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Toverland Discussion Thread

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Any idea on when we can expect this to open? I haven't seen an official opening date yet. June potentially???


Toverland said that the new area will open in the Summer of 2018. No exact opening date yet, though.


That's awesome, just in time for my honeymoon to the Netherlands next year! Hopefully it's all ready to go!

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I think I'm looking forward to the boat ride, more than the coaster! Don't hate. But after riding the boat rides

(towboat) at Europa, and Efteling, this looks like such a more plussed-up version of it. Including the indoors "dark ride" sections of it, too.


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That whole area looks really good! When I first saw the layout I thought it looked like something a beginner would do in No Limits 2, given that it seems to stick very much to a grid pattern.

They made the layout themself with No Limits indeed. They showed the layout to B&M and they agreed to build it


First pictures of the boat:






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Even though the layout looks quite linear of the wing coaster I really like the concept. I've been on two Wing Coasters in total and what I liked most of then was the short highspeed parts (Flug der Dämonens first half with that amazing airtime hill and raptor with the first drop and overbanked). And this layout looks lile it would contain only high-speed elements which should prevent the coaster feeling a bit "sluggish". Really excited for the whole area!

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Just a shower of thoughts on the lay-out, but I wonder why they did a lift and not a launch. I think that would have worked better with the lenght and theme.

That's really the only thing I would change, as for the rest it's perfect.



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First track pieces of Fēnix have arrived at Toverland


The first three track pieces of Fēnix have arrived. The very first wing coaster track was delivered to the Avalon building site this morning. One element is no less than 15 meters long, 1.5 meters wide and weighs over 8,000 kg.










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This will be the new entrance area of Toverland: Port Laguna



Toverland revealed today how their brand new entrance area will look like. The Dutch theme park will receive a new main entrance this summer, decorated as an idyllic harbor town with souvenir shops, catering, entertainment, a water playground and special interactive elements. It will be named Port Laguna.


"We immerse our visitors in Mediterranean spheres", explains a spokeswoman. "In Port Laguna it is always warm and colorful, even in gray and gloomy weather." When visitors have passed through the main entrance and access control, they are in the middle of a port area with azure water and an atmospheric boulevard: the Via Magia.


Several buildings will be located on Via Magia: souvenir shop Mundo Magica, eatery Mañana, toilets, souvenir shop Magistralis' Magic Store, games stalls and the 27 meter tall lighthouse Solaris. The entrance area also accommodates lockers and the guest service. A large terrace and water playground La Sirena complete the picture. Moreover, there is room for a large stage in the summer months.


"We were looking for a theme that is natural and adventurous". The designs seem to be inspired by Port of Entry, the entrance area of Universal's Islands of Adventure in Orlando, USA. Toverland came up with a background story about a beachcomber who, thanks to a message in a bottle with a magic spell, managed to obtain great riches.


The Magic Store of the Magistralis family is not just a souvenir shop. Before visitors enter the mysterious shop, they are welcomed by a magician for a special interactive show. In the shop itself, wands can be purchased that can activate various effects in Port Laguna. Toverland was inspired by the concept of The Wizarding World or Harry Potter.


"Port Laguna will be the heart of Toverland," says the spokeswoman. Visitors from the horseshoe-shaped area will soon be able to enter the various themed areas of the park. The opening will probably take place on July 7, 2018. On that date, the new themed area Avalon will open, with the wing coaster Fenix and the water attraction Merlin's Quest. The total investment amounts to 35 million euros.















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