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Theme Park Review Visits E3! Electronic Entertainment Expo

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Hey everyone! For those of you who know what my day job is then you know why I was at E3 today! Just like in year's past here's a quick glimpse at all the new cool stuff.


It was an interesting "battle" between Sony and Nintendo this year. The heat is REALLY on because with the launch of the XBOX 360 last year it really seems like Nintendo is trying to get back that "Number Two" spot that XBOX has been in since it launched. Nintendo had a really great showing, but could they claim #2, or ever get back to being the #1 video game console?


Interestingly enough, the Nintendo booth was *PACKED* the whole day. If you wanted to play the Wii it was at least an hour wait to get into the demo area, and then 15 to 30 minutes at each game depending on which one you wanted to play.


Over on the Playstation 3 side, there were empty kiosks of Playstation 3 demos which were on the open floor, no waiting.


People were lining up for hours to play the latest Mario, Zelda, and Wario Ware games, yet hardly anyone seemed interested in the next generation installment of Gran Turismo or Madden. It was kind of weird.


Anyway, onto the photos....there are a lot of them!


Then you have to go like, make dinner or something likle that.


So it looks like the Desperate Housewives wander around "The Sims" style....


Oooh...now here is something I'm interested in!


"Hey mom, I found the perfect wedding dress!"


Here was the funky chair that we saw! I wonder if they have this at Ikea?


Pirates had a cool showing over at the Disney booth. (this is the game that ligitimizes this update being in the theme park forum!) =)


NC Soft had a nice looking area.


Random game shot!!!!!


It's kind of like "Animal Crossing meets....um....Pinatas?"


XBOX 360 had "Viva Pinata...."


XBOX 360 - Cool, yes...but they stole the show last year.


I sure hope she comes packed in the box along with the game!


Cool! New Pixar hotness.


Play poker at E3? Now that is cool!!!


My life for the next 12 months!


"What is with that Decepticon shirt, Robb?"


There's Optimus, my home-boy.


Ahh, time to go visit the home turf for a bit.


10 years ago would you ever have thought you'd be playing your Sega Genesis games on a Nintendo console???


There was even a special controller for playing all your favorite classic games!


Oh, yeah, Nintendo was showing off the emulator or "virtual console" mode for the Wii. Here's Mario 64 running on it.


Rock...Scissors...where's the paper???


Not even a crowd around the new Madded game!


Stacy plays Sonic....


More Gran Turismo.


Oddly enough, there wasn't a huge crowd around any of these games.


The latest and greatest Gran Turismo.


Random jet flying game.


Controller looks very familiar


Is this their answer to Call of Duty?


Random PS3 robot game.


As sexy as the Wii? You decide.


Here are the goods.


Across the way was Sony with Playstation 3


"Space Junk!"


Had cool traditional Mario type game play.


It looked really nice.


Super Mario Galaxy kind of reminded me of a game made out of "Star World."


Zelda fans should be happy. This looked GREAT!


"I love it when Reed holds his Wii!" *wink* *wink*


"Hey baby, your Wii is very sexy!"


Hold the controller in your hand and jog!


Stacy demonstrates the proper handling of the controller, when pretending to hold a oyster shell trying to balance the pearl!


It's all about Wario Ware!!!


Wii tennis...yup, just pretend the controller is a racket. It's actually pretty darn cool.


Nintendo was showing off Metriod and the use of the controller in this fancy rotating living room.


If you wanted to play with your Wii you had to stand in a really long line....unless you came to E3 with Robb! =)


The Nintendo booth seemed like it was hopping!


First thing we saw was an announcement for the Family Guy game...to bad they didn't seem to have the game on display.


"Welcome to E3. Oh, you're not 18? Then go home!!!"

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More pics...


And finally, to wrap up our E3 update was the awesome "avoid the balls in face" game. Elissa should love this one! =) Until next year's E3......


Yes, yes...I know...I'm old..Thanks a lot....


This is just like my old basement in Baltimore!


Virtua Boy is already considered a "Classic???"


Coleco Vision!!! Best system EVER!


"Blip!" OMG, that game rocked!


How many of these do you remember?


I think I had like everyone one of these!


This year they had a lot of old handheld games.


