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PostPosted: Sat Nov 14, 2009 2:14 pm
by larrygator
Shawn - thanks but I'm going to hold out for a better picture of the ride.

It's a swinging banana, how could no one from TPR have a picture of a swinging banana.

To all you perverts that are snickering right now, I'm talking about ride.

PostPosted: Sat Nov 14, 2009 2:25 pm
by packfanlv
^No problem Larry. I think it gets missed a lot because it is so hidden back there. Hopefully someone else gets a good picture of it for you.

PostPosted: Sat Jan 09, 2010 10:28 pm
by larrygator
The focus is now going to be on obtaining ride photos for rides that are missing in the index. If the Park Index is lacking a ride sign, we would still like it, but the focus for now is on a more complete ride list.

In the past couple of weeks hundreds of photos have been added for rides that not previously been in the Park Index. Hopefully, this is helpful for everyone in researching for this year's travels.

Below is a list of rides that are known to be missing in the Park Index, if you have photos feel free to submit them, or if the ride is still on the list when you travel to the park feel free to take a picture and submit it.

The best way to submit a ride photo through the Park Index link:
Within the TPR Park Index there is a link at the bottom of each page that says: Click here to contribute your trip report or ride photos to Theme Park Review

Or is you want to download a photo into this thread that is fine also.

Remember photos must be .jpg should not exceed 800x600 (Unfortunately, many people have submitted photos that are too large for TPR to use or in pdf form.)

High quality photos (not blurry, distorted or out of focus).

Lastly, we are not adding kiddie rides or major upcharges at this time, but we are at the point where family rides such: transportation rides, carousels, ferris wheels and bumper cars are being added.

And if you have to ability to scan your park maps, feel free to submit those for the years that all not already in the Park Index. Hundreds have been downloaded over the past 3 weeks.

Of course any PTRs containing superior photos or entertaining captions and a variety of pictures including multiple rides and areas. (Not just one or two rides/attractions) are always valued. Attention has been given to every previously submitted Photo TR, also and don't feel discouraged if we can't include every one.

PTRs should be downloaded onto the Theme Park Review server (not Imageshack, photobucket) that way we know a Red X will never appear to be added to the Park Index.

So here is a list of what we know we needed, if you have photos of a different ride that is not in TPR's Park Index, please submit that also.

