years old.
Dizzy Dragons...why did you have to be put in such a bad place?
A combination of wooden footers and a muddy foundation makes as much sense as shoving diarrhea up your butt.
They had a Jeff Johnson credit here too. Cute!
Jeff Johnson's cousins.
The moons say good night as I take my leave.
Good night CGA/GWW. Thank you for a night of CRAZY FUN!

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Re: California Great America (CGA) Discussion Thread

Postby Angry_Gumball » Sun Nov 25, 2012 10:40 pm

And because there is never enough footage of the Super Yellow Slide o' Death, here's one shot by me! And an update...I am still quite sore from it...gonna be that way for a few days...still worth every bit of it, saying 'screw it...yolo!' and continue marathon-ing the slide!

And it just so happened en route to Pleasanton a wild yellow super slide of death appears along the freeway, it is situated about 10 minutes from me at a Christmas Tree lot. Anyone want to head to Hayward for some slide of death action? :p

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Re: California Great America (CGA) Discussion Thread

Postby rolercstrluvr » Mon Nov 26, 2012 12:36 pm

Take a look at these photos that were just posted by GCI. That lift is going up fast.
Gold Striker Ride count: 435


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