History of games....or..."how to make Robb feel REALLY old!"


oh, nevermind! Elissa, you go play with your Hello Kitty game, and I'll hang out with her um...."kitty"


OMG, keep Elissa away from here!


"You mean all I gotta do is just sign up?!?! Hell, if I'd known that I would have gotten laid a long time ago!"


Not sure why this is at E3, but damn, he sure is anatomically impressive! =)


Joey tries out the Rodney King controller.


Kentia Hall is where all the bizaree "ghetto" stuff is...like this awesome "USB Drink Chiller." Just what everyone needs!!! =)


That guys' pretty much right as we head down to the end of humanity...."Kentia Hall."


"The end is coming....underground!"


"The Sims: Pets" the had BETTER have rodents in that game or Elissa's going to be VERY pissed off!


And a cool "CircleVision 360" set up. I wonder if they could play "Oh, Canada!" in there? =)


EA had their standard line up.


..and some REALLY hot chicks...and that was about it!


NGage had a really nice looking booth....






No one was playing DDR. Has this game finally reached the end of it's life?


This was the only sign of Katamari. Is this game franchise really dead???


The Pac-Man mobile was there. If I knew anyone that had this car, I'd kick their ass!


For you Dig Dug fans, now you can play on your cell phone!


Namco was showing off Pac-Man...just like it was 1980!


Dilbert was there. We weren't sure why. We never saw a Diblert game! Perhaps this was just some random programmer from some game company!


I'd only buy it if it came with the Tom Hanks "long hair" wig.


BEST GAME OF THE SHOW!!! And on the screen it says "Wood Chopping" OMG!! *WTF*?!?!?!


..and so was this...um..."thing"


Sonic was there....


Still gotta love Sega.


For all you "WoW" players...this one is for you.


C'mon guys...who are we kidding? Gossip, making dinner? No, no.....*THIS* is the game we want!!!!


Then you go gossip and tell secrets or something....

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I wish I could go too, but since I'm lacking a job in video game industry or the press it won't happen. My only hope of ever visiting E3 is through a contest. And the only contest I've ever won was for pumpkin carving. I'll post a picture of my winning design if I can find it. (I'll create a thread in the random forum)

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Excellent Theme Park Review Trip Report of E3!


It's great to see such a strong turn out for Nintendo. The revival of this first-rate company appears to be well underway! I am curious about that new and rather "unique" controller, I hope it is as user-friendly as it appears.


Your trip thru the History of Video Games brought on a series of eighties flashbacks! I couldn't believe how many of those handheld video games I still remembered after all these years. (Or should I say decades--Ouch!) It's hard to believe, that when I was in my early teens and pumping endless quarters into the local Dig Dug at Straw Hat Pizza, that someday I would be able to play it on a "portable phone".


I was happy to see the Classic Coleco Vision at E3! I can still remember the day my Dad brought that system home for my brother and I, and how it consumed endless hours of our lives.


By the way Robb, did you Tempt Fate and "Touch" the Skull Chair???

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Great update as usual Robb. I thought it was really great that the Nintendo booth was as impressive as it was. I guess people are more interested in innovative gameplay rather than souped up graphics this year. While I think the Xbox360 is a great system, it may have a run for its money for 2nd place. Which I would not mind since Nintendo is still my favorite video game company...Activision is 2nd, I swear! I can't wait until they bring out Stampede for the Wii.

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I don't think the Wii is bad, but Nintendo just isnt as inovative as they used to be. Motion sensing technology has been around for ever, it just wasnt really ever used before. Nintento tried their hand at motion sensing years ago when they made the power glove for the NES.


As for the DS being inovative... OMG a handheld device with a touch screen, Palm should have thought of that!


Sony is retarded for putting motion sensing in their controler. They are hardly ever going to make games that utilise it, and they are being looked down upon by many for jacking Nintedo's gimick for their Wii.

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Thanks for the cool update. It's really interesting how it looks like Sony has failed to impress just about anyone with the PS3. If the Wii actually has the rumored under $300 price point, they'll sell a ton of them. I'm getting closer to picking up a 360, as some of the games coming look great, but the new Nintendo machine will likely also end up in my collection.