For the following rides we need any pictures you may have of the following rides
Busch Gardens Africa - Sandstorm
Canada's Wonderland - Spinovator, The Rage, Swing of the Century
Canobie Lake - Matterhorn, Round-up
Carowinds - Rip Roarin Rapids, White Water Falls
Chengdu – Family Coaster, Jungle Mouse, Loop Screw (*)
Chessington - Black Buccaneer
Darien Lake - Grizzly Run, Lasso
Djurs Sommerland - Kannibal Gryderne (Tea Cups)
Efteling - D'Oude Tuffer (Antique Cars), Stoomtrein (Steam Train)
Europa - Vindjammer (Swinging Ship)
Gilroy Gardens - Banana Split
Great Escape - Desperado Plunge, Flying Trapeze, Pirate Ship, Trabant, Blizzard, Cannonball Express
Hansa Park – Die Glocke (Bell), Stormfarht der Drachenboote (Flume), Fliegender Hollander (Swinging Ship), Sturmvogel (Supernova)
Happy Valley Shanghai – Lele’s Chariot, Spinning Coaster (*)
Kamine – Dragon Coaster, See Through Coaster (*)
Kashiikaen – Bun Bun Coaster, Rushing Coaster
Karolinelund –Hulrlumhejhuset (Fun House)
Kernie's Familienpark - Kernie's Boot (Rockin Tug), Flying Carousel, Tea Cups, Disk-O
Lightwater Valley - The Wave, Spinning Tea Cups, Black Widows Web, Trauma Tower, Octopus, Carousel, Dodgem, Vintage Cars, Falls of Terror (Wet/Dry Slide)
Lina World – Hello Kitty Angel Coaster, Scramble Coaster, Super Coaster
Little A-Merrick-A - Scrambler, Haunted House
Mirabilandia - Explorer, Ghostville, Delirium, Music (music Express), Schoolbus (Rainbow), Blu River (Wet/Dry Slide), Colazione da Papere (Spinning Ducks), Lw Pentole Stregate (Tea Cups), Balena Amica (Self Powerer Tower), Carousel
Movieland Studios - Movieland Route 66 Cars
Parc Asterix - Hydre de Lerne (octopus), La Galere (Swinging Ship), Nationale 7 (Antique Cars)
Parque d'Attractiones Madrid - Los Rapidos, Noriavision (Ferris Wheel), Tir (Falling Star)
Pleasure Garden – Mad Mouse, Through the Woods Jet Coaster (*)
Pleasure Island (UK) – GoGator
Rusutsu – Corkscrew, Mountain Coaster (*)
Sendai Highland – Dragon, Loop the Loop (*)
Sliverwood - Bumper Boats
Six Flags America - Tea Cups
Six Flags Discovery Kingdom - The Ark
Six Flags Fiesta Texas - SS Overboard
Six Flags Great Adventure - Buccaneer, Jolly Roger
Six Flags over Texas – La Fiesta de las Tazas, Roaring Rapids
Six Flags St. Louis - Moon Antique Cars, Shazam
Skara Sommerland - Shepp okoj (Rockin Tug), Airboat
Space City – Space Switchback (*)
Suntopia – Loop the Loop (*)
Suzhou Amusement Land - Junior Coaster, Space Adventure (*)
Suzhou Ginat Wheel Park – Stingray (need photos)
Tivoli Friheden – Forhindringsbane (Obstacle Course)
Tivoli Gardens - Templetarnet (Self Powered Tower), Veterenbilerne (Antique Cars) for Den Flyvende Kuffert (Flying Trunk) - need picture of ride vehicle only
Utsunomiya Zoo - (*)
Valleyfair - Bumper Cars, Enterprise, Northern Lights, Tilt-A-Whirl, Wheel of Fortune
Wiener Prater – Der Zug des Manitu, Tagada
Wild Adventures - Pharoahs Fury, Smash Attack, Tilt-A-Weevil, Venus Fly Trap

