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Lagoon Discussion Thread

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It's so weird seeing wheel assembly that looks like those on roller coasters on elevator, thanks for the photos that can fulfill my nerdy heart for this week.
The First Time I saw the Elevator Platform Track from Intermountain Lift, it looked like it would use the same type of Bogies on a Coaster Train. I wonder if this Make's Cannibal 2 Credits? lol

Actually 3 credits because the elevator has two sides.

You are BRILLIANT! How did I not think of that?
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Ok, so paste the link into your search bar to check out some AMAZING shots taken by gregwibert from Lagoon is fun. These are shots from the opening day of Lagoon Amusement Park! Now, Cannibal is not open today, and we don't expect it to open for another few weeks, but until it does, Enjoy!



P.S: new video of testing coming today between 1pm and 2pm MDT.


Here's the link------->https://www.dropbox.com/sh/0i7hrryzjroozpr/AAAoUJA0RNuWOtdwTV73rtbVa?dl=0

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Except Lagoon is in Logan. You fly into SLC. That's the airport code too so there's not much room to change the acronym.
Lagoon is in Farmington, Utah, roughly Half Way between Salt Lake City and Ogden. Logan is more than an Hour away from Lagoon, where as, Lagoon is only 20 Minutes from Salt Lake International Airport.


How about let's use SL,UT instead?

Yin, "SL,UT" T-Shirts are quite a Popular Tourist Gift! lol

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If I was flying into Utah to ride Cannibal (assuming I wasn't arriving or departing on a Sunday), I'd take the Trax Light Rail Green Line from the airport terminal to the North Temple station, then take the escalator down to the FrontRunner commuter rail station, and take that to the Farmington station. Then I'd stay at the Hampton Inn & Suites in Farmington that is basically across the street from Lagoon (though not across the street from the entrance). I'd use the Free UTA Lagoon Shuttle as my main transportation between the park, the hotel, the train station and the Station Park development where there's a grocery store and a bunch of other shops (even an Apple store). I'd buy my food at the grocery store and take it into the park in a cooler like everybody else does.


Oh, and if my budget didn't allow for the Hampton Inn, I might just bring a tent and stay at Lagoon's campground and get an admission discount.

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^ Provo to Farmington is 61 miles. That's an hour, tops, on the highway. And don't talk to me about traffic. Utah's "traffic" is a joke compared to real cities.

I knew I was going to get a comment like that. Lagoon is far enough away that I wouldn't make it any sort of weekend ordeal like I would for, say, Sundance.


Any knowledge I have of where Lagoon is comes from my cousin who firmly believed it would take 2.5 hours to drive there. I feel totally ignorant now and I'm sorry about that. I should have looked it up for myself. It still looks pretty far away, but certainly not in Logan and definitely not 2.5 hours away.

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