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This one might not seen so wierd at first, but just look at the guitars next to the drums. see 'em? SEE 'EM??? This pisses me off. First of all, I don't think this kid even plays guitar. If he does why does he need two? Plus, those guitars add up to at least four thousand dollars. And to top it off, those are my two favorite guitars in freaking existence! I know who I'm mugging today.

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There have been some conversations on the board and on the East Coast trip regarding Vegemite. Someone brought some on the trip. Personally, I found it to be somewhat tasty in extremely small quantities.


That having been said, I got this in my GraphJam email while I was gone...


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Well, I murdered my dream girl

I murdered my dream girl

Cause she didn't tell me

Her credit was bad

So now instead of living in a beat-up trailer

I'm playing hide-the-sausage with an inmate named Thad

Well, I should have known

They'd find the body at home

When she started fighting back I had to cut off her arms

If we'd gone to freecreditreport.com

I'd be talking 'bout parole instead of going to Yards.

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