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NEWS: Launched Like A Rocket - Powder Keg

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Here's a partial quote:


Hold on.



I did.


Friday I was launched into low-Earth orbit as I rode the Powder Keg, the newest ride at Silver Dollar City in Branson.


When I say launched, I mean launched like a rocket. The Powder Keg's trains take riders from a complete standstill to 53 miles per hour in just 2.8 seconds. A blast of compressed air powers the launch mechanism.


My body melts into my seat as the huge first hill rushes toward me. While still accelerating, I am pushed skyward. My body feels heavy and then lighter than air as the train crests the hill and the sprawling countryside surrounding Table Rock Lake comes into full view.


Technically, the first drop-off is 110 feet, or 11 stories. Because the Powder Keg is built onto the side of a steep Ozarks foothill, it seems much, much higher.


For a split second, it feels like I'm standing on the observation deck of a huge skyscraper. Then it feels like I've been thrown off the top of the building.


And that's just the first five seconds.


Click the link above for the rest of the article and some photos.


--Robb "Can't wait!" Alvey

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This ride just keeps sounding and looking better and better. I might have to try and make a weekend trip in the fall to Branson. I already have Ozark Wildcat and WildFire calling my name and now this beast. I'm jealous Robb!


-Scott "family ride my butt" Parrish

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53mph? Thats not even up there with CA' Screamin!!!


Yeah but California Screamin' isn't in the gorgeous Ozarks...... SDC has another hit on there hands! I hope with all my might I can go back this year to get my ride on Powder Keg, Wildfire and Ozark Wildcat are both in my top ten list, so if Powder Keg is half as good as it looks Branson will be my Heaven on earth. Wait a minute, Holiday World is my heaven on earth so Branson will be my backup in case (god forbid) Holiday World goes to hell in a handbasket.

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I got the time off from work for Friday, Apr 15 for Silver Dollar City and Celebration (that day)...I am seriously pumped for this coaster!


Also, as a bonus, I'll be experiencing OzCat for the first time...I hear nothing but good things.


Joe "man, 2005 seems like it's gonna turn out some winners" C.

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It officially opens to the public on April 7th, but they're letting people ride it while they're ironing out all of the bugs. Therefore, since it's technically still being tested, it might not be open when you're there. Just giving you a heads up. I rode it 4 times yesterday & it is absolutely AWESOME!

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I'd love to be able to supply a picture or two, but I don't have a scanner to be able to do that.


When you get on the train, the ops tell you to sit down, and to NOT pull down your lap restraint. The ops lock the restraint for you & then push it down against you. Then, the train slowly pulls out of the station & stops. The track then moves up a little slope into the launch area. You then roll slowly out of the launch area & stop again. You can hear the air make a hissing noise, and then the "dynamite" behind you blows & whoosh! off you go! The launch system pushes the train up & over the first hill (floater hill), you go up another hill & then into the overbanked turn, down & around the old Buzzsaw Falls helix & then up the Buzzsaw chain lift. You then drop down one last time, go back up & turn around and into the final brake run. The coaster is tons of fun, but if you only want to watch it, the observation area is right next to the launch portion of the track, and you can watch the riders' expressions as they take off.


If anyone here ever rode Buzzsaw Falls, you'll notice some of the stuff from Buzzsaw in & around the queue house. One clever thing they've done with the themeing is they put one of the old Buzzsaw boat/car on top of the queue & made it look like it crashed halfway through the ceiling. Someone else pointed out that the "torn up" track next to the queue house is part of the old track from Buzzsaw. One of the employees said that they're not quite finished with the theme yet, but I think they've done an excellent job so far. Of course, it's SDC, they always do a great job with the park.



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I'm going to have to find some way to go this year, the Branson Parks are the only parks that I have been to that can compete with how truly awesome Holiday world is. The parks are clean, the staff is extremely firendly and each park has a Top Ten Coaster in my opinion. Hopefully Powderkeg will be one also, but I have my doubts.

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This was just posted on CoasterBuzz. I'm not sure if this is true or not.



ReturnofCoasterBill 3/22/2005 10:08:21 PM

Ozarks Fox, KSFX, in Springfield, MO just reported that Powder Keg crashed during testing today (Tuesday) and four people were injured. I guess it didn't make it up the lauch, and there was an empty train in the launch building....

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^^I'm thinking it couldn't have been that big a deal, I just did a search on KSFX's website and didn't find anything.


Maybe it was a slow news day and something got a little misread.


Elissa "at least I really hope so!" Alvey

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According to the newspaper here in Springfield, it bumped an empty train that was sitting in the LOADING station, NOT the launch station. The train was returning to the loading station after its trip around the track. Injuries were minor. Does anyone know if that's a common occurrence during testing?

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