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Roller Coaster Queues

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I think the best queue is Roller Soaker at Hershey, because you get to get people wet, and it's funny to watch people get drenched. If you want to get wet, you don't need to go on the ride, you can just go to the queue and get wet.

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Worst tail (lol... that's what "queue" litterally means in french!) I've ever been stuck in is Nightmare at Great Escape.


Imagine. You got a nicely themed queue outside in some kind of cowboy camp. Fine... then you get inside the "mine" which is just a dark area you can barely see in with rusted steel walls. Nothing else!


You see there's maybe only 150-200 people in front of you. Even in the worst cases... that's not more than 10-15 minutes... right?


Not for the Nightmare. Its a Schwarzkopf Jet Star in a steel shed with no theming inside the ride. Somehow, Great Escape ended up with only 4 cars for the ride! Since they keep one spare in case one breakdown, that leaves only 3 cars. Then, add the fact that since the brakes are old, they only allow... 2 people per car. The ride only cycle 6 people every 2-3 minutes. We're talking 120 pph here!


The ride was closed all year in 2002 and when it reopened in 2003, they rerouted the indoor queue, making it a more or less straight shot to the station. So, you're not trapped in that steel shed 2-3 hours anymore.

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Here Are some of the queue lines at Knotts Berry Farm.


Xcelerators main queue


Big Foot Rapids main Queue.


Sliver Bullets main queue line.


Sliver Bullets main queue line.


Sliver Bullet queue line. (one train operation,1 1/2 wait on a Friday


Sliver Bullet queue line. (one train operation,1 1/2 wait on a Friday


Sliver Bullet queue line. (one train operation,1 1/2 wait on a Friday


Supreme Screams main queue line

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Why does Dorney Park even bother with overflow queues on Steel Force? No one even likes it. Who designed it? It looks like an Arrow hyper, but they don't even do a job like that. It was good when it opened, but now, it is boring and lacks forces. Talon and Hydra, maybe, but if they demolish Steel Force for an Intamin or B&M hyper, then they would need overflows. Or better yet, a Rocket coaster with inversions like Storm Runner.


I loved Steel Force, even with the trims. It gave great airtime on every hill. Even a little better than Mamba. IMO, it was the best ride in the park.


That picture of Talon with a full queue is heart-breaking. I feel sorry for every single one of them. Wasting their days to ride a waste of space.


Back to the topic...

My favorites -

Raging Bull - looks long, but moves like no other.

Patriot - never too long, and very fast moving. Great views of the ride and of RipCord as well.

Disaster Transport - There! I said it! Granted, it's the worst queue in existence today, but when you catch it in the evening or on a cooler day, when no one cares about the air conditioning (which is the only reason people ride it to begin with), you can *almost* enjoy the theming, you get a walkon, and you realize that the ride itself is a lot of fun.

Skyhawk/Xtreme Swing - moves about every three minutes, but when it moves, it moves a long, LONG way.


My least favorites -

Spinning Dragons - Moves about every three minutes, making for a VERY long wait for a mediocre coaster. I'd rather wait for Timberland Twister.

American Eagle - what insane mind came up with the idea to have a queue that's longer than the track length of both sides put together? They at least need a shortcut through it all.

Great Bear - I never would have found the enterance had it not been for a bit of dumb luck.

maXair - moves SLOW. I know most of you would disagree, but it moves WAY slower than Skyhawk.


Yummy. Basically, this is the line if you go on a Tuesday or a Thursday.


You can sort of see Patriot's main queue here.

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I totally agree about Spinning Dragons queue. That thing moves so slow and it is a mediocre coaster. I don't get how Timberland Twister is the same coaster but the line moves faster. It has to be the operations I guess.

I can't believe that no one has mentioned space mountain in WDW as being way too long. It seems like it takes forever to get there. The good thing is at the exit and they have the moving walkways though.


My favorite queue though would have to be ToT at MGM. Great setup.

