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Whats The Weather Like Where You Live?

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Utah on the other hand, has gotten VERY little snow, and have been getting mostly rain the past two months. We have only enough snow to keep the ski resorts open and two snowfalls this winter season for the lower elevations. Only one of the snowfalls has the snow stayed longer than one day. It is HUGE concern here and wish we could take the snow from the winter storm you guys are having. Because if we don't get a lot of snow FAST, we would have the worst drought coming in summer. It's been a scary winter for us because it's too warm.

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Still cold as balls even though the barrage of snowstorms is probably over. The snowbanks are slowly starting to recede as they melt bit by bit each day, but staying outside for any length of time is still highly inadvisable. I had to wait in line for close to an hour before the doors opened at a recent show that I was at, and it SUCKED. I could barely produce my ID because my hands were frozen and practically useless.

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At the moment it is clowdy and foggy on top of the hills around. But on monday we had beautiful weather. The sun was shining, no clowds, about 60F (what is very warm for this time of year!) so I bought an ice cream and I ate it on our sunny balcony yummy


The weather today and as you can see we have very less snow because most melted on monday!

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