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Whats The Weather Like Where You Live?


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The weather here is becoming some kind of sick joke. Sure southern New York has always gotten it's fair share of snow but this year is horrible, and we're supposed to get buried again on Monday.


Oh, and because of the crazy amount of snow and ice we've had the roads in the suburbs are all starting to look like the roads in Manhattan. I've never seen so many potholes in my life.

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It's been pretty sunny and warm and clear around the Bay Area lately, flowers are blooming and I keep forgetting that it's supposed to be winter! Now this weekend we're supposed to have a big rain storm, and we need the rain, but there's nothing right now except a breeze and overcast skies.


I might be going to Chicago soon, if I do, it's gonna seem so cold compared to what we've been getting here!

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It's starting to get above freezing regularly during the afternoons! Today was the first day since November that I went to class without a coat, just a hoodie. Here's a picture I took while walking home today around 2 PM, it's actually pretty warm out: 45 F.



At this rate the snow might be gone by either early or mid May! Whoo! The only downside is I've heard multiple stories of basements flooding due to all the water.

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The past weekend was really nice but tomorrow isn't looking so good. According to the forecast we are supposed to get some more snow (was hoping we were done for the season) but the good news is it should be melted by Wednesday.

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