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Good Queues: Dueling Dragons, Spiderman, Tower of Terror, Batman, X, Goliath (SFMM)


Ok Queues: Riddler's Revenge, Incredibla Hulk (inside), Dudley Do Right, Cat in the Hat, Splash Mountain. Rock'N'Roller Coaster (inside)


Typical boring ones: Silver Bullet, Goliath (SFOG), Ninja (SFOG & SMMM), most of Cedar Point's lines


Weird ones: Scream (Its just a straight path to the stairs, its kind of strange how they put the lockers inside the queue instead of outside, to prevent people from line jumping while exiting)

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My UPDATED favorite queues are:

Dueling Dragons @ IOA (Defenitly the best line ever)

Incredible Hulk @ IOA (Very cool science-looking stuff)

Batman: The Ride @ SFMM (It's supposed to look like crap!)

ToT @ DMGMS (WAY better than the one here)

Expedition Everest @ DAK (Love the memorobilia)


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^^Yeah Goliath's queue is cool, especially at night. I also think it is weird that X has two separate queues. Have they ever used the 2nd queue because whenever I went, they only used one queue Does anyone have any pics of Kingda Ka's old queue and Batman and Robin:The Chiller's queue once inside the building?

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I also have a strange obsession with queue lines, and tend to take quite a few pics of them when visiting parks.


Batman the Ride Six Flags Great America


Batman the Ride Six Flags Great America


Demon Six Flags Great America


Batman the Ride Six Flags Great America


Sheikra's makeshift line outside the entrance


Awesome themed garbo can in Montu midway
















Sheikra creepy exit spiral staircase




Sheikra Queue




DejaVu Six Flags Great America

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Kingda Ka


SUF at GAdv (SFOG's and SFGAm's are landscaped much better)


Kingda Ka


Kingda Ka


Scream at SFNE




Cyclone at SFNE












Ride of Steel at Darien Lake

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im curious to what a dive machine's station looks like.

Oblivion actually has a really unusual queue setup. The ride tandem loads (2 trains at once) and splits the queue very early on, and it's just two wide paths with a chain between going up a big spiralish ramp setup. Then each one splits and goes through a little cage jetway sort of elevated tunnel to the station, where things get even more unusual.


Oblivion tandem loads but has two airgate rows for each row on the train. It's basically labeled like:


{1A}{1B} {2A}{2B} ____ {1C}{1D} {2C}{2D}


One train will pull so it's lined up with the A rows, the one behind it lined up with the C rows. They load, then both depart together with C waiting at the base of the lift until A reaches the top. When the next pair of trains pull in, they line up with the B and D rows, which open and let people board, then the trains dispatch and the process repeats.


It's a pretty cool setup that lets groups figure out how people will be filling up the 8 seat rows with plenty of extra time, and the signs are very well done so it's extremely clear how everything works. I don't think there was an actual grouper, but the guests at Alton Towers didn't even have any need for them and acted very intelligently and courteously. I was shocked the way people perfectly filled up each row in the Nemesis station with 4 people, then everyone waited at the station entry and then filled in rows once that train was loading, every time! On top of all that, all the other guests were great fun to wait and ride with, though trying to understand a really cute girl from Manchester sure was frustrating.

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The stupidest (most stupid?) thing about the Top Thrill Dragqueen queue is that there are huge billboards blocking your view of the track. At least with Raptor and Mantis you have a decent view of the ride while you are waiting. It is also kind of neat that part of Mantis' queue is over water- so as far as non-themed queues those are pretty neat.


SFGAm's old Shockwave queue was a bit odd- it was a loooong straight queue for the most part. The strangest queue was Exterminator at Kennywood- they had this heavily themed indoor queue area but they made you wait outside and then let a bunch of people inside at a time so you were walking raidly through the themed part.


I also always liked ET's indoor queue.

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I probably like either Mantis or Raptors queue since you get to watch the coaster while your waiting and it helps you get pumped for the adrenalin. Mean Streak is cool too because you can watch the Ride in the first part and in the second part your surrounded by wood and its kinda cool, even though i've never had an out of station wait for Mean Streak

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