We still need pictures of the sign for the following rides:
Adventure Island – Barnstormer, Mighty Mini Mega, Rage, Green Scream
Adventure World (AUS) - Dragon Express
Adventure Dome – Canyon Blaster
Beech Bend – Dragon
Blackpool Pleasure Beach – Wild Mouse
Bottons – Wacky Worm
Bowcraft – Crossbow, Dragon
Busch Gardens Africa – Stanley Falls
Camelot – Dragon Flyer, Junior Dragon Coaster
Casino Pier – Hot Tamale, Star Jet, Wild Mouse
Cedar Point – Derby Racer, Thunder Canyon, Wave Swinger, Witches’ Wheel
Chengdu – Family Coaster, Jungle Mouse, Loop Screw (*)
Disney’s Animal Kingdom – Triceratops Spin
Djurs Sommerland - Karlo's Taxi, Ornen (Topple Tower)
Enchanted Forest – Ice Mountain Bobsled
Fantasy Island (UK) – Fantasy Mouse, Rhombus Rocket
Flamingoland – Evolution, Navigator, Sky Flyer, Space Shot
Galaxyland – Autosled, Mindbender, Space Shot
Gardaland - Magic Mountain, Ortobruco Express
Ghost Town in the Sky - Cliffhanger
Gilroy Gardens - Banana Split
Great Escape – Condor, Steamin Demon
Gullivers Warrington – Antelope, Runaway Train, Wild Mine Ride
Hansa Park – Kettenflieger (Swings), Die Glocke (Bell), Power Tower, Stormfarht der Drachenboote (Flume)
Happy Valley Shanghai – Lele’s Chariot, Spinning Coaster (*)
Kamine – Dragon Coaster, See Through Coaster (*)
Kashiikaen – Bun Bun Coaster, Rushing Coaster (*)
Keansburg – Sea Serpent, Wildcat
Kennywood – Raging Rapids
Knoebels – Kosmos Kurves
Legoland Billund – Pirate Wave Breaker (Rockin Tug)
Lightwater Valley - Twister
Lina World – Hello Kitty Angel Coaster, Scramble Coaster, Super Coaster(*)
Linnanmaki –Vinkinklaiva (Viking Ship)
Liseberg - Virvelvinden (Waltzer)
Marineland - Ladybug Coaster, Topple Tower, Skyhawk
Mirabilandia - Explorer
Phantasialand – Silbermine, Stonewash and Whitewash Creek (Flume)
Pleasure Garden – Mad Mouse, Through the Woods Jet Coaster (*)
Pleasure Island (UK) - Boomerang, GoGator Mini Mine Train
Power Park - La Paloma (Wave Swinger), Mega Drop, Fiesta Mexicana (Star Flyer), Pegasus (Evolution)
Rusutsu – Corkscrew, Go Go Coaster, Hurricane, Loop the Loop, Mad Mouse, Mountain Coaster, Standing Coaster, Ultra Twister (*)
Sea World of Texas – Texas Splashdown
Sendai Highland – Dragon, Hurricane, Loop the Loop, Mad Mouse (*)
Six Flags America – Falling Star, Flying Carousel, Octopus, Pirate’s Flight, Rodes, Tower of Doom (signs may not exist)
Six Flags Discovery Kingdom – Monsoon Falls
Six Flags St. Louis – Thunder River
Sommerland Syd - Kaemperutshebanen, Tornado, King Kong Karrusel (Calypso), Piratstien (Pirate Ship), Svingeren (Wave Swinger)
Space City – Space Switchback (*)
Tivoli Friheden – Pegasus (Evolution), Twister (Paratrooper), Forhindringsbane (Obstacle Course)
Tivoli Gardens – Monsunen (Inverted Falling Star), Snurretoppen (Breakdance)
Tusenfryd - Teeny Weeny
Utsunomiya Zoo - (*)
Valleyfair – Log Flume, Looping Starship, The Wave
Walibi Rhone Alps - Boomerang, Coccinelle
Western Playland - Bandido, Miner Coaster
Wiener Prater – Der Zug des Manitu, Tagada
Wild Adventures - Tiger Coaster
Wonderland (TX) - Big Coaster, Hornet
Zhongsang Park –Inertial Coaster (*)
Zuma Fun Center (Houston) – Minor Mike (*)

PostPosted: Sun Jan 10, 2010 7:59 am
by Reality15
Here's what you're missing from Michigan's Adventure and Cedar Point.

If you need any other pictures from Michigan's Adventure, let me know, I have over 6,000 photos from 1983-2009. These are just the ones I thought were good for the index.

-Jon Roost

PostPosted: Sun Jan 10, 2010 8:52 am
by acq10uaz
Time Warp at SFNE didn't have a ride sign. It was just there and people knew where the entrance was. It was a great ride and will be missed.

PostPosted: Sun Jan 10, 2010 9:46 am
by larrygator
^^ and ^ thanks for the pictures and info. I will add the photos and update the list of what is needed.

PostPosted: Sun Jan 10, 2010 9:55 am
by frozenflames
^ When I was at SFA over the summer, I didn't notice ride signs for ANY of the ones you have listed. A large amount of the rides there are only named in the park maps, but don't actually have physical signs.

PostPosted: Sun Jan 10, 2010 11:31 am
by larrygator
Thanks for the quick response so far to those that sent in pictures in this thread and through the Park Index. About 30 new photos of 15 different rides have been added with your help.

PostPosted: Sun Jan 10, 2010 11:35 am
by Pufferfish
Well, I just looked through my stock of Carowinds pictures and I do have 1 picture of Rip Roarin' Rapids. I don't have any for White Water Falls, or a picture of Rapids' sign, but I'll be sure to get a couple of pictures when I can.

PostPosted: Sun Jan 10, 2010 12:57 pm
by themeparkman25
I have a couple of Wild Thing at Valleyfair! I have more, but I didn't think they were as good. There are more than just queue house pictures, hope that is ok.