And I remember almost all of those old handheld games! I had a ton of those at one point. That looked like a cool display...



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Thanks for the cool update. It's really interesting how it looks like Sony has failed to impress just about anyone with the PS3. If the Wii actually has the rumored under $300 price point, they'll sell a ton of them. I'm getting closer to picking up a 360, as some of the games coming look great, but the new Nintendo machine will likely also end up in my collection.


And I remember almost all of those old handheld games! I had a ton of those at one point. That looked like a cool display...




I actually picked got an Xbox360 recently (you can now finally find them in the stores), and I have been enjoying it quite a bit. I really like how you can download game demos so you can see what they are like without having to spend more money. If you get one make sure you get the $399 bundle. You get a lot for that extra $100.

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Awesome report Robb!! Did you get a chance to play Super Monkey Ball: Banana Blitz? That and WarioWare: Smooth Moves are the two games I am looking foward to the most (oh and Smash Bros. Brawl in '07)


Its awesome seeing Nintendo the talk of the show. I wouldn't call myself a fanboy, but I'm pretty loyal to them, I even still have a Virtual Boy! It looks like this system will put them back on the map after they faltered a bit with the GC (which I do love, btw)


Also, Transformers: The Movie should be a cool game, as long as y'all don't make us play as Bernie Mac.

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Wow, That place looks wild!!! I have been following some of it on G4 and I was quite impressed and also when you said SEGA is still the best I found it funny that right now in my house its the only system that has been turned on in the last couple of weeks. I love SEGA but to bad they got killed on the Dreamcast.

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E3 looks great, Thank you Robb. did you get to play spore while you were there it looks amazing. It's the new god sim from Will Wright, creator of the sim series.


I've been watching the E3 ceverage on G4 for the past week, did you see the filming? X-play rules. Wonder why the PS3 games were walk-ons but the Wii had hour long waits. I guess no matter who you are you always come back to the plumber. Did you also get the chance to play gears of war or god of war two


and how cool was that new smash bros trailer for the Wii

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Random Larry Boy appearance. Booya.


Would you recommend my purchasing of the Wii system? I'm debating whether to buy that, or a new digital camera (mainly for our WDW trip in August).


Get the new digital camera so you can post an awesome photo trip report when you get back from your trip.

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looks like a good show this year. I definitely am more impressed with Nintendo's outing. The long feared price of the PS3 is just too exclusionary. Nintendo is going to keep the price low and acessible to the average consumer... not tomention that gameplay wise the Wii looks more fun. Games have lacked great gameplay over the last few years and i have hope nintendo will innovate and the great 3rd party developers will put some creative use to the systems control capabilities. Zelda being the perfect example of what is possible.


And sony trying to put the afterthought motion sensor in and raying they would lose the rumble feature cause they don't work together... followed by nintendo doing motion sensing with vibration AND a speaker... im psyched for the wii... and severely underwelmed by the revolution....



and the classic gaming part made me feel downright elderly.

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Great photos. E3 always looks so awesome. I'm glad DDR is finally coming out for cell phones in the US. I was so jealous of Japan when I saw pictures of the Japanese version on cell phones years ago.


I know it's kind of pointless but I figure if you go into the game not expecting it to be like real DDR it will be fun (just like the Gameboy Color DDR games I own complete with a snap on dance pad that fits on the system for your fingers)

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Cool pics.


Based on the various reports I've read, I think the XBox 360 is in really good shape. Some killer games coming up (Gears of War, Chromehounds), with Oblivion sucking most of my free time until then (and probably well after ). The Wii looks really good (even the name is starting to grow on me). Sony just looks so "Oh, me too!" this time around -- I'm not sure I'll be getting a PS3 at all, and this is coming from a launch-day customer of the PS/2 AND Playstation.


(Colecovision kicks ass. Mine still works. As do the Intellivision, Odyssey II, Atari 5200, Atari 7800, NES, SNES, Genesis, TurboDuo, Saturn, Jaguar, and others. Yeah, I collect these things Sadly, my Vectrex finally died -- it still powers on and you can hear it, but the screen doesn't work anymore. I'm tempted to open it up and see what I can do, but these things aren't very servicable